How to Pick the Colors for Your Bathroom

When it comes to picking a color for your bathroom the options are endless.  This can make the process of choosing your perfect colors a little stressful and even intimidating at times. But how do you choose the perfect color for your bathroom? How do you eliminate the stress of picking through thousands of color swatches? How do you know you will pick the right color? Well, we have a few tips to make this process fun, easy and stress free.

Pick a color you love –
When choosing a color for your bathroom choose a color you love. Even if you choose a color that matches well, if you don’t love the color itself you might not love the overall look of your bathroom once you’re done. Don’t be afraid to choose that bold color that catches your eye. Bathrooms are a great place to get creative.

Consider the lighting-
When choosing a color in any room lighting is very important because it can change the look of the color. His is especially important in bathrooms because bathrooms tend to not have a lot of natural lighting. The artificial lights can change the appearance of any color you choose. In order to eliminate this issue pick up a couple poster boards and paint them the colors you are thinking of instead of painting swatches on the actual wall. His way you can move the swatches around and try them in different lighting in different times of day.

Consider the theme –
Different colors go with different themes. If you want the feel of the bathroom to be cozier go with warm colors that are a bit darker. If bright and breezy is more your style then you are going to want to look at lighter colors with more brilliance.

Don’t forget the finish –
Now that you have gone over the swatches and chosen a color you love it’s time to get it on the wall. However, you also need to choose a finish. Do you want your walls to be glossy or do you prefer a matte look? Make sure you test these out. A finish can make a difference with the appearance of your color.  While a glossy finish can be beneficial in a bathroom due to the moisture, you should consider its overall shiny look.

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