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San Diego Room Addition

San Diego and Temecula homeowners often reach out to Classic Home Improvements because they want to expand their living space.  Either they have adult senior family members moving in, have had more children than the home can handle but don’t want to move, or in this client’s case – they now have a situation where they can work from home and they need a quiet space to do so.  Sometimes we are brought out to homes that need a larger kitchen (so many homes in San Diego have teeny tiny kitchens that need to be expanded).  No matter what your reason is for needing a San Diego room addition, we are happy to consult with you on your project!

One of the first questions we are generally asked is – can you meet with us before we have any plans?   Yes, we can absolutely meet with you prior to having plans drawn for your room addition.  In fact, we prefer it!  As a design build contractor, we have the in-house ability to prepare your drawings so there is no need to meet with an architect separately from us.  However if you have already met with an architect and already have plans designed – we are more than happy to provide you with a “build only” estimate.

When you want to reach out to a home addition builder it is important to know what their capabilities are because not all builders have the ability to coordinate preparing architectural plans.  They would prefer you meet with an architect first and then contact them for an estimate.  We believe it is best if you contact a design build contractor because then you have one firm completing the entire project for you from start to finish.  It is not well known, but architects are not truly trained on building costs.  So they may design your perfect room addition without any consideration into the cost of building the room addition.  When you meet with design builder they take your budget in consideration when designing your room addition.  Many times a room addition – especially a second floor home addition – will require almost a whole house remodel!  This is because you will need to create a way to make it up to the second floor – by building stairs – which will alter your downstairs home layout.

This second floor San Diego room addition was built so the homeowners would have a space to work from home.  The original 1920’s home did not have enough space for a home office on the first floor so the only option was to create a second floor addition.  Located near Northpark San Diego there were some extra considerations that needed to be made in relationship to parking and material deliveries for the project.  When you meet with a design consultant, they will walk you through all the extra nuances your project may have.  Many homes in San Diego have to go through a few extra permitting review processes – especially if you are located in a historical neighborhood, near the beach, or near the airport.  Additionally if you in a high risk fire zone there may be more review processes by the city before you can get your permit to build.  Regardless of where your home is located in San Diego or Temecula, our consultants are trained to provide you with expert knowledge about what needs to take place before you build your room addition and we will be frank with you when it comes to the pros and cons of building a room addition.

Working with Classic Home Improvements you can be sure we will assist you through the entire process of your second floor room addition!  Check out the photos below of the beautiful new space!


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Pros and Cons to Building a Room Addition

Room additions in San Diego have been extremely popular over the last 12 months.  We get phone calls literally every day from homeowners asking questions about estimates and process of building a home addition.  So many calls in fact, that we felt it necessary to share with you some pros and cons of adding a room to your home.

The CONS of Building a Room Addition in San Diego

Time Frame:  Make no mistake about it, building an addition on your home is a long process.  From design to permit to actually building the added space, you will be married to the project home addition for months on end.

Room additions are messy:  If you are living in the home while building a room addition, the process of construction will test your nerves.  Room addition building is lengthy, noisy, and extremely messy.

So many decisions:  There are hundreds of decisions you will have to make.  You will need to have time to dedicate to making each decision because they can not be made on your behalf.  One of your first decisions is whether to hire an architect or a design build firm.

Bedroom with Bathroom Home Addition - San Diego Home Additions

The PROs of Building a Room Addition in San Diego

Saves you a ton of money:  Adding a room to your house is significantly less expensive than buying a new house that includes that extra bedroom or extra bathroom that you need to accommodate a growing family.

Familiarity:  You get to stay in the home you already love.  There is no need to find new neighbors, new grocery stores, place of worship, or schools for your children.

Return on Investment:  Maybe you are not looking to move now, but you may want to move in the future.  If you are adding a second floor addition you may find when you age that you want to move into a single floor home.  Regardless of what you build, you will get your money’s worth in the future if you decide to sell because you have added square footage on to the property.

When you are ready to start discussing the next steps to building your room addition, call Classic Home Improvements at 858-224-7373 to schedule a free in-home consultation!

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Where to Have a Bathroom Addition in Your Home

Bathroom additions are among the most popular home renovations in Escondido and all over California. It’s no wonder really, especially if you know that an additional bathroom can boost the resale value of your house. What’s more, when eventually selling the house, you can expect to get a 50% return on the money you invested in the bathroom addition!

The main question that determines the scope of this particular room addition project, its cost and how much it will take to complete is this:

Where to add the new bathroom?

Clearly, a bathroom cannot be added just about anywhere in your home, but there are many more options than you think. Before you start exploring them, however, consider two vitally important things:

  1. Plumbing – ideally, your new bathroom will be near the main drain, water and waste lines, so that proper waste disposal and water drainage are ensured, and that you have a solid supply of both hot and cold water. In that way, you’ll avoid large-scale plumbing work, drilling through walls or cutting through concrete slabs in order to install new pipes.
  2. Ventilation – in case the space you chose for your bathroom addition doesn’t already have a ventilation system or at least a window, you should install a ducted fan or – if you decide to put the extra bathroom in the attic area – a skylight window. Proper ventilation is a must, not just because of the smell, but also because of the mold that is bound to develop in such a moist environment.

Those in mind, check out some of the places in your house that are perfect for an extra bathroom.

Extra Bathroom as a Bedroom Addition

An Extra Bathroom - Room Addition Escondido CADepending on the size of your bedroom, you can add a bathroom with the bathtub or simply a walk-in shower. Even if you have only 30 sq feet of space to turn into a bathroom, you can still install a toilet and a pedestal, freestanding or corner sink. There are plenty of options for remodeling small bathrooms; what you need to think about is functionality.

Walk-in Closet

A spacious linen closet is an excellent choice for an additional bathroom. And what about storage space? Many homeowners worry about the lack of storage space they might face if they transform the linen closet into an extra bathroom. But there’s no need to worry! With the installation of space-saving floating vanities, you can store all the linens neatly – in your new bathroom!

Low-Ceiling Areas

There are always those places in our homes that simply seem to be good for nothing and it’s usually because the ceiling is too low. They are usually located under eaves, so if you want to make such a space into a bathroom with a shower, make sure there’s enough headroom – six feet six would be more than enough.


Small Bathroom - Room Addition Escondido CAHave you noticed that space at the end of a hallway, just being there, unused? Well, guess what – it is a great place for a small yet practical bathroom. Of course, it can’t host a bathtub, but a shower will do just fine. What’s amazing about these areas is that they usually incorporate a window, so you won’t have to worry about ventilation.

Under the Stairs

If you already have enough closets, then the space under the staircase is free to serve a practical purpose. There may not be enough room for a shower (although, you never know!), but a smart toilet and a sink should sit comfortably.


Although some people dislike the idea of having their clean laundry anywhere near the toilet, the point is this – if you need a bathroom addition to improve the functionality of your home and there is no other way to do it, go for it.


Small Bathroom with a Shower - Room Addition Escondido CAAlthough not the most attractive option, it’s not unheard of. The problem here is that basements usually sit on slabs, so there will be some concrete breaking involved to insure proper drainage and connection to the sewage. The breaking of a concrete slab may weaken the house’s foundation, and slab leaks might also occur. Still, with the right contractor, it’s possible.

Bump-Out Addition

This type of room addition is typical for small homes, where there is simply not enough space within the house. Some homeowners think that a bump-out room addition will cost more because of additional plumbing, but that’s not necessarily the case. In most cases, plumbing work is necessary wherever you decide to put an additional bathroom (unless you decide to split a large bathroom in two smaller ones, but maybe even then). It’s important you hire a skillful contractor to look at the blueprint of your home, identify the drain and sewer lines and provide you with viable options and attractive designs.

Classic Home Improvements can offer expert advice on room addition services. We are a licensed, experienced and innovative room addition contractor in Escondido. Blending creativity with practicality, we can design and build an additional bathroom for your home so that it improves the functionality of the place and contributes to its overall appeal. Contact us today for a free quote!

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How much does it cost to build an addition?

How much does it cost to build an addition and what do you need to consider when pondering building an addition?  Homeowners in San Diego seem to be electing to stay in their home and expand by adding a room addition rather than move.  The market changes frequently and we do not know how long this trend will stick around, but for right now the “thing to do” seems to be building an addition.  Here are some tips for what you need to consider when trying to determine how much it will cost to build an addition.

Decide if you want a first floor or second floor addition

First, there are more than a dozen options for building an addition so the first question should not be how much does an addition cost, but what type of room addition do you want to build?  Let’s talk about first floor versus second floor.  If you want to save money, add on to your first floor. A second story home addition is going to cost you significantly more money and it will take much longer to complete.  We recently submitted a second story addition to the City of San Diego for permits and let me tell you – there are things you haven’t even considered which could cause a delay in permits for a second story addition.  Live near an airport?  The FAA may need to review your building plan.  Live near the coast?  Expect the city to take extra time to review that one too; your neighbors won’t want you disrupting their view.

How will your home addition affect other parts of the house

Next,  will you be remodeling other parts of the home as well?  Many home additions end up with alterations to the rest of the house as well.  We recently completed a home addition which included expanding two bedrooms and adding a bathroom while relocating the laundry room. That is a much different home addition than adding an office or expanding a kitchen.

Decide if you are going to add a bathroom or laundry area

Small Bathroom - Room Addition Contractors San DiegoWill you be adding a bathroom?  The cost to build an addition with a bathroom will fluctuate based on what you include.  For example:  will you have two sinks or one, will you add a bidet?  Will you have a free standing tub or a large shower?  The type of fixtures and finishes you select can significantly sway the pricing for the addition as well.  Laminate flooring is not very popular anymore, but is much less expensive than tile or hardwood.  Wallpaper, which is coming back in style, is more expensive than painting.  One item at a time the price may not fluctuate by more than a couple thousand dollars, but if you are on a tight budget, each item adds up quickly.

Decide how elaborate of a space you want

Are you considering the cost to build an addition for vehicle storage?  Well, you can have an attached garage or detached.  You may want to have the garage finished or completely decked out “man-cave” style.  Some homeowners, like a customer we had in Escondido, who want a garage but do not fully enclose it.  Another San Diego resident had us add a laundry room in their attached garage addition.  An unfinished floor versus epoxy coating can be a swing of a few thousand dollars.  Adding shelving versus not adding any shelves can be a swing of $1,000 up to $10,000.

Decide how big your addition will be

Additionally, no matter what type of addition you build, the cost to build an addition will largely be determined by the size of the new space.   A lot of homeowners will ask for a price per square foot so they can try to do the math to figure out how much it will cost to build their addition.  This is a flawed way to figure out a price for a remodel and not something a contractor should do sight-unseen.

So how much will it cost to build an addition?

I still have not answered the question, how much does it cost to build an addition, have I?  I am hoping that if you read everything that was written above that you have realized by now that a contractor could not possibly tell you what an average addition costs without having much more detail about what you are trying to accomplish.  The best possible way you can get an estimate is to speak with a home addition builder directly to determine what price ranges you would be looking at for your addition project.  If you are looking to speak with room addition contractors in San Diego, call us at 858-224-7373!


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