Top 10 Reasons Why Clients Remodel Their Bathrooms

Bathroom remodeling seems to be the hot thing to do in San Marcos CA!  We get calls daily from homeowners asking for design consultations because they are ready to renew their bathroom space.  We start off our consultations asking what the client wants to accomplish so we can determine how to design the new bathroom. Here are the top 10 reasons why clients in San Marcos remodel their bathrooms.

They need more cabinet space

Many customers find that the older San Marcos homes have very little cabinet space.  Some of our clients have us build towers which are stacked on top of the counter top.  Other homeowners re-design their space so they can add additional cabinet boxes into the bathroom.

They need more counter top space

Some master bathrooms built in San Marcos simply do not have much counter top space.  If the bathroom area is large enough, the addition of cabinetry will allow for more countertop space. However, some San Marcos bathrooms are tiny so your designer may get creative to create the illusion of more space.

They have dated tile with nasty looking grout

More than a few homeowners reach out to us because their home is 20 years old and the grout has become discolored. We have been in many bathrooms which have pink or baby blue tile that they want removed.

The bathroom has a weird layout with wasted space

It seems that many homes in San Marcos which were built in the 90’s and early 2000’s had a ton of wasted space.  Many clients have us re-design the space so they can build a larger shower or add more cabinetry.

They no longer use their bathtub and want a larger shower

This is probably the most popular reason why San Marcos clients reach out to us to design a new bathroom.  Folks simply do not take baths as frequently as they once did and the bathtub is considered wasted space so they have us remove the tub to enlarge the shower.

They need a bathtub to bathe children

New families sometimes reach out to us because they are expecting a baby or because they have a young child that needs a safe bathtub in the home.  Some San Marcos homes are built with a large roman tub in the master bathroom and a shower in the hall bathroom which leaves no small tub solution for toddlers.

They are aging and want a safe bathroom space

Baby boomers in San Marcos have been reaching out to us more frequently because they want to stay in their home into their old age and they understand safety in the bathroom is important.  Another popular reason why San Marcos homeowners call us is because their parents are moving in with them and need to have the space prepared for them to be safe and comfortable when bathing.

They had a flood

One of the more unfortunate reasons why homeowners need to remodel their bathroom is because they have had a flood.  Unfortunately we do not offer restoration services, but many times homeowners will take the opportunity to update their space since they have to renovate it anyway.

They are trying to sell their home

Another reason why clients update their bathroom is because they are trying to sell the home. A bathroom remodel increases the value of the home.

Their bathroom is dated and they want something more modern

Sometimes clients just want to have a more modern bathroom space.  Nothing is broken, nothing is wrong, its just old and they want to treat themselves to a nicer bathroom.

Rustic Modern Bathroom - Bathroom Remodeling San Marcos CA

If you relate to any of the above then maybe it is time for you to remodel your bathroom!  When you are ready to discuss a new design for your space, give us a call at 858-224-7373!


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Where to Have a Bathroom Addition in Your Home

Bathroom additions are among the most popular home renovations in Escondido and all over California. It’s no wonder really, especially if you know that an additional bathroom can boost the resale value of your house. What’s more, when eventually selling the house, you can expect to get a 50% return on the money you invested in the bathroom addition!

The main question that determines the scope of this particular room addition project, its cost and how much it will take to complete is this:

Where to add the new bathroom?

Clearly, a bathroom cannot be added just about anywhere in your home, but there are many more options than you think. Before you start exploring them, however, consider two vitally important things:

  1. Plumbing – ideally, your new bathroom will be near the main drain, water and waste lines, so that proper waste disposal and water drainage are ensured, and that you have a solid supply of both hot and cold water. In that way, you’ll avoid large-scale plumbing work, drilling through walls or cutting through concrete slabs in order to install new pipes.
  2. Ventilation – in case the space you chose for your bathroom addition doesn’t already have a ventilation system or at least a window, you should install a ducted fan or – if you decide to put the extra bathroom in the attic area – a skylight window. Proper ventilation is a must, not just because of the smell, but also because of the mold that is bound to develop in such a moist environment.

Those in mind, check out some of the places in your house that are perfect for an extra bathroom.

Extra Bathroom as a Bedroom Addition

An Extra Bathroom - Room Addition Escondido CADepending on the size of your bedroom, you can add a bathroom with the bathtub or simply a walk-in shower. Even if you have only 30 sq feet of space to turn into a bathroom, you can still install a toilet and a pedestal, freestanding or corner sink. There are plenty of options for remodeling small bathrooms; what you need to think about is functionality.

Walk-in Closet

A spacious linen closet is an excellent choice for an additional bathroom. And what about storage space? Many homeowners worry about the lack of storage space they might face if they transform the linen closet into an extra bathroom. But there’s no need to worry! With the installation of space-saving floating vanities, you can store all the linens neatly – in your new bathroom!

Low-Ceiling Areas

There are always those places in our homes that simply seem to be good for nothing and it’s usually because the ceiling is too low. They are usually located under eaves, so if you want to make such a space into a bathroom with a shower, make sure there’s enough headroom – six feet six would be more than enough.


Small Bathroom - Room Addition Escondido CAHave you noticed that space at the end of a hallway, just being there, unused? Well, guess what – it is a great place for a small yet practical bathroom. Of course, it can’t host a bathtub, but a shower will do just fine. What’s amazing about these areas is that they usually incorporate a window, so you won’t have to worry about ventilation.

Under the Stairs

If you already have enough closets, then the space under the staircase is free to serve a practical purpose. There may not be enough room for a shower (although, you never know!), but a smart toilet and a sink should sit comfortably.


Although some people dislike the idea of having their clean laundry anywhere near the toilet, the point is this – if you need a bathroom addition to improve the functionality of your home and there is no other way to do it, go for it.


Small Bathroom with a Shower - Room Addition Escondido CAAlthough not the most attractive option, it’s not unheard of. The problem here is that basements usually sit on slabs, so there will be some concrete breaking involved to insure proper drainage and connection to the sewage. The breaking of a concrete slab may weaken the house’s foundation, and slab leaks might also occur. Still, with the right contractor, it’s possible.

Bump-Out Addition

This type of room addition is typical for small homes, where there is simply not enough space within the house. Some homeowners think that a bump-out room addition will cost more because of additional plumbing, but that’s not necessarily the case. In most cases, plumbing work is necessary wherever you decide to put an additional bathroom (unless you decide to split a large bathroom in two smaller ones, but maybe even then). It’s important you hire a skillful contractor to look at the blueprint of your home, identify the drain and sewer lines and provide you with viable options and attractive designs.

Classic Home Improvements can offer expert advice on room addition services. We are a licensed, experienced and innovative room addition contractor in Escondido. Blending creativity with practicality, we can design and build an additional bathroom for your home so that it improves the functionality of the place and contributes to its overall appeal. Contact us today for a free quote!

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Benefits of Having a Steam Shower

Modern day steam showers came around in 1960s and from there it grew in popularity.  We have not seen as many in recent years but we have noticed recently that they are coming back! So why should you jump on this trend train when remodeling your San Diego bathroom?

Respiratory Relief

There many more reason why you should consider a steam shower besides relaxation.   Steam can provide amazing health benefits!  Steam has been used throughout times for healing, religious ceremonies and most importantly for relaxation.  Steam showers are easier to work than various other steam saunas.  Additionally, steam bathing can benefit your respiratory health by opening your nasal passages to improve your breathing.  If you suffer from asthma-type symptoms, it can help provide temporary relief.

Skin Benefits

There are also skin care benefits that comes with steam showers.  Steam cleanses the skin, opens pores relieves acne, hydrates dry skin, lubricates and rejuvenates your skin. Steam will you feeling like new and your skin will be glowing. Besides looking fantastic and having a glow, steam is also great for holistic health.  Steam bathing removes toxins from your body and increase circulation. Steam can help the body rid itself of sodium and relieve pain and discomfort of arthritis. You can boost metabolism, blood circulation, reinvigorate tired muscles, increase flexibility and even burn 150 calories in a 15-minute steam bathing session.

Mental relief and body fatigue

Chromotheraphy can be added to your steam shower to assist in treating migraines.  Steam showers help with body fatigue, as well.   When planning the construction plan on add a bench or fold out seat.  Lounging seats can be made as well so you can lounge in the steam shower. Control pads are a must because they control everything you your shower. It allows you to set the temperature and the length of your steam session. Adjust the lights or turn the music on.  Add some multicolored light to your steam shower.   Don’t forget ventilation is key. Incorporating airflow with bathroom exhaust fans and its can lessen the time to dry out a steam shower after use.

Steam showers uses less than 2 gallons of water for a 1/2 hour steam bath and it increases equity in your home. Steam showers can be added to an existing shower with a few adjustments. A steam shower is a luxury item it’s expensive make sure you hire an experienced installed. A steam shower that is improperly build can self-destruct in less than three months.





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Do I need a permit to remodel my bathroom

Homeowners remodeling San Marcos bathrooms frequently ask our team if they need a permit to remodel their bathroom.  We were just asked that question in the last 24 hours, in fact, which is why we decided to prepare this post today.  Ask yourself these questions to determine if you need to obtain a permit to remodel your bathroom.

Bathroom Remodeling Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. Am I moving any walls?
  2. I adding or moving any electrical work?
  3. Am I adding or moving any plumbing work?

If you are not sure if you need to pull a permit, any licensed contractor will know the answer once you start talking about your bathroom remodel project and scope of work.

Obtaining Permits From a Contractor’s Point of View

Permits are a good thing because they ensure your project is being built safely and to code. Even so, there are a few things you need to know about getting bathroom permits from a contractor’s point of view.

  1. The permitting time can be extensive.  In San Diego it can take up to 6 weeks to obtain a bathroom remodel permit.  It does not typically, but it can.  Sometimes you can get an over-the-counter permit if you are just doing a single trade (electrical) permit.
  2. The bathroom remodel project will take longer to complete because we will have to stop for inspections.  It is not a significant amount of time, but the city dictates their schedules, not us.
  3. Permits drive up the cost of your remodel because there are building requirements we can not avoid.
  4. Even though your contractor does not like permits, we know it is a necessary evil and we DO suggest you always pull permits.
  5. Determine who is going to pay for the permit.  Our remodeling team coordinates getting the permits, but the homeowners are responsible for the cost of the permit.  Each remodeling contractor is different though so make sure you clarify that when you select your contractor.

If you are ready to start digging into a bathroom remodel project in San Marcos, give us a call. We can discuss your dream bathroom, your remodeling budget,  scope of work, and help to educate you on the remodel process.


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Don’t make these 10 home remodeling mistakes

Home remodeling is exciting because you will have a renewed love of your home, but do not go into your remodel project expecting nothing but butterflies and rainbows.  If you are planning a San Diego home remodeling project, whatever you do, do not make these 10 home remodeling mistakes.

1. Play General Contractor to save money

Spend some time evaluating if this is a project for a contractor or a DIY.  Major home remodels such as kitchen and bathroom remodeling will require extensive knowledge of many different construction trades.  Utube is great for learning how to fix a leaky faucet or patch a drywall hole but it would take you years to acquire the knowledge necessary to successfully complete a major home renovation.  Playing with electrical wires is dangerous.  Plumbing errors can cause major floods and mold issues in the future.  Trust us when we say you can not afford free.

2. Expect HGTV home remodeling prices

If you are an HGTV junkie and call a San Diego home remodeling contractor to get a price on your project do not expect the prices you see on TV.  As a side note, also do not expect your project to be completed in the time frames you see on reality television shows.  Reality shows are for entertainment, you will not have a full kitchen remodel completed in a matter of days!  Many times materials are donated for these shows or are severely discounted by the manufacturer for advertising purposes.  The time frames you see on these shows are also irrelevant because they are being sped up for TV deadlines (dozens of contractors working at the same time for 24 hours a day, which is not something you will see on your project).

3. Fail to budget for unexpected hidden expenses

Your San Diego home remodeling contractor can be the best in the industry but he can not tell you what is behind the wall or under the slab.  Once you get into demo, you may have construction costs that are unavoidable. If your wiring is not up to code or you have a pipe that is damaged behind the wall, those items will have to be fixed before proceeding with your remodel.  In rare situations city inspectors will require something completed that your contractor could never expect.  Expect to pay 10% – 15% more than your contract amount.  If you don’t need it, great.  But if you do need it, you will be glad that you set aside the funds.

4. Hire a remodeling contractor just because he is like-able

We are not saying you should hire a grumpy remodeling contractor.  In fact you want to make sure you get a long with your contractor because you will be working with him for several weeks, if not months.  What you do not want to do is hire a remodeling contractor based only on the fact that you like him.  The best remodeling contractor is going to be one who is knowledgeable, has extensive experience, has a pleasant disposition, and who has excellent current references.

5. Hire a remodeling contractor based on price

Sometimes the best remodeling contractor is the lowest priced but many times the low priced leader has missed something.  If you want to hire the remodeling contractor with the lowest price then make sure you take the time to go over the contract to look for hidden fees or items that may have been missed.  Spend extra time communicating what you expect and make the contractor repeat it back to you.  Make sure the contract explicitly states what you are and are not responsible for.

6. Expect the project to go perfect

Construction is comprised of hundreds of moving parts.  Construction is loud, dangerous, and dusty.  Your project will not go perfect.  At least once during your remodel you will have a question or concern that will need to be addressed. Your permits may take longer to get from the city than you expected.  You might find hidden damage when demo starts.  Materials may show up damaged from the manufacturer.  It may rain.  Your remodeling contractor may have an installer who calls in sick and your project gets delayed.  You may get sick and not want anyone to work that day.  If you work from home the construction will irritate you.

There will be at least one instance during your remodel that you will not be happy.  Expect it so you will not be disappointed or angry when something occurs that goes against the perfect scenario.  If your project does go perfect then you can be pleasantly surprised.

7. Select back-ordered materials

Think of this scenario:  your remodel includes a beautiful new vanity that will take 12 weeks to deliver.  You ask your contractor to begin work knowing the vanity will be delayed.  Construction is going beautifully and is being completed right on time.  Your vanity shows up and its damaged.  Now your project is almost complete but you have to wait 12 weeks to get the new vanity.  The result is frustration for you and your contractor.  Our suggestion sis either do not select a back-ordered item or do not begin work until all materials are on-site.

8. Purchase appliances before confirming they will fit in within your new kitchen layout

Measurements of your existing space, your new cabinetry, and new appliances must be exact for your remodeled kitchen to be built properly.  Before you make the purchase, bring the model number and manufacturer to your contractor to verify the dimensions.  If your cabinetry needs to be adjusted so your new appliance will work it is not a big deal.  However if you find out once the cabinets are installed, you will be in for a huge disappointment and need to either return the appliance or demo and re-build the cabinetry which will extend your construction time.

9. Expect your house to stay clean and dust-free

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but your house is going to get dusty.  I mean really dusty. Before your remodel begins, there are ways you can minimize the dust transfer around the house.  Your contractor should be putting up protective barriers to minimize the dust.  Even with those precautions, your home will get dusty.  If you expect it, perhaps it will be less likely to frustrate you during the remodel.

10. Continue to look for remodeling ideas after you have designed your new space

For the love of Pete, when you sign off on your final design STOP looking at HOUZZ, do not pick up a remodeling magazine and turn off HGTV!!  One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make during a remodel is continuing to make changes to the scope of work.  Adding a light switch is not a big deal if the drywall has not been hung.  Changing a niche in the shower is also not a big deal if the framing has not been completed.  If you do want to make changes once construction has begun, expect there to be a delay in your project and expect to pay for the change.

San Diego Home Remodeling Experts

Classic Home Improvements is a Design Build remodeling firm located in Escondido, Ca.  Our services include whole house remodeling, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, and exterior home remodeling.  When you are ready to discuss your San Diego home remodeling project, give us a call at 858-224-7373!






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Understanding the Complexity of Installing a Steam Shower

Steam showers really bring that luxury spa element to your bathroom remodel.  If you are thinking about adding a steam shower in your San Diego bathroom remodel, we suggest the following manufacturers: Mr. Steam. Steamist and Thermasol.  It is important to keep in mind that a steam shower is not like any other bathroom remodel.  Here are a few key details for you to remember.

Luxury Shower - San Diego Bathroom Remodel Contractors

  • When installing a steam shower, you have make sure that the shower is enclosed and insulated. A water-tight shower door and floor drain is vital. Also when looking for shower wall materials, make sure you pick materials that are non-porous.
  •  When taking in steam, the most important thing to consider is to relax and enjoy the steam. That can’t be done without seating. Consider getting a bench made or if you are limited on space, fold-up seats are an option.

Luxury Spa Steam Shower - Bathroom Remodel San Diego

  • Make sure your flooring has anti-skid strips on the steam room floor to prevent slipping. You would hate to fall on a hard surface after relaxing.
  • When lighting up your steam shower make sure you have vapor sealed lighting fixtures for your steam shower. Keeping moisture out of your lights is very important to preventing a short in your circuits.

Steam Shower - Bathroom Remodeling San Diego

  • Make sure your steam shower has no windows if they do they must be double-pane to hold in the steam.
  • Remember that no heating, venting or air conditioning devices should be installed inside your steam room.

Luxury Bathroom - Shower Remodel San Diego

  • Make sure you have enough space to accommodate your new steam shower. The ideal steam shower has a maximum ceiling height of eight feet. If you have a taller space, you will need to consider getting a higher rated steam generator.
  • Steam showers work by the use of generator. The generators produce the steam you enjoy in your shower, but in order to complete your remodel, you need to know where to store this generator. Generators can be installed in a closet, vanity, heated attic or basement and must be up to 60 feet away from the steam room. Plumbing connections should include a water line to the generator to the steam room and a drain line. Your household electric power is required to operate your generation and look for steam generators that are UL Listed.

Custom Shower - Luxury Remodeling San Diego

Steam showers are very complex and not like your basic San Diego bathroom remodel Make sure you find experienced installers to get your steam shower built. With generators and very specific items needed to create this home oasis, it’s best a professional completes this task.  Once your steam shower is completed by a pro, it will be worth every penny and stressful moment during its construction.  Do you want to include a steam shower in your next bathroom remodel?  Call us at 858-224-7373!

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Flooring layout options for your home remodeling project

Most home remodeling projects in San Marcos CA include installing new flooring.  There are a more than a few things to consider when selecting your flooring.  First, you need to determine what type of flooring you want installed.  Then you select the color.  Next you will determine how you want the flooring laid out.  If you are working with a remodeling contractor you will be presented with a layout to approve.  If you are installing the flooring yourself (or you want to guide your remodeling contractor in a certain direction) then here are some flooring layout options to consider:

Straight Layout  This is a very basic straight forward and simply way to layout tile

Straight Lay Floor - Home Remodeling San Diego

Diagonal Layout:  A diagonal tile is set at a 45-degree angle. It makes the floor feel large.

Diagonal Tile - Home Remodeling San Marcos CA

Brick Layout:  Brick layout is a classic layout for placing Subway tile. Each row is offset to create long horizontal lines. Subway tiles are typically 3×6 but this brick layout can be used with various other sizes of tile.


Running Bond :  This layout also referred to as a brick layout however this layout has tiles offset by half the width of the tile so it gives some dimension to the floor.

Modern Tile Flooring - San Diego Home Improvement

Checkerboard:  Two colors of square tile alternate to create a pattern. They can be set straight or on a diagonal

Checkerboard Tile Flooring - Remodeling San Diego

Diagonal with dots: This is a nice way to bring two tiles together. Lay out large tiles in a diagonal shape and add small diagonal tile to bring the tiles together in the corners. This is a great way to add more color and style to a diagonal layout.

Diagonal Tile - Home Renovation San Diego

Pinwheel:  This tile layout is also known a hopscotch, a small square tile is surround by four larger ones. Use darker tiles for the larger portions and a colorful color for the smaller tiles. This can add a unique look to your floor with small pops of colors.

Pinwheel Tile Flooring - San Diego Home Remodeling

Basket weave:  This is a classic pattern that can be made with squares and rectangles to create a weave effect.

Basket Weave Tile Flooring - Home Remodeling San Diego

Modular:  This tile layout is when three or more different-sized tiles are used to form a pattern.

Modular Flooring Layout - Home Remodeling San Diego CA

Windmill:  This is pattern where square tile is surrounded by four rectangles. The effect is like a grid of dots.

Windmill Tile Flooring Layout - Remodeling San Diego CA

Vertical Brick Layout:  This layout is a vertical twist to the horizontal layout. This layout is coming into the fold more often now because the look is very different and not traditional but gives the room a more contemporary feeling.


Stacked Layout :  This probably the simplest layout of all tile layouts. This layout gives your area a more modern flair and it looks great in any tile you may pick.

Stacked Tile Layout - Remodeling San Diego

Mosaic Layout:  The mosaic layout works great for mosaic tiles that are 1-inch by 1-inch square in glass or stone tiles. Mosaic tiles are not just square they come in various shapes, sizes and textures.


Herringbone or Chevron Layout:  A herringbone pattern is a pattern where tiles are laid into zigzag formations. This look is very sophisticated, modern look and can be done virtually anywhere.  The angle of this tile creates a unique look for any space and surface.


The variations of layouts colors and types of tiles are endless but this will help you get on the right track of what kind of floor your new remodel will have.  When you are ready to discuss your next home remodeling project, give us a call at 858-224-7373!


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Go Green for Your Next Kitchen Remodel in Escondido

Planning your next kitchen remodel in Escondido can actually be lots of fun if you decide to go green. How so? It’s really simple – with each choice you make, you’ll know you’re doing the right thing: saving money in the long run, protecting the environment and securing a healthier, sustainable space for you and your family. We can also show you that an eco-friendly kitchen remodel can be every bit as trendy as a ‘’typical’’ remodel. Take a look at how you can achieve all this with just a few green ideas.

Eco Friendly Flooring Crew

Linoleum Flooring - Kitchen Remodel Escondido

Kitchen floor is the most conspicuous part of your kitchen and can be the hardest to maintain. That’s where the eco-friendly kitchen flooring solutions kick in – cork and linoleum are the rock stars of the group. All environmentally conscious folks want them and they are in high demand. No surprise there, really. These guys rule kitchen remodel in Escondido.

Linoleum doesn’t let out toxic materials after it’s installed and is made from entirely renewable materials. Cork is a fast-growing material, which makes it not only sustainable, but also very pliant. And pliant means one thing – it’s soft and perfect for walking barefoot. And let’s not forget an equally important thing – cork is resistant to water and dust and perfect if you suffer from allergies.

Green Lights All the Way

Eco-friendly kitchen lighting has recently picked up speed, with more and more homeowners wanting to make a statement with their kitchen lighting scheme. When you think about it, how many times did you feel frustrated because there wasn’t enough light in the areas where you needed them most? For example, the cooking area. You would turn on all the lights in the kitchen without even solving this problem and (by the way) wasting unnecessary amounts of energy (and dollars). Those days are finally over.

Energy Star-certified LED lights come in a variety of energy-efficient bulbs, ranging from highly practical task light bulbs for the cooking area, remotely-controlled accent lights to dimmable lights that create a romantic atmosphere. Although initially pricey, LEDs pay off incredibly fast because of their practicality, energy-efficiency and trendy design.

Water-Efficient and Water Filtration Fixtures

Smart Kitchen Appliances - Kitchen Remodel Escondido

Preserving water in California has always been a point of interest, now more than ever. There are water-efficient fixtures, such as faucets, that can save up to 50% of water used in the kitchen. There are other fixtures and appliances, such as tankless water heaters and low-flow faucets that can also go a long way in reducing water usage. For improved water quality, homeowners now install water purifiers. All of these appliances look infinitely more modern than the traditional ones, proving that an eco-friendly kitchen remodel is somewhat of a design makeover.

Salvaged Wood from the Hood

Alongside the muscular butcher block, salvaged wood is really making a name for itself, not only in terms of eco-friendliness, but also in terms of design. Homeowners are tired of cookie-cutter design solutions and are looking for something fresh. And what’s more time-saving than looking around your local area? Visit some of the local shops that clean and repurpose used wood, and you will find incredible pieces that can make all the difference to your kitchen.

By purchasing locally-sourced salvaged wood, you go green all the way. Saved money on transport – check. No trees cut down – check. Empowered your local community – check. And it doesn’t end there. You can use salvaged wood for flooring, cabinets, countertops, kitchen islands – you name it.

Energy-Saving Appliances

If you thought that going green means getting rid of all the electronics, you are gravely mistaken. Harnessing technology for environmental purposes is at the core of the green movement. So much so, in fact, that you can find a wide range of Energy Star-labelled appliances, including the bulkier ones like refrigerators and dishwashers, not to mention ice makers. You don’t have to give up the everyday kitchen appliances – just replace the old ones (that devoured both energy and your hard-earned dollars) with their energy-saving modern counterparts.

Green and Stainless

And just as you started thinking ‘’OK, so now you want me to paint the walls green and get some green table cloths and plate mats’’, here comes a surprise – you can have your kitchen black, but it can still be green. Not making much sense? Well, if you prefer your kitchen dark and edgy, go for black stainless steel. Although it doesn’t look it, but it’s 60% recycled. And that can only mean one thing – stainless steel IS eco-friendly.

Refaced Cabinets

Modern kitchen Interior - Kitchen Remodel Escondido

Just because your kitchen cabinets look a bit shabby, it doesn’t mean you have to replace them. Go for cabinet refacing instead. Talk to your local kitchen remodel Escondido contractor about the materials they use for cabinet refacing. Do they contain harmful VOCs? Suggest using salvaged wood – as we said, it’s great for the environment and your cabinets will look just the way you want them. Buying new cabinets often means transport costs and that (as you’ve gathered so far) is a big eco-friendly no-no. Also, what would you do with the old cabinets? Just throw them away? If your existing cabinets are broken and dysfunctional, you can buy new ones and donate the old ones to your local salvaged wood shops.

Go Green with CHI – Your Premier Kitchen Remodel Escondido Contractor

Classic Home Improvements is a reliable Escondido contractor dedicated to the local community. We support innovations and incorporate them into our projects. We believe that a sustainable lifestyle isn’t an expensive one. That is why our kitchen remodel services are reasonably priced and aimed at giving our customers clean and beautiful kitchens. Call us today – let’s go green together!

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Defining when a contractor can start on your bathroom remodel

The holidays are approaching us fast and we are getting asked daily how long it will take for us start a bathroom remodel in San Marcos CA.  Bathroom remodeling timelines are not really that tricky, but they do depend on more than when the contractor has an opening in their schedule. Are you wondering what the factors are that determine when a remodeling contractor can start on your bathroom project?

Modern Luxury Bathroom - Bathroom Remodel San Marcos CA

Type of bathroom

The type of bathroom you are going to remodel influences the start date.  If you are going to remodel a powder bathroom there are less moving parts than in remodeling a hall bathroom.  Some contractors may be able to get started much quicker.  A hall bathroom which is not going to require a permit will take less time to start than a master bathroom that is going to be completely gutted with a floor plan changes.

Permitted versus non-permitted

A bathroom remodel in San Marcos CA (or any other San Diego or Temecula project) which is going to be permitted will take longer to get started than a project that is not going to be permitted.  The reason is because of the extra steps that have to take place to get the project prepared for a permit to be submitted.  Then the permit process itself takes anywhere from 4-6 weeks (or longer, sometimes, if changes are required).

How decisive you are

How quickly you can select products will also be a factor in deciding when the contractor can start on your project.  The more available you make yourself to go shopping and the more decisive you are in regards to design – the quicker your contractor can get started on your project.  Oh, and if you are in a hurry – make sure you to select products that are readily available!  Selecting a tub that is back-ordered 8 weeks is not going to help your contractor get started on your project quickly.

How busy the remodeling team is

The winter is surprisingly busy for bathroom remodeling companies in San Marcos CA. Homeowners who want to have their permitted bathroom remodeled in time for the holiday parties they have planned are typically building their bathrooms by September (which means they started the process in July or August).  Your remodeling contractor will not want to disappoint previously contracted homeowners which means your project may be delayed in starting until they have completed other projects.  This works out best for you, as well.  Once construction begins on your project, you do not want to see multiple delays due to having labor spread too-thin on multiple jobs.

Planning a Bathroom Remodel in San Marcos CA?

If your question is not “how much does a bathroom remodel cost?”, but “how quickly can we get started?”…. then we suggest you start with the end in mind.  Come up with a date that you want to have your project completed by and share that with your contractor.  Your remodeling contractor will be able to assist you with determining if your completion date is realistic.  If you ready to discuss your San Marcos CA bathroom remodel, call us for a free consultation today at 858-224-7373!




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Guide to Kitchen Sink Options

When you start planning your kitchen remodel, we tell customers that you will be making a lot of decisions.  We aren’t kidding!  Think about your kitchen sink.   It surprises people that not only do you have to decide what material type you want, you also need to decide what size sink you want.  Then you also have to decide the bowl type that fits your needs best.  Here are some stylish sink types for kitchens of all types of kitchens. Let’s break down these options to help you find your next sink!

Re-purposed kitchen sinks

Repurposed Kitchen Sink - Kitchen Remodel San Marcos CA

If you are spending more money on other parts of the kitchen and don’t want to spend a lot on the sink, re-use an old sink. Shop at thrift stores or salvage shops and find a good functioning sink and have it refurbished. It’s a cost effect way of adding some character to your kitchen and save you some money.

Custom kitchen sinks

Custom Kitchen Sink - Kitchen Remodeling San Marcos CA

Do you have an odd space that maybe a standard sink wont fit?  Try getting a custom sink.  This option allows for you to be creative in your choice. You can pick the material it’s made out of, color, size and so much more.

Professional kitchen sinks

Professional Sink - Kitchen Remodel San Marcos CA

Are you creating your dream kitchen with the theme of master chef,?  Then you need a professional sink.  A professional-grade sink to stand up to all of your cooking. These professional sinks have heavy-gauge stainless steel, washing space and deep basins.  Perfect for washing large pots and pans.

Fully integrated kichen sinks

Integrated Kitchen Sink - San Marcos Kitchen Remodel

Fully integrated sinks are sinks that have no molding, caulking or sink edge.  These are easy to clean and it has invisible sinks.  You will need the exact size and sink depth.  This option is getting more and more popular

Apron kitchen sinks

Apron Kitchen Sink - Kitchen Remodeling San Marcos CA

Apron sinks don’t just belong in traditional kitchens; they can go with contemporary kitchens. Make sure your cabinet selection will fit this type of sink.

Hand painted kitchen sinks

Hand Painted Kitchen Sink - Custom Kitchen Remodel San Marcos CA

If you have a specific theme or style in your kitchen remodel and you want that theme to go down to the sink, it can be done. Hand painted sinks can add a personal flair to your kitchen and absolutely customize-able depending on the manufacturer.

Stone kitchen sinks

Stone Kitchen Sink - Kitchen Remodeling San Marcos

A stone sink is very durable and Is usually made of the same stone as the countertop.  If you want something that is seamless and durable for your sink option, this is a great choice.  Price varies on countertop material and size.

Single bowl kitchen sinks Vs: Double bowl kitchen sinks

The debate rages on with which is the better choice. It really comes down to the homeowner and what they are comfortable with. One large single bowl is perfect for washing large pots and pans.  Having dual bowls is helpful to separate clean versus dirty dishes. The decision depends on your activities and how you use your kitchen sink.  If you decide on a dual bowl sink then your kitchen sink options start up again because you will need to determine the best bowl depths for your cooking lifestyle.

With so many options out there for sinks, it’s hard to nail one chose down.  Remember to think about how you use your sink, what will make your kitchen experience better and your overall design.

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