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Design and remodeling go hand-in-hand.  When considering a major remodel, such as a whole house remodel, a kitchen remodel with wall removals, or building a room addition there are two different approaches to getting started.  One is the architect driven approach and the other is a design build driven approach.

Architect Driven Remodel

In the older traditional architect-driven approach there are several companies involved from concept to completion.  Homeowners reach out to an architect to prepare structural drawings and plans and then consult with an interior designer to prepare specifications for the final material to be used in the project.  The architect’s information and the designer’s information is often times combined by a third entity – a project manager – to prepare a bid package.  With the bid package in hand,  homeowners request competitive estimates from general contractors or builders.  The key flaw in a traditional architect driven model is that the three or four companies do not work with one another.

Architects are trained in structural aspects of construction and safety of the building.  Designers are trained in the “pretty” part of the remodeling.  Project managers are trained to keep a close eye on detail and project specifications.  Contractors are trained to build.    For a successful remodel to take place, one that meets the goal of the homeowner (design, time-line, and cost) each of these entities must have communication with one another.  However, in the architect driven approach, this does not happen!

With this approach, the remodeling costs are not provided until after several months of work. More often than not, the project costs are not in alignment with what the homeowner intended to invest in the project.  Upon receiving estimates from the contractors which are over what the homeowner intends to spend – it is necessary to go back to square one and re-design with the architect, re-do the product specifications, and start from scratch on the bid package before going back out to the contractors for new estimates.  This approach often takes several months of frustration and sometimes ends without the project moving forward.

When projects do move forward, homeowners often are charged for “extras” during the building phase of the project because of aspects not considered during the planning phase of the project.  This is when finger-pointing happens (ie:  the architect didn’t tell the builder “this” or the interior designer didn’t share “that” with the project manager)…and unfortunately the homeowner is ultimately responsible for any extra incurred charges due to the lack of communication between the architect, designer, project manager, and/or builder.

Design Build Remodel

Design Build is a simplification of the traditional planning and construction process.  With a Design Build Company, a single entity is responsible for the Design, Specifications, Project Management, and Construction.

The Design Build Company has a single point of contact for the homeowner to discuss structural design of the home, the interior design of the home, and the building of the remodel.  All aspects of the remodel are prepared while taking into consideration the overall cost of building the project. Having one point of contact ensures that everyone’s goals are aligned – starting with budget rather than ending with it.

One of the biggest benefits homeowners see is a shortened design time. Rather than a project taking 6-9 months to reach permit-stage, homeowners approaching their remodel from the design build approach will have their permit in 2-3 months for a modest size project (a single or dual room renovation) or 4-6 months for a large sized project (with additions, whole house remodel, or new construction homes).  The reason for the shortened time?   Your design build team is motivated to get the project started because (unlike the architect driven approach where each entity is being paid by the hour for services) your design build team has a dedicated budget for getting the project to the permit stage.  Also, the design build team is working together and have a system in place for all communication so there is shortened delivery time on answers to questions which affect other members of the team.

Rather than ending with a rough budget of what the project will cost, the homeowner will know EXACTLY what the construction costs will be before any demolition starts on their home.  There are no surprises, no extra building charges, and no finger-pointing because the Design Build company only has their internal team to point fingers at.  Successful Design Build companies typically work right through any issues because the team interacts cohesively on a daily basis.

When you decide to get started on your next major home renovation, you will definitely benefit from the services of a Design Build Company.  Your design will be completed faster, you will have a more convenient process with less stress and your team will all be under one roof communicating with one another which means your project budget will be accurate and up front before construction begins.

If you need more information about getting started on a kitchen remodel, questions about Design Build, or or maybe you want some guidance going over options and details for your kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel, then give us a call, we are located in Escondido and service San Diego and Temecula.  We’re happy to help!

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