Italian Home Design With A Modern Twist

There is a trend in the world of Italian home design. The professionals agree, the current style that has taken the country by storm is Italian rustic brought to life with a modern twist. Rustic Italian architecture is old world charm that utilizes wood, metal, brick, and stone. Designers and homeowners are acquiring these properties and restoring them. Though some people will go for the country farm look, using lots of gingham and ruffles, that look is not as successful as they would hope. It takes away from the charm of the original home.

More successful designers like, Ilaria Miani of Rome, Italy have struck a balance using rustic pieces, merged with modern pieces. Just as ultra-country is not the look desired, neither is ultra-sleek. This is why specialty pieces that are a little closer to middle ground are in such high demand.

While some furnishings, like the ones Miani use, are created by the designer, there are treasures to be found if you know where to look. The modern pieces at Maestro Bath are right on the mark. Interior decorators and homeowners excitedly look to Maestro Bath for focus pieces that pull the look together. The selection of Maestro Bath is amazing, making them an industry leader in home design pieces. Merging modern pieces with pieces that look as if they are centuries old is not an easy task. Balance is the key.

Restoration of old homes while maintaining their original charm, takes time. Do not buy something unless you are sure it is the right piece. Consider seeking out local vendors.

Furniture is a blend of modern comfort and pieces of antique look. Stay away from streamline designs and go for plush, soft, and comfortable. Go slow and add pieces few at a time. In this situation, less is more. Rustic Italian architecture makes use of a lot of wood, metal, and stone. Consider using light colors for fabrics to bring light and life to the look. While people who rush to the country look, find a lot of red and white checked patterns, consider a cream or white solid for furniture or other lighter materials to brighten the room and give the home a more comfortable feel.

Some of the rustic pieces that will work well for your project are:

  • Repurposed wood
  • Metal pieces, including hinges, and door knobs
  • Old lighting pieces
  • Edison bulbs
  • Wood beams for ceilings

Choices for modern pieces include:

  • Clean lines of simple and comfortable furniture
  • Solids and light colors, utilizing creams, whites, and grays
  • Clear lighting
  • Accent pieces that are functional

The beautiful old homes of Italy have stood for hundreds of years and will always be a thing of beauty. The trend of people restoring and enjoying their lives in these marks of history is here to stay. While styles come and go, these homes have the beauty of yesterday and the comfort of today. That will never go out of style.

Whether you are restoring a home to live in, or investing in a home to resell for profit, the Italian rustic home is a perfect choice.

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8 Ingenious Ways to Get More Kitchen Storage Space

Making clever use of the kitchen space you’ve got can have the effect similar to adding a room in your home. If you have decided to do some kitchen remodeling in Rancho Bernardo CA or San Diego, make sure you give an equal amount of attention to kitchen functionality as well as design. Making your kitchen more practical may very well reduce the amount of time needed to cook or clean up.

A beautiful, smart kitchen that requires less effort to keep up? Yes, you could have it all. Here’s how.


Let’s start with the easiest, least demanding storage improvement. Put up a pipe that runs above the sink or the stove. The longer, the better. Then hang hooks on the pipe and store your mugs, cutting boards and cookware on them, keeping them at hand, but out of the way. If you like cooking and experimenting, this pipe can really be a lifesaver when you try to juggle 3 new easy-breezy recipes you found on Pinterest. You can also place the pipe on the side of the cabinet and hook pans to it.

More storage when doing kitchen remodeling Rancho Bernardo CA

Sky-high cabinets

The key to smart storage is knowing how to keep at hand everything you need daily and where to keep all those things you use twice a year. You need everything, just not regularly. Above-window and below-ceiling cabinets are great in this respect. They are practically intended for that waffle iron and fondue melting pot that you hardly ever use. A sliding ladder can make these cabinets much more accessible.

Pull-out cutting board

You can have an array of cutting boards piled up and sliding out of place or – you can have a pull-out cutting board under your countertop with a hole to flick the peels right to the can.

Pull-out utensil drawer

There are various caveats to this idea. You can go for a narrow hip-high vertical drawer with cookware hanging, i.e. utensils or pans. You can also have a pull-out shelf for spices and things like sugar, flour and such. A pull-out drawer is a fantastic way to make complete use of space available. And they can really save time, if you consider how much it takes you to get to the pan or spice you need (especially when you’re in the middle of cooking).

Walk-in pantry

Ah, this is a dream come true. Store all the necessities together with odds and ends in a roomy walk-in pantry. When you’re finished cooking, just elegantly close the door. Who cares about the mess inside? You’ll enjoy the dinner and deal with the clutter some other time. Now, it’s time for some palate indulgence.

Cabinet pantry organizers

Don’t be devastated if your kitchen can’t accommodate a walk-in pantry. A cabinet pantry can be as handy and as neat with some shelves and racks mounted on the door and some rotating organizers installed in the cabinet.

Corner drawers

Corner drawers are a magician’s solution to the storage puzzle. They are usually deeper than regular drawers too. Why have a pair of two-shelved cabinets with doors in the corner, if you can pack four deep drawers instead?

Want some professional help with your kitchen remodeling in Rancho Bernardo, CA?

If we got your imagination going and you’d like some professional support and help with your kitchen remodeling project, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Classic Home Improvements. Our experience, awards and recognition among relevant organizations and customers make us your top trusted San Diego kitchen remodeling contractor. Call us now and get your free initial consultation!

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Shedding Light on Kitchen Remodeling

If you love cooking or eating, remodeling your kitchen will definitely increase the pleasure you get from your kitchen. There are many things to consider about kitchen remodeling in Escondido (and anywhere else in San Diego for that matter). All these ask for your attention: cabinets, floor, sink, backsplash, countertop, islands, the appliances, and that’s just to get started. Do your kitchen remodeling right and you’ll get a pretty return on investment in terms of inner reward as well as the resale value of your home.

However, have you given enough thought to your kitchen lighting? Light is an unbelievably powerful design tool, which is unfortunately often overlooked. The visual appeal is not the only thing you’ll get from a great choice of lights. You can make your kitchen more functional, more pleasant to work in and even more eco-friendly.

Here are the directions you should be thinking in.

Kitchen remodeling Escondido: Good places to light

Dinner zone lights

Stunning pendants like a stand-alone chandelier, a bold large pendant or cluster pendants can zone out the dining table if your kitchen and dining area are joint. You can position the pendants lower to the table, so the area is more intimate and inviting for conversation and entertainment.

Under-cabinet lights

Under-cabinet lights are great task lights. Reading recipes, peeling greens and raiding the fridge will never be the same again when you install a couple of under-cabinet lights.

Kitchen remodeling Escondido - Lighting

In-cabinet lights

If you go for cabinets with glass doors, think about adding a few in-cabinet lights. It’ll be much easier to navigate the kitchen, maneuver the meal preparation and your cabinets will look splendid.

Plinth lighting

Plinth lighting is the lighting that punctuates the base of walls or, in the case of kitchen remodeling, cabinets. With plinth lighting you’ll have a feeling your cabinets are floating, and your kitchen will get a wholly different dimension.

Kitchen Remodeling Escondido: Customize your lighting

There’s a dizzying range of options for your lights. That is, it can be dizzying when you’re going it alone, without kitchen remodeling professionals to hold your hand. Get in touch with us right away and get a free consult. We’d love to help you with your project!

Puck lights

Puck lights are singular lights that cast a focused beam which is easily adjustable. They are great for under cabinets, because they perform great as task lighting.

Tape lights and rope lights

These are very similar in that they serve as low-level lights that can lead your way around the kitchen. Since they are placed under the edges of fittings, like countertops, cabinets and islands, they can provide beautiful accents in places you want in focus. These lights come in a variety of color options, if you want to complement or contrast the color scheme of your cabinets or countertop.

Motion sensors

Motion sensitive lighting makes great sense from the environmental point of view. It’s also quite sensible when it comes to cutting energy bills. Truth be told, they can be a bit irksome if you are simply browsing recipes in the evening or preparing for cooking as they will go out when there’s no movement, but when you weigh that against the benefits, it turns out not to be that big of a deal.


Being able to fade lights in and out puts you in full control over the mood of the room. You can really re-design the feel of the space at the flick of the switch.


LEDs could require a bit more upfront investment, but bear in mind that they live long and save a considerable amount of energy along the way.

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Here’s How Bathroom Remodeling Helps Increase Home Value

Homeowners may choose to remodel their bathroom for a variety of reasons. Most often, homeowners find their bathroom lacks space, needs more storage or they simply want to give their outdated bathroom a complete makeover. However, remodeling a bathroom in order to increase your home value is among the main reasons our clients contact us.

But how much can a new bathroom add to your home’s value? You’d be surprised!

Why Remodel?

Selling your home can be difficult as it is. But imagine if you were selling a house with an outdated bathroom. Not only does an aged bathroom lack many indispensable, modern bathroom functions, it can be very unsightly depending on how dated they are. Having a new bathroom with all the modern functions and aesthetic appeal can easily attract customers. After all, the kitchen and the bathroom are what many buyers form their opinion on first.

Luxurious Bathroom Remodel - Bahtroom Remodeling in Escondido

Updating Your Old Bathroom

The easiest way to significantly boost the value of your home is by updating your outdated bathroom. Experts can easily adapt your existing space and deliver a bathroom nothing like the old. When planning a bathroom remodel, consider anything that needs fixing first. Any damaged areas or leaky pipes should take the highest priority when planning the project.

If you need to fix the plumbing and the wiring, the remodeling project may be slightly more expensive. As you know, electrical and plumbing issues significantly decrease your home’s value. Therefore, solving them will pay off once you seal the deal.

Next, determine whether your bathroom might benefit from a room addition if you think it might be too narrow. Skilled homeowners can take care of small adjustments, while you should leave big additions to experienced contractors. You can even make some bathrooms look bigger using simple design tricks that don’t involve tearing down any walls.

Adding new tiles, exciting features like floating vanities and better lighting will result in higher ROI than any other elements. Remember, your bathroom has to be visually appealing and functional at the same time. If you want to go one step further, some of the most luxurious bathroom features that are guaranteed to sway buyers are floor heating, double sinks, steam showers or a Jacuzzi.

When choosing the color of the reworked bathroom, the best choice is probably neutral tones, as not all potential buyers are open to experimentation and unorthodox colors. Try to keep the design of the bathroom in sync with the rest of your home, and look into design trends that age well.

Bathroom Additions and Bathroom Remodeling in Escondido

If you think your home needs an additional bathroom to suit larger families, such a project might be slightly more complicated. You will definitely need to bring in an expert contractor to help, but adding a new bathroom will add more value to your home than a remodel ever could.

Classic Home Improvements is a licensed general contractor serving Escondido, Rancho Bernardo and the rest of the San Diego County. For a free estimate of your bathroom addition project feel free to contact us at (858) 224-7373 or through our website form.

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Floating Vanities Will Not Leave You Hanging!

Floating vanities or wall-mounted vanities have been around for quite some time. You could spot them in luxurious hotels, fancy restaurants and other high-end or industrial places. However, in the last couple of years floating vanities became a huge bathroom remodeling trend and favored by residential designers as well.

But if the vanities have been around for quite some time, how come that only in the last couple of years they became such a hot asset to any bathroom remodel in Rancho Bernardo and the surrounding area?

In this article, we are going to explain just that and present you with a couple of interesting bathroom designs involving floating vanities.

Floating Vanity Side View Bathroom - Remodel Rancho Bernardo

The Talk of the Town

Just like with any trend, floating vanities snowballed into the bathroom remodeling scene as more and more homeowners were drawn to their appeal. What makes bathroom vanities so unique is their futuristic, yet elegant look. They combine the best of traditional, contemporary and futuristic design schools and can be easily blended into any type and style of bathroom.

Design Variation

The fact that these vanities are wall-mounted makes them highly customizable. You can choose how high or apart from other elements you want them to set them, where you can place them etc. Because they don’t need a flat surface below them you can play around with the design.

For example, you could place a small floating cabinet above a standard-sized floating vanity. You could also play with lighting and add LED lamps under the vanities for an elegant, futuristic feel. The designer’s imagination is the only limit.

Light and Durable

Generally speaking, floating vanities are much easier to move as they are lighter than traditional vanities. While installation could prove to be a challenge, it’s nothing an experienced contractor can’t handle easily. But as far as moving them goes, they are extremely light and easy to move around. This can be invaluable if you are remodeling your bathroom.

However, don’t let this fool you. They may be light, but they are extremely durable and can last much longer than your typical bathroom vanities. They are built to resist humidity and are bound to remain trendy for a while.

Space Friendly

Another great advantage floating vanities have over traditional ones is that they take up significantly less space. This could come in handy if you want to make your bathroom look bigger or simply free up some space and organize your bathroom better.

Floating Vanity Frontal View - Bathroom Remodel Rancho Bernardo

Design Ideas

Depending on the size of your bathroom, these vanities can be used to free up space or purposely take up more of it. Wall to wall vanities are great for spacious bathrooms. Another great design idea for a spacious bathroom is a pair of separate floating vanities, especially paired up with horizontal shower tiles and glass sinks.

On the other hand, small bathrooms can benefit from floating vanities as they can help free up visual space. These vanities can fit practically anywhere, for example between a wall and another element, like the shower.

Since they can be tucked away in these tight places, they can feel almost like an integral part of the room, especially if you choose to go in tone with the rest of the bathroom.

Consider Floating Vanities for Your Bathroom Remodel in Rancho Bernardo

Classic Home Improvements is a licensed, full-service contractor serving Rancho Bernardo, San Marcos, Carmel Valley and the rest of San Diego County. We can help you completely transform your bathroom and give it a new life, following both current and timeless remodeling ideas. If you want to remodel your bathroom and are looking for a way to integrate wall-mounted vanities into the new design, contact us for a free quote at (858) 224-7373.

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