Types of Bathroom RemodelsTypes of bathroom remodels

Homeowners remodel bathrooms for a plethora of reasons. Our customers have told us they want to do cosmetic updates because the home is 20 years old.  Some say they don’t need a tub and want a larger shower. Others have expressed the need to add a bathroom because their families have gotten larger.  Whatever your reason to renovate your bathroom, one thing is for sure, bathroom remodels have one of the highest rate of return on any home renovation.

Cosmetic Bathroom Remodels
Simple bathroom remodels that are updated for cosmetic reasons can make a huge difference in the space. A simple bathroom remodel may include updating counter-tops, vanities, and sinks. Many times in a bathroom upgrade homeowners will re-tile the walls, re-paint the walls, and change the flooring. Most homeowners will take the opportunity to upgrade their faucets and fixtures when remodeling their bathroom. Simple bathroom remodels do not include floor plan changes.

Remodeling Bathroom Sinks
Master Bathroom RemodelingSome customers elect to add a sink for their spouse or change a shower into a tub for a young child. Many times homeowners will re-arrange the footprint of the space to add a vanity, change the toilet location, or add a closet.

Floor Plan Changes
Many of our San Diego and Temecula homeowners are requesting floor plan changes in their bathrooms. They have found that the large roman tub in the master bathroom is not being used frequently so they change the tub into a shower.

Bathroom Addition
Another type of bathroom remodel is the addition of a bathroom. Many times homeowners add a new bathroom because their family has expanded and they need to reduce the stress of one bathroom in the house.

Aging in place has become very popular and requires the addition of a bathroom downstairs where one may not currently exist.

One key recommendation for your remodel:
* Don’t wait until the last minute. reach out to your bathroom remodeler sooner rather than later If you want your remodel to be completed by a certain day or month for a specific event, start the process now. Lead times for materials always take longer than you anticipate and if you are re-designing the space, it takes time for your architect to design and permits are notorious for taking a long time.

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