Bathroom Remodel San Diego CHIYou went to a home show or picked up a home remodeling magazine and decided you want to remodel your bathroom.  Great!  Now what?

First thing first, think about why you are remodeling and decide what type of bathroom remodel you need.  Are you tired of the dripping faucet?  Do you want to modernize the space or increase the functionality of the bathroom?  Is your bathroom color out of date or is the style from the 80’s?  Do you need to add a new restroom because your kids fight every morning about who gets the shower first?

Ask yourself what style you would like the bathroom to be.  Contemporary, modern, chic?  Are you looking for a relaxing space that has Zen-like features?  Do you prefer a more traditional look or would you like a more rustic feel?  Not sure what “style” you like?  You can find tons of ideas and inspiration on and Pinterest.

San Deigo Bathroom RemodelingDoes your bathroom space fit your family’s lifestyle?  Perhaps you prefer to come home to a long, hot bath at the end of the day, but your home only has a shower.  Maybe you need to add a shower downstairs in your powder bathroom so your frequent house guests have a place to freshen up when they stay?

Does your spouse take up the entire counter with make-up or shaving products so you need a new vanity?  Chances are you won’t do another remodel in that space for many years, so make sure your space functions the way you would like it to.

Once you have an idea of what you would like to accomplish in the space, contact trusted contractors in your area for estimates.  If you think you may need financing, start off with contractors who offer financing options.

When you meet with the contractor, show them photos of bathrooms you like.  When you choose your contractor, make sure it is a company you trust, who has listened to what you want to accomplish, and who you would feel comfortable communicating with in the event there is a hiccup during construction.

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