Best Home Renovation Projects before Selling Your House in Carmel Valley

Carmel Valley is a highly attractive place to live, ranked 2nd best San Diego neighborhood according to It’s no wonder that Carmel Valley homeowners think about renovating their house before selling it. Remodeled homes sell at considerably higher prices, enabling the owners to get an excellent return on investment.

Still, what are the best home renovation projects to do if you want to sell your house for a hefty price and recoup the investment?

Check out some of the home remodeling projects that will help you sell your house faster and for more money, and start planning your budget!

Mind the style of your house

First of all, whatever project you might consider, don’t forget that it has to go well with the overall style your house was built in. Even though it’s true that you can mix styles, you should always consult a home remodeling expert to avoid wasting money on something that simply won’t fit.

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Improve energy efficiency

You cannot go wrong with installing energy-efficient and water saving appliances. With numerous rebates and grants for Energy Star products, you definitely wouldn’t have to break the bank. Low-flow faucets and toilets, water-purifiers, LED lighting fixtures do wonders. They come in contemporary sleek designs and suggest monthly energy and water savings for the buyer once they purchase the house.

Refinish hardwood floors

If your home has hardwood flooring, good for you! Hardwood floors are a sign of luxury and affluence and that’s exactly what buyers shopping for houses in Carmel Valley would want. Make sure you have the floors refinished and carpeting removed (if there is any) to capitalize on this advantage.

Neutral carpeting

If replacing the flooring seems like too much of a hassle for you, you would do well to at least replace the existing carpeting with neutral-tone carpets. They will look more elegant and are great for resale.

For entertainment areas like the living room and the dining room, it’s best to remove the carpeting altogether and consider refinishing or replacing the flooring.

Replace all cracked or chipped tiles

Pay close attention to the tiles you have around your home, probably in the bathroom and the kitchen. All cracked or chipped tiles simply have to go. The idea of having to replace them after buying the house will deter most buyers.

While it’s true that some buyers may choose to replace the existing tiles to make the space more personal, the combination of modern and neutral is your best bet.

Paint the kitchen yellow

Unnecessarily straightforward as it may sound, kitchens painted yellow sell better than, say, kitchens painted white. Plain white kitchens often seem unfinished, whereas yellow is neutral enough to give prospective buyers an idea of what they can do with the space.

Install subway tiles in the kitchen

Subway tiles have never really gone out of style. Regardless of the current trends (and they are very much in vogue right now), subway tiles have always given off a sense of contemporary and casual style.

Go for farmhouse sinks in the kitchen

Available in plenty of designs, farmhouse sinks are the thing! Just like subway tiles, they can boost the resale price up to 13 percent and help sell your house 60 days faster, according to the San Diego Union Tribune.

Add space-saving elements

Extra storage space might make all the difference to buyers, especially families with children. For example, you could have your kitchen cabinets replaced with deep motion-sensitive drawers. Also, you can install pull-out cutting boards and utensil drawers and consider a walk-in pantry. These improvements may be small, but they go a long way.

Outdoor living areas are it!

To really make your home stand out, you should think about adapting your patio for some outdoor entertainment. Outdoor living has never been as popular as it is now, especially in Carmel Valley, so it’s likely that prospective buyers will be on the lookout for it.

Outdoor kitchens definitely score high on the home-resale-value-boosting scale. If you can arrange for a food prep, storage and refrigeration area in the outdoor kitchen space, your home is bound to wow each and every buyer.

As for surfaces for the outdoor patio, stained concrete and stacked stone cladding are just the thing. A modern-looking outdoor area with simple and sleek furniture is highly alluring, while aquamarine is a smashing hit for accent elements like cushions.

For exciting home renovation solutions that will give you an outstanding return on investment, contact the award-winning home remodelers at Classic Home Improvements!


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