Explanation of Remodeling Timeframes

Are you dreaming of kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling next year?   2018 is right around the corner and we have noticed that the time scales people have in mind are very different from what can be delivered.  Most people suffer from what the remodeling and construction industry call “HGTV Syndrome.”  Let us elaborate becase the magic of television has completely warped the minds of the everyday homeowner.

Remodeling Timelines:  HGTV Versus Reality

Television has made homeowners believe their kitchen, bathroom or home addition can be completed in 2 weeks for $10,000.  For some reason that is the same answer every time.  The reason HGTV makes remodeling look so seamless and inexpensive is because they have a lot of help average homeowners could never get.

In order to get the materials they need to complete a project they reach out to local and national vendors for materials in exchange for a mention or shout out on national television. Trading advertising for building materials is a great trade off and allows the homeowner featured on the show to have much lower material costs than they would normally.

HGTV has ways of getting a crew together quick to turn a home renovation around in a day. Most times they employ dozens of employees working 24 hours a day.  This ensures they can meet their production deadlines.  While it makes for fantastic TV and can provide inspiration to homeowners for their own remodels, the timelines shown on TV aren’t realistic.  We are going to break it down for you per project so you have a better idea before you dive head first in a remodel.

Open Kitchen Floorplan - Kitchen Remodel Contractor FallbrookKitchen Remodeling Timelines

Kitchen remodels are in very high demand because more homeowners are deciding to customize their home rather than relocate.   The time it takes to build a kitchen remodel depends on the scope of work and size of the space.  Many people do not take into consideration the kitchen remodel planning stages (including selecting a contractor, designing the space, and selecting materials) which take several weeks on top of the actual construction time!  For example,  a standard kitchen cabinet order can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks to be delivered.  The time it takes to actually build your kitchen remodel will range from 6-8 weeks (no permits) to 8-10 weeks (with permits).  Kitchen remodels with walls being added or removed and kitchens with floor plan changes take the longest to complete.

Bathroom Remodel Photo - Project completed in San Marcos CA by Classic Home ImprovementsBathroom Remodeling Timelines

Bathrooms are smaller than kitchens however they can be just as complicated.  Depending on whether your bathroom remodel a simple hall bathroom can take 3-6 weeks.  A large master bathroom will take anywhere from 8-10 weeks.   The variance in time is due to product selection and scope of work.  For example, it takes longer to tile a bathroom wall than to install a fiberglass tub.  If you are relocating your toilet or changing from a tub to a shower the underground plumbing is affected.  So your scope of work really determines the length of time it will take to remodel your bathroom.  Additionally, and just as importantly, the time it takes to complete your remodel will be determined by what type of remodeling contractor you hire.

Small Bathroom - Room Addition Contractors San DiegoRoom Addition Timelines

Additions and whole house remodeling are a whole other animal and can take 3 months to a year depending on what you are doing.  In all of your remodels, keep in mind the time it takes to obtain a permit.  Once you have submitted for a permit you will be waiting approximately 6 weeks to get approval, and that is with no requested changes from the city.  If the city requests plan changes the clock starts over.

Remember that creating incredible spaces for your home are not works of television magic, but well thought out designs accompanied by hard work from reputable contractors. As much as homeowners wish this process would be quick and painless, the best projects must take some time to create. Keep this in mind when you are thinking about your next home renovation.

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The newest trend in bathroom remodels!

There are revelations happening in master bathroom remodels. The technology is only getting better and better. From Bluetooth showerheads, heated floors, towel warmers bathrooms are getting smarter and better as time goes on. One vast improvement in bathroom technology is lighted mirrors!

The trend we have been seeing is the loss of the giant piece of glass on the bathroom wall to the minimalization of individual framed mirrors over the sinks. Large sconces on the sides of the mirrors or large bulky light bars are installed above the mirror. While this look is decorative it’s starting to disappear just as fast as that trend appeared. It is all about creative nice, sleek, modern lines in a decorative space.

Lighted Mirrors - San Marcos Bathroom RemodelMirrors can be a unique decorative aspect that go into bathroom design. Now mirrors are taking it up a notch by being lit. Light up mirrors are coming into the fold now coming in various shapes and sizes. Light up mirrors give off enough light and once they are turned off they look like a regular mirror. Prefect for a nice clean design and the light is perfect for personal prepping and makeup application!

A round shape mirror allows for a much larger mirror can help a smaller space look larger. The fact that the mirror is also the light source simplifies any design challenges. This mirrors are very reminiscent to those Hollywood dressing room mirror without having big bulky bulbs around the mirror.

Lighted mirrors also have LED lights which give the mirrors a warm and cool look. Warmer white lights tend to work well with a warm-hued tile and paint colors. Cool lights work well in white and blue bathrooms. Lighting serves as a great decorative piece but it can also enhance the space and determine the overall look of the space.

Another great asset to having lighted mirrors is that your lights can change colors! Enjoy chromotherapy after a long day while soaking in your tub or showering. This is perfect for relaxing if you don’t mix your colored colors in the same space.

Get rid of bulky lights and go with a sophisticated look. It makes your space look better and makes you look and feel better. This bathroom remodeling trend looks like it’s not going to go away anytime soon and it’s perfect if you are aiming for that sleek modern look.

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