How to make your hall bathroom guest-friendly

How to make hall bath guest friendly

We can all agree that a hall bathroom must be clean and organized.   However, don’t you want your guest bathroom to be beautiful as well as functional?  How do you make your hall bathroom company -friendly and stylish?

Pick a Theme-
Choosing a good theme for your hall bathroom is an easy way to modernize without having to make a lot of major changes.  Choose a simple or bold paint color scheme.  Once you have your colors,  choose a theme for your accent décor.  With these simple changes, you now have a renovated guest bathroom that is sure to get your guests attention.

Keep it user friendly-
Instead of hiding away all your toiletries in cupboards and drawers try using them in the theme of your bathroom with the décor.  By simply putting them neatly in some baskets or tins of your choice they will add key details to your theme.  This will also keep your guests from having to rummage through your bathroom when looking for something, keeping your guest bathroom guest-friendly. It will also make your guests feel at home knowing they don’t have to bring along all of their belongings.

Update your towels and shower curtains-
Replacing your old shower curtain and worn towels is a perfect way to tie it all together and keep your guest bathroom looking new and renovated.

All of these modifications are simple and affordable ways to make your old bathroom looking fresh and stylish without breaking the bank. Your guests are sure to take notice of its appearance and appreciate its guest friendly appeal.

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