Doing a Bathroom Remodel? Don’t Forget about the Toilet!

A modern bathroom is nothing with a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing toilet. If you are planning a bathroom remodeling project in your Carmel Valley home, you would do well not to forget about the toilet. A new or upgraded toilet can improve the functionality of your bathroom but it can also make it look more modern and attractive.

And after all, a remodeled bathroom is a great return on investment.

A toilet may not be the Iron Throne, but is a throne nevertheless. Don’t make one of the typical bathroom remodel mistakes and forget about the toilet. If there is a minimum chance that a new toilet can reduce your water bills, don’t miss out. Also, investing in a state-of-the-art toilet pays off splendidly since it reduces the risk of frequent breakdowns, leaks, and the need for repairs and additional bathroom renovation.

Here’s what you should consider when scouting out improved toilets for your bathroom.

Think about what you already have

It’s possible that you don’t even need to replace your current toilet but upgrade it instead. Also, there may be already upgraded versions of the type of toilet you have, and these are definitely worth considering.


New functionalities such the low flow give toilets a sleek, modern look and minimize water waste. Besides, low flow toilets are now a federal standard for toilet manufacturing. It’s quite possible that an upgraded version is the only option you have. All in all, if you can have a super toilet that needs only one flush to wash all the waste away, why not invest in it?

Don’t go overboard with fancy features

Remember – a toilet is a toilet. It has a pretty straightforward purpose and it cannot really serve any other purpose (and it certainly cannot serve as a garbage disposal bin!). If the additional features make it work more efficiently, go for it. But, if they just make the toilet look cooler, you should probably steer clear.

If any extra (and unnecessary) part breaks down or starts causing problems in any way, you may have to pay some hard cash for the repair or replacement. That is, if the replacement parts actually exist.

Modern Bathroom with Toilet - Bathroom Remodeling Carmel Valley CA

Look for bargains but don’t be cheap

A faulty toilet can cause a real mess in your bathroom. Leaking water all over the bathroom floor and posing a danger to your health, a cheap, low-quality toilet is a bad decision. Don’t skimp on quality when it comes to such an important bathroom appliance. You don’t have to go for the priciest product but keep away from too-good-to-be-true bargains.

Choose the toilet that fits

A well-chosen toilet will fit the designated space in your bathroom perfectly – that should go unsaid. What many fail to understand is that they should pick a toilet that fits them, as well. Taller people should go for higher toilets. If you are bulkier, don’t choose a small toilet. Remember – you are unlikely to replace the newly installed toilet any time soon, unless it gets damaged or otherwise less functional. You might as well pick the most comfortable one.

Toddler in the Bathroom - Bathroom Remodeling Carmel Valley CA

So, while you are planning to replace the bathroom tiles, install a steam shower or space-saving floating vanities, don’t forget the toilet. The tips listed above will help you make an informed choice and get a great bathroom!

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