This Is Why Homeowners in Temecula Love Room Additions!

Admittedly, building a room addition can take up more time than a simple remodel, and also cost more. However, more and more Temecula homeowners are opting for this kind of project.

Why is that?

For most of them, it’s about space. With a growing family, there just never seems to be enough space. So, instead of moving, a family can have an extra room and the much-needed space. For others, it’s about enhancing the appeal and value of their house.

For more reasons why room additions are so popular in Temecula, read on!

More Space

As we mentioned, the main reason for building a room addition is the need for more space. Imagine everything you could do with an extra room! You can give it any purpose you need, be it an additional bathroom, bedroom, home office or a sunroom.

Luxurious Sunroom - Room Additions Temecula CA

Some homeowners simply need the extra space to store their valuables safely and comfortably. Instead of storing family memorabilia and other valuable items in the garage or closet, you can have a dedicated room to keep everything neat and tidy.

More Privacy

Sometimes you just want to kick back and relax, maybe read a good book or binge watch your favorite TV show without anyone disturbing you. If you are blessed with a big family, privacy is often hard to achieve. And it’s not only about you – your children also crave a space that will be just their own. A well-designed room addition can give you just that.

More Money

As an excellent return on investment, a room addition can bring you more money than initially invested.

How is this achieved?

By renting the extra room out. In that way, you will have additional income every month. Before you know it, the room addition will have paid itself off, and you will have more money month after month.

More Functionality

If your bathroom is always busy in the morning, causing all family members to be late for school or work, it’s a clear sign you need a bathroom addition. Or perhaps you need a quiet space to work, in which case you can build a home office. There is a number of ways in which an additional room can improve the way you move around your house. By making your home space more functional, you will start seeing improvements in your daily routine organization, as well.

Added Luxury

Although space and functionality are a solid motivation for building a room addition, some homeowners decide on this project just to make their house more luxurious. For example, building a spacious closet for clothes, footwear and accessories speaks volumes about your wealth, and also style.

Spacious Closet - Room Additions Temecula CA

Added Value

It’s an established fact that an additional kitchen or a master bathroom can significantly boost the resale value of a home. Some homeowners go for bump-out additions so as to enlarge their existing kitchen or bathroom, adding more luxury, comfort and functionality. All of the mentioned enhance the appeal of a house, and by the same token – its value.

The Best Option for Room Additions in Temecula, CA!

As a full-service contractor offering superior room addition services in Temecula, Encinitas and throughout San Diego County, Classic Home Improvements is a reliable partner for your room additions project. Contact our in-house designers today!





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Watch Out for these Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes!

After whole-home renovations, bathroom remodels are perhaps the most demanding home improvement projects you can undertake. Whether you have a small bathroom or a master bathroom, some requirements are always the same, and you have to account for them when planning a bathroom remodel.

To make sure the bathroom remodel in your Encinitas home goes smoothly, check out the most common mistakes homeowners make when renovating their bathroom – and steer clear of them.

Treating your bathroom like any other room

Of course you know how to make a difference between a bathroom and a bedroom or any other room. But the problem is, homeowners often neglect certain bathroom properties when remodeling, with plumbing being the first.

For example, some homeowners wish to change the complete layout of the bathroom; move the toilet to the opposite side of the bathroom, or add a double sink. Although these are far from impossible, the final layout has to be determined with the existing plumbing system in mind. A bathroom designer may not be able to give you reliable guidance on this matter, but a full-service contractor will, so you should think about that, as well.

Classic Blue Bathroom with White Tiles - Bathroom Remodeling Encinitas

Demolishing and purchasing before having a clear plan

Imagine you want a steam shower in your bathroom. And why wouldn’t you? It adds more comfort, among a number of other benefits. While you are at it, you realize that you also want to change the flooring in your bathroom, so you go out and buy a nice set of mosaic tiles. None of this would be problematic if only you had consulted a contractor prior to the purchase. What if the tiles you chose are not water-resistant? What if the steam shower cannot fit your bathroom?

The same happens with demolitions. Some homeowners are simply tired of their shabby old bathroom and want a complete makeover. So they demolish the whole bathroom before even deciding what they will do next. They naively believe that they can figure everything out as they go along, but unfortunately – that’s never the case.

Bathroom Tile Removal - Bathroom Remodeling Encinitas

Not setting the right budget

Remodeling Magazine recently stated that the average cost of a bathroom remodel is $16,634. However, depending on the scope of the remodel, the cost can be much higher. In case of bathroom remodels, the rule of thumb is always to set a higher budget rather than lower. If you skimp on quality materials or service, the final result is bound to be disappointing, one way or another. Bathroom remodels are very cost-efficient and guarantee an outstanding return on investment since they automatically boost your home’s value.

Neglecting the real needs in favor of trendy solutions

Other than technical details, there are a number of other equally important considerations. For example, who will use the bathroom? Do you have a senior member of the family who would benefit from senior-friendly bathroom solutions much more than a trendy addition? Not to mention that some things can be extremely dangerous for them, such as slippery flooring.

Cutting-edge solutions are excellent, provided you know how to use them. If your children are going to use the remodeled bathroom, think about whether they will be able to use all the gadgets properly. Besides, if a pricy countertop or flooring material will make you compromise on the quality service, then it’s simply not worth it. Keep things in perspective.

Forgetting the ventilation

Proper ventilation is an essential element of a properly functioning contemporary bathroom. It doesn’t only ensure fresh and odorless air in your bathroom but also prevents the development of mold. Excessive moisture and mold can wreak havoc to your bathroom flooring and walls, and seriously jeopardize the health of your family. Don’t make this mistake – install a fan, and maintain it regularly.

Not hiring a licensed full-service contractor

When it comes to remodeling as complex as this, your best bet is to hire the services of a full-service remodeling contractor. Full-service contractor companies not only have in-house designers and architects but also manage a team of plumbing and construction technicians. If your bathroom needs additional plumbing work done, they bring in reliable professionals that they already have a working relationship with.

What’s more, a full-service contractor accounts for additional expenses like these up front so as to make sure everything is covered. And most importantly – don’t hire an unlicensed contractor.

Looking for a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Encinitas?

Classic Home Improvements is a full-service remodeling company serving Encinitas and all of San Diego County with dedication and integrity. As a reputable design-build company, we handle all phases of a remodeling project from design to construction. For an outstanding bathroom makeover, contact us today for a free quote!

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Look Out For These 7 Hot Kitchen Remodeling Trends in 2017

As a heart of every home the kitchen needs to be up to date with the latest trends, aesthetic and functional. If you are looking to have your kitchen remodel in Temecula as meticulous as possible and improve both its look and functionality, we have a few trends you should consider.

Say Goodbye to Handles

Plain cabinet doors with no visible handles are a great way to make your streamlined kitchen cabinetry stand out. Through this design the materials and the craftsmanship take the spotlight, not the finishes. This trend is bound to hold its ground well beyond 2017 as homeowners are drawn to its sleek appeal.

Streamlined Handleless Cabinetry - Kitchen Remodel in Temecula

Quartz Countertops

The number of homeowners looking to upgrade to quartz countertops has been on the rise throughout 2016 and the trend has been on the rise since the start of 2017. The main reason for this is that quartz is considered a quality, lasting material.

Before 2016 quartz was seen by many as an inaccessible and unaffordable, but it has proven to be an enduring material well worth its price. Upgrading to quartz from laminate will make your kitchen luxurious, make it more durable and significantly increase its value.

Industrial Kitchen

Another huge trend that we are seeing more and more of is the industrial kitchen look. Details like exposed pipes and bricks, scruffy metallic finishes and minimalistic kitchen elements are what makes these kitchens so boldly unique.

The industrial design combines the appeal of natural elements such as stone, concrete and wood with contemporary ideas which makes it ideal for any home, which is likely the key to its increased popularity.

Clear Worktops

Messy worktops are outdated. Instead, clutter free cooking spaces are being integrated into most modern kitchens. This design trend will make cooking all the more easier and can even make your kitchen look bigger. The form and functionality of this design are achieved through the use innovative cabinets that are made to house everything from towels to spices and oils.

Smart Storage

Apart from saving you a lot of valuable space, smart storage designs have the benefit of looking absolutely breathtaking. Designers are coming up with smart storage solutions meant to hide small appliances out of sight, allowing the cabinetry to stand out.


Colors like black, white or grey never lost their appeal, but our experts are suggesting they will become predominant in most contemporary kitchens. Anything from worktops, cabinets and appliances can benefit the innate appeal of these elegant colors.

Copper Finishes

The most popular color trends in 2016 and well into 2017 involve grey combined with natural tones. If you want to accent your gray cabinetry there’s no better way to bring out its appeal than by adding a copper finish. Copper handles, appliances and accessories are therefore expected to be huge this year as homeowners are eager to find an equally appealing alternative to stainless steel.

Kitchen Remodel in Temecula

Classic Home Improvements is a licensed contractor located in Escondido, serving Temecula, Rancho Bernardo, Del Mar and the rest of San Diego County. If you are looking to hire a reliable, trustworthy partner to handle your kitchen remodel in one of these locations feel free to reach out to our friendly agents at (858) 224-7373 or through our online contact form.

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How to Plan Your Modern Bathroom Remodel on a Budget?

Any remodeling project can quickly get out of hand and go over the budget you’ve planned out. This is especially true for bathroom remodeling. Homeowners looking for affordable but quality bathroom remodeling in Rancho Bernardo can still hope for an end result they imagined if they develop a plan and hire the right company to execute it. In this article we are going to list the top 10 ideas on how to plan a modern bathroom remodeling project that can fit anyone’s budget.

Look for Inspiration

Experienced designers can come up with a breathtaking bathroom design without breaking a sweat. However, most homeowners don’t have the necessary skills to develop a complete bathroom design from scratch. This is why it’s vital for any homeowner to find an inspiration for their remodeling project.

Thanks to the internet, looking for inspiration has never been easier. Look through Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook groups and design blogs and you are bound to find the design that you like and one that can be easily adapted for your bathroom. Save the links or images of the designs you like so you can show them to a designer.

Modern Bathroom Idea - Bathroom Remodeling Rancho Bernardo

Set a Budget and Goals

No matter if the remodeling project you had planned out is big or small, always be sure to set a budget in order to keep the costs from getting out of hand and prioritize the most vital additions. If your shower or your toilet need to be replaced or if your plumbing hasn’t been changed in a while plan out your goals accordingly.

Plan Your Project

When you have a clear picture of how much you can set aside for the bathroom remodeling project, it’s time to start planning everything out. Look at your current bathroom layout and see if you can fit the planned changes in. Relocating a feature like the bathtub will require additional plumbing costs, which can quickly break your budget.


After the planning phase you will need to analyze each of the features and see if they absolutely need to be a part of your remodeling project. These features include sinks, vanities, showers and similar items. In order to stay within your budget limits you’ll need to prioritize and make some sacrifices. If any of the features are still working properly, perhaps you should shift your focus to those that need to be replaced right now.


After the analysis, if a complete bathroom remodeling is out of question you will have a clear picture of what features you need to change in order to achieve a modern look for your bathroom. Features like lighting, faucets and accessories can really change the look and feel of your bathroom. Even something as simple as a new paint job can make your bathroom look brand new.

Likewise, if your budget can afford it don’t be afraid to add a luxury update to your remodeling project. Some of the more costly additions include replacing the bathtub, shower and the vanity.

Remodel Over Time

If the adjustments you are making don’t include major changes like adjustments to your floor plan, you could spread the project over a couple of months or years. Start with the features that need changing the most and add others that will compliment them later when your finances allow it. For many homeowners this is the only way to get their ideal bathroom and still stay within their budget limits.

Choose a Reliable Partner for Your Bathroom Remodeling in Rancho Bernardo

If you are planning a big bathroom remodeling project in San Diego, it’s important to have a reliable contractor help design and build your dream bathroom. If you need a free estimate or if you want to schedule a consultation, don’t hesitate to contact Classic Home Improvements at (858) 224-7373.

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