4 Toilets you did not knew existed

When it comes to toilets, the choice may seem simple however toilets are getting more and more sophisticated.  From water conservation to self-cleaning, technology continues to amaze us with what is available when we are ready to remodel our bathroom.  Here are a few toilets you may not have known existed but may not be able to live without once you hear about them!

dual-flushing-toiletDual flushing toilets now allow you to save water without sacrificing performance.  We have seen quite a few of these emerging in San Diego.  Some, like the one shown in this image, have two buttons on the top, while others have a traditional single lever.

DXV_AT200-Integrated-Bidet-Smart-Toilet_9cabad1dWho would be surprised that there is now a Smart Toilet?  Who would not want a toilet that warmed up their seat for them, had a night light and deodorizer?   In addition to all those features, toilets can also include bidets with a warm air dryer to finish things off.  Mind blown!


Not all of us have $10,000 to spend on a toilet, but if you do imagine having this Toto toilet!   This toilet not only has the night light and deodorizer, it is also self-cleaning.  The lid will automatically raise and shut for you and there is no need to manually flush, who needs that hassle anyway?

wall-hung-toiletsBack to reality though, another toilet that is emerging in popularity is the wall hung toilet.  This European look is great for small bathrooms and they provide a modern sleek feel while providing more room in the bathroom.

Our point is you do not have to settle on the same old plain elongated or round toilet bowl.  There are a variety of styles available so your bathroom can have a decorative feel and there are a ton of options for functionality, as well.

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