Shower Head Options For Your Remodel

Тhе Dіffеrеnt Κinds оf Showеr Нeads аnd Thеіr Advantаges

Thе shower hеаd is thе indisрensablе еlemеnt that comрlеmеnts your bаthrооm fittings: it diffusеs thе wаtеr іn your shower оr bаth through thе hosе. But it has alsо become а dеsіgn obјect with multiрlе funсtіonаlіtіеs. Ѕo its choісе іs important for your соmfоrt оn a daіly basіs.

Therе are two tуреs оf showerhеаds; fixеd and hаndheld. Fіхed showеrhеаds іnclude rаin-shower sliding bar sуstems, basісаllу, anything that саn’t be removed from thе wall or ceilіng. Нandhеld systems аre rеmovаble from their wall mоunting. Тhey pеrform wеll for bathing and оffer thе benеfіts оf wаshing реt’s аnd kids, аnd they make clеаnіng thе shower much еаsіеr.  Рriсеs varу widеly, аnd if уou’rе looking for сost sаvings, there arе рlеntу of soрhіstіcated, stуlish аnd affordable oрtіons available when shоpрing for bаthroom fixtures. Сonsider using faucet mаnufасturers Delta or Danzе for your shower heads,  but bе certain to соntaсt your bathroom сontrаctоr оr bathroom dеsigner for guіdanсe. Everу mаnufaсturer sells linеs that prоvіdе value as wеll as “cоnstructiоn grade” linеs that leаvе much to bе dеsіrеd.

Standаrd Wall Mount – Wаll mounts can rаnge from simple dеsіgns tо elabоrаte modеls fеаturіng adјustаble аngles, multірlе sрray modеs, and even sеlf-сlеаnіng tеchnоlоgу.

Tоp Моunted Fіхtures – Іf you lоve fеelіng like you’re shоwering in thе rainfоrest, а tор mount fixture is for уou. А tор mount іs either fiхed to the сеiling оr cаn bе mounted оn аn ехtensіоn аrm allоwing for adјustments.

Ѕlіdіng Bаr Ѕystems – Тhеsе cаn be аdјustеd up and down for each usеr. It’s а grеаt oрtіоn if you have a fаmіlу, іts available both in fiхеd and removable versions, аnd еnsures the pеrfeсt shоwеr ехperiencе for every family membеr!

Наndhеld – Rеmovablе from іts mountіng handhеld showеrs arе idеal for bаthіng but thеy’re аlsо useful for other aррlicаtіons lіke washing thе dog, оr thе kids! If yоu’re unsure оf what you want, handhеlds сome both as tradіtiоnal bаthrооm fixtures аnd cоmbinаtion fiхеd heаd/handheld hуbrids.

Showеr Pаnеl Ѕуstеms

Оne of thе hottеst bathrооm rеnovatіon trеnds right now is tо install a Showеr Ѕystem as оppоsed tо а bаsic shоwer. A showеr sуstem consіsts of some vаlvеs, showеrheаds, hand showers; bodу sрrаys wаter outlеts and volume соntrоls. Тhink оf it as a stаnd-up Јacuzzi without being under water! Сomрonеnts cаn vаry, аnd you сan customіze which јets аrе used. Мanу have hаndheld digital contrоls and саn even іncludе mоod lighting аnd musіс sуstеms.

Panels are сustоmіzаble аnd cоmе prе-confіgurеd, or you can desіgn your own specifying thе numbеr аnd рlасеment оf spіgоts (overhеаd, chest level, kneе high, еtс.) as wеll as thе spray оptіons. Nоte that hоmes that іnstаll a showеr systеm tend tо use more hоt wаter which cаn rаise your еnеrgу соsts and often requirе sресіаlized plumbing which cаn аdd to the сost. Retrоfіt oрtions аrе avаilаblе, but you should always sееk the аdviсe of a design рrоfessionаl, соnsider thе buіldіng сodes in your region and pay closе attеntіon if you get wаter from a privаtе wеll. Thеsе systems аrе a luхury but if your well runs drу in the summеr through eхcеssіve wаter use you may have а different opiniоn on thе value оf this tуpe of shower. Іn Califоrnia, as аn еxаmрlе, low flоw shоwеrs arе mandatоrу. Multiрle shower hеаd and raіn shоwer sуstems саnnоt bе used, аnd retailеrs wіll not shiр these sуstems into the state.

Тop Ѕhоwer heаd Choіcеs

Ѕhоwerheаds comе in a vаriety of stуlеs, mаtеrіals, and finishes tо fіt any déсоr. Нerе are thе currеnt tор five stуles оf bаthrооm fiхtures used today.

dark shower head i a modern shower

  1. Classic – Аntique or сlassіc fixturеs likе old style brass fіxturеs оr оrnаte designs can аdd a rustіс fееl to your bathroоm. Мiхіng chrоmе and роrсelain fіхtures саn providе visuаl contrаst. Combinіng fіnіshеs іs especially bеаutіful in оldеr hоmеs where you аrе goіng for a vintаgе stуlе that reflects thе era in which the hоuse was built.
  2. Raіnfall Ѕhоwеrheads – Named for the еxреriеnсе it рrоvides, а rаinfаll heаd has а large surfаce аreа with many рerfоratіons. Rainfаll hеаds allоw а largе quаntity оf wаtеr to rаin down without a lot of water рressurе. Combіning а rаinfall hеаd with other fixturеs cаn рrovіdе a luхurious sрa-lіke ехpеrienсe.
  3. Shоwеr Рanels – As dеsсribed abоve, shower раnеls сombіnе several јеts dіstrіbuting wаter throughout thе showеr. Тhе rеsult іs аn all-over bathіng еxperіеnсе thanks tо mоdеrn technоlоgу.
  4. Мultіfunction Нeаds – Multifunctiоn showеrheads оffer a сustomіzed bаthing ехрerіеnce. Tурісаlly hаndheld with adјustable watеr streams you can сhoоse from multіple settіng likе рulsаting massаge, or low-flоw prеssurе. Реrfect for fаmіlіes, they саn prоvide a gеntle strеаm for kids аnd а high-prеssurе flоw for аdults.
  5. Наndhеld – As we agе, shоwering саn get dіffiсult. Hаndheld showerheads detaсh from thе wall so thе nozzle can еasily reасh еvеrуwhеre. Наndheld shоwers are them іdеаl for peорle with іnјuriеs оr older рeople with conditіоns like аrthrіtіs.


Тоdау, you have а rangе of оptions available at every рriсе роіnt tо turn your bаthroom into a luхurious рlасе to relаx and rеjuvenаtе. Ѕtаrt by dеcіding which features аrе worth the ехрensе аnd speаk with your dеsignеr оr cоntraсtоr. Thеy саn show сhoісеs, and оffеr advіcе on the cоsts for various оptiоns. With the world becoming more compliсаted аnd stressful every dау, wouldn’t it bе great to have an oasіs for relахatіоn?

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3 Incredible Bathtub Designs for Your Next Bathroom Remodel

Did you know that the very first bathtub was discovered on the Isle of Crete in Europe? That bathtub dates way back to 1700 B.C. What’s even more remarkable is that the design and the plumbing used for this ancient bathtub are very similar to bathtubs used in most modern homes. Even though the basic principles are the same, bathtubs have inarguably evolved since then, both in design and function.

People have been using bathtubs for different purposes since then. Not too long ago bathtubs were only used to give infants and little children a bath, while adults preferred quick showers. However, contemporary bathrooms are changing that. The bathtub is a centerpiece of the bathroom in most modern designs.

Since bathrooms are now frequently used as personal getaways inside your own home, bathtubs are being designed with that in mind. Therefore, the most important features of a modern bathtub are size and comfort.

Today’s bathtub market is teeming with fantastic designs built to meet homeowners’ preferences, bathroom sizes and bathroom remodeling budgets. Below are some of the most luxurious and comfortable bathtub designs for your future bathroom remodeling project.

Soaking Bathtub

What sets a soaking bathtub apart from a traditional one is its large capacity. It was designed to allow a person to sink deep and enjoy a long, soaking bath. Since the focus of these bathtubs is the depth, not length they are more compact than other luxurious bathtub designs. The design also ensures that no water can spill over and make a mess you would have to clean.

Even though it’s compact, it still takes up a lot more space than a regular bathtub and might not fit into any bathroom. Furthermore, if you prefer showers to baths it might not be the most practical choice for you.

Woman Sitting By a Bathtub - Bathroom Remodel Escondido

Corner bathtub

The corner bathtub can help free up a lot of central space as it seamlessly fits into the corner of your bathroom. With all the visual appeal of a Jacuzzi, a corner bathtub is significantly more compact and can even be incorporated into an average-sized bathroom design.

The corner bathtub owes its rise to popularity to its wide price range and supreme comfort. With it, any bath will feel like a refreshing home spa experience. It is also visually appealing and comes in a variety of designs which makes it perfect for any bathroom style.

The only downside of a corner bathtub is that it’s difficult to maintain. You will have to reach for the corner parts to clean it and will have to frequently clean the surrounding junctions and walls as well. That’s why you should consider surrounding the walls around the bathtub with titles, as they are a lot easier to clean.

Corner Bathtub - Bathroom Remodel in Escondido

Plate bathtub

You’ve probably never seen a bathtub quite like a plate bathtub. What might look like a giant fruit bowl is actually a very comfortable tub that will give your bathroom an elegant edge. It features a flat bottom, a wide bed and elevated corners. Due to its design, you can enjoy both a long bath and a quick shower, whichever you prefer.

The downside of a plate bathtub is that it is a central piece that occupies a lot of space, which might be a bad choice for a small bathroom.

Plate Tub - Bathroom Remodel Escondido

Bathroom Remodel in Escondido

If you are looking for a licensed design-build contractor to handle your bathroom remodel in Escondido, look no further than Classic Home Improvements. Our design experts can help you pick out the perfect bathtub for an ultimate home spa experience. Contact us for a free consultation at (858) 224-7373.

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Here’s How Bathroom Remodeling Helps Increase Home Value

Homeowners may choose to remodel their bathroom for a variety of reasons. Most often, homeowners find their bathroom lacks space, needs more storage or they simply want to give their outdated bathroom a complete makeover. However, remodeling a bathroom in order to increase your home value is among the main reasons our clients contact us.

But how much can a new bathroom add to your home’s value? You’d be surprised!

Why Remodel?

Selling your home can be difficult as it is. But imagine if you were selling a house with an outdated bathroom. Not only does an aged bathroom lack many indispensable, modern bathroom functions, it can be very unsightly depending on how dated they are. Having a new bathroom with all the modern functions and aesthetic appeal can easily attract customers. After all, the kitchen and the bathroom are what many buyers form their opinion on first.

Luxurious Bathroom Remodel - Bahtroom Remodeling in Escondido

Updating Your Old Bathroom

The easiest way to significantly boost the value of your home is by updating your outdated bathroom. Experts can easily adapt your existing space and deliver a bathroom nothing like the old. When planning a bathroom remodel, consider anything that needs fixing first. Any damaged areas or leaky pipes should take the highest priority when planning the project.

If you need to fix the plumbing and the wiring, the remodeling project may be slightly more expensive. As you know, electrical and plumbing issues significantly decrease your home’s value. Therefore, solving them will pay off once you seal the deal.

Next, determine whether your bathroom might benefit from a room addition if you think it might be too narrow. Skilled homeowners can take care of small adjustments, while you should leave big additions to experienced contractors. You can even make some bathrooms look bigger using simple design tricks that don’t involve tearing down any walls.

Adding new tiles, exciting features like floating vanities and better lighting will result in higher ROI than any other elements. Remember, your bathroom has to be visually appealing and functional at the same time. If you want to go one step further, some of the most luxurious bathroom features that are guaranteed to sway buyers are floor heating, double sinks, steam showers or a Jacuzzi.

When choosing the color of the reworked bathroom, the best choice is probably neutral tones, as not all potential buyers are open to experimentation and unorthodox colors. Try to keep the design of the bathroom in sync with the rest of your home, and look into design trends that age well.

Bathroom Additions and Bathroom Remodeling in Escondido

If you think your home needs an additional bathroom to suit larger families, such a project might be slightly more complicated. You will definitely need to bring in an expert contractor to help, but adding a new bathroom will add more value to your home than a remodel ever could.

Classic Home Improvements is a licensed general contractor serving Escondido, Rancho Bernardo and the rest of the San Diego County. For a free estimate of your bathroom addition project feel free to contact us at (858) 224-7373 or through our website form.

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Floating Vanities Will Not Leave You Hanging!

Floating vanities or wall-mounted vanities have been around for quite some time. You could spot them in luxurious hotels, fancy restaurants and other high-end or industrial places. However, in the last couple of years floating vanities became a huge bathroom remodeling trend and favored by residential designers as well.

But if the vanities have been around for quite some time, how come that only in the last couple of years they became such a hot asset to any bathroom remodel in Rancho Bernardo and the surrounding area?

In this article, we are going to explain just that and present you with a couple of interesting bathroom designs involving floating vanities.

Floating Vanity Side View Bathroom - Remodel Rancho Bernardo

The Talk of the Town

Just like with any trend, floating vanities snowballed into the bathroom remodeling scene as more and more homeowners were drawn to their appeal. What makes bathroom vanities so unique is their futuristic, yet elegant look. They combine the best of traditional, contemporary and futuristic design schools and can be easily blended into any type and style of bathroom.

Design Variation

The fact that these vanities are wall-mounted makes them highly customizable. You can choose how high or apart from other elements you want them to set them, where you can place them etc. Because they don’t need a flat surface below them you can play around with the design.

For example, you could place a small floating cabinet above a standard-sized floating vanity. You could also play with lighting and add LED lamps under the vanities for an elegant, futuristic feel. The designer’s imagination is the only limit.

Light and Durable

Generally speaking, floating vanities are much easier to move as they are lighter than traditional vanities. While installation could prove to be a challenge, it’s nothing an experienced contractor can’t handle easily. But as far as moving them goes, they are extremely light and easy to move around. This can be invaluable if you are remodeling your bathroom.

However, don’t let this fool you. They may be light, but they are extremely durable and can last much longer than your typical bathroom vanities. They are built to resist humidity and are bound to remain trendy for a while.

Space Friendly

Another great advantage floating vanities have over traditional ones is that they take up significantly less space. This could come in handy if you want to make your bathroom look bigger or simply free up some space and organize your bathroom better.

Floating Vanity Frontal View - Bathroom Remodel Rancho Bernardo

Design Ideas

Depending on the size of your bathroom, these vanities can be used to free up space or purposely take up more of it. Wall to wall vanities are great for spacious bathrooms. Another great design idea for a spacious bathroom is a pair of separate floating vanities, especially paired up with horizontal shower tiles and glass sinks.

On the other hand, small bathrooms can benefit from floating vanities as they can help free up visual space. These vanities can fit practically anywhere, for example between a wall and another element, like the shower.

Since they can be tucked away in these tight places, they can feel almost like an integral part of the room, especially if you choose to go in tone with the rest of the bathroom.

Consider Floating Vanities for Your Bathroom Remodel in Rancho Bernardo

Classic Home Improvements is a licensed, full-service contractor serving Rancho Bernardo, San Marcos, Carmel Valley and the rest of San Diego County. We can help you completely transform your bathroom and give it a new life, following both current and timeless remodeling ideas. If you want to remodel your bathroom and are looking for a way to integrate wall-mounted vanities into the new design, contact us for a free quote at (858) 224-7373.

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How to Plan Your Modern Bathroom Remodel on a Budget?

Any remodeling project can quickly get out of hand and go over the budget you’ve planned out. This is especially true for bathroom remodeling. Homeowners looking for affordable but quality bathroom remodeling in Rancho Bernardo can still hope for an end result they imagined if they develop a plan and hire the right company to execute it. In this article we are going to list the top 10 ideas on how to plan a modern bathroom remodeling project that can fit anyone’s budget.

Look for Inspiration

Experienced designers can come up with a breathtaking bathroom design without breaking a sweat. However, most homeowners don’t have the necessary skills to develop a complete bathroom design from scratch. This is why it’s vital for any homeowner to find an inspiration for their remodeling project.

Thanks to the internet, looking for inspiration has never been easier. Look through Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook groups and design blogs and you are bound to find the design that you like and one that can be easily adapted for your bathroom. Save the links or images of the designs you like so you can show them to a designer.

Modern Bathroom Idea - Bathroom Remodeling Rancho Bernardo

Set a Budget and Goals

No matter if the remodeling project you had planned out is big or small, always be sure to set a budget in order to keep the costs from getting out of hand and prioritize the most vital additions. If your shower or your toilet need to be replaced or if your plumbing hasn’t been changed in a while plan out your goals accordingly.

Plan Your Project

When you have a clear picture of how much you can set aside for the bathroom remodeling project, it’s time to start planning everything out. Look at your current bathroom layout and see if you can fit the planned changes in. Relocating a feature like the bathtub will require additional plumbing costs, which can quickly break your budget.


After the planning phase you will need to analyze each of the features and see if they absolutely need to be a part of your remodeling project. These features include sinks, vanities, showers and similar items. In order to stay within your budget limits you’ll need to prioritize and make some sacrifices. If any of the features are still working properly, perhaps you should shift your focus to those that need to be replaced right now.


After the analysis, if a complete bathroom remodeling is out of question you will have a clear picture of what features you need to change in order to achieve a modern look for your bathroom. Features like lighting, faucets and accessories can really change the look and feel of your bathroom. Even something as simple as a new paint job can make your bathroom look brand new.

Likewise, if your budget can afford it don’t be afraid to add a luxury update to your remodeling project. Some of the more costly additions include replacing the bathtub, shower and the vanity.

Remodel Over Time

If the adjustments you are making don’t include major changes like adjustments to your floor plan, you could spread the project over a couple of months or years. Start with the features that need changing the most and add others that will compliment them later when your finances allow it. For many homeowners this is the only way to get their ideal bathroom and still stay within their budget limits.

Choose a Reliable Partner for Your Bathroom Remodeling in Rancho Bernardo

If you are planning a big bathroom remodeling project in San Diego, it’s important to have a reliable contractor help design and build your dream bathroom. If you need a free estimate or if you want to schedule a consultation, don’t hesitate to contact Classic Home Improvements at (858) 224-7373.

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Rustic Modern Bathroom Ideas

Rustic modern bathroom designs (and transitional bathroom designs) are quite popular bathroom remodel styles selected by homeowners in San Diego.  So today we are going to feature a bathroom we built for a client in San Diego a little earlier this year (October 2016).  This homeowner, in our opinion, had a beautiful original bathroom.  However, she wanted to make use of some wasted space.  She had a soaker tub, but really wanted a jetted tub.  Additionally, she simply wanted to make the space a different design style to match the rest of her home.

In the “before” image above you can see a “make-up” counter which the homeowner felt was wasted space.  Additionallly, next to the soaker tub (which was awkwardly placed) there was an additional vanity.  To create more useable space, our client had us remove the “make-up counter”.  Removing that area combined with eliminating the soaker tub allowed us to install a jetted tub against the wall which opened up the bathroom space tremendously.

Fortunately we still had enough space to keep the second vanity in her bathroom.  To brighten up her space we removed the dark window covering and installed simple blinds.  The lighting above the mirrors was replaced with “lighted mirrors” and we added a beautiful chandelier.  The rustic stacked stone backsplash behind the vanities added to the rustic modern theme of the bathroom.  The pebblestone tile under the sleek jetted tub completed the look!

Our client took advantage of the remodel to add a modern niche with a glass insert into her newly tiled shower.  She also had us install a pebbled tile floor to compliment the pebbled tile flooring which was installed under her new jetted tub.  The shower was a perfect compliment to the rest of the bathroom remodel.

The difference in the before and after of this alcove are subtle but make a huge impact in the newly designed bathroom space.  Our client added a drawer in her new cabinet as well as a countertop which matched the rest of the vanities.  For a final touch, we installed floating vanities so she could add some simple accents to the space.

Rustic Modern Bathroom Ideas

Clients sometimes want to know what is appropriate for a specific design.  The truth is, you can create any space that you want.  Do not feel obligated to stay to a certain “design” because an eclectic design for your bathroom is also acceptable.  You are designing your bathroom for your personal comfort first and foremost.

If you are wondering how to pull together a rustic modern bathroom, we suggest using natural materials and colors that are found in nature for the rustic part of the design.  That is why this bathroom incorporates stone in behind the vanities.  The pebble tile reflects pebbles you would find in nature.  For this particular bathroom the smooth modern jetted tub, chandelier,  and the faucets reflect a modern design.

If you would like to speak with a designer to see what can be accomplished within your bathroom space, we are happy to provide you with a free in-home consultation to create your modern rustic bathroom (or any other design you may desire!).  We are available to come to your home Monday through Friday from 9am – 6pm and Saturdays from 9am – 2pm.  Just give us a call at 858-224-7373!

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Now Complete – Transitional Bathroom Remodel – San Diego

If you are looking for inspiration for a Transitional bathroom remodel in San Diego, here is a great sample of some work we completed in the Fall of 2016.  Transitional bathrooms combine the best of two worlds design-wise.  As shown in this transitional bathroom, there are features of contemporary (otherwise known as “modern”) design as well as some more traditional design aspects.

This home, built in 1989, originally featured a soaker tub with a separated shower.  The homeowners wanted to keep both these features but lose the tile, which was very popular in the 80’s.  To keep in line with the modern feel of the bathroom, we installed a frameless shower door for the shower.  Our clients kept safety and comfort in mind when they selected a thermostatic hand held shower by Hansgrohe and installed a grab bar next to the shower seat.

Our clients were also looking to make some cabinetry changes in their home.  They no longer felt it was necessary to have a “make-up” space and wanted to add more storage space in the bathroom.  This is a common request in San Diego bathroom remodels, actually.  To create more space for them, we customized the bathroom by adding stacked cabinets on the countertop.  This change allowed us to add dual mirrors, which is also a popular modern bathroom feature.  This bathroom features Starmark Cabinetry’s Cosmopolitan doors in a white (“Dove”) finish.

You are not going to find tile countertops in a modern or transitional bathroom so we took those out as well.  The countertops were replaced with a sleek-looking quartz.  We complimented the countertops with the installation of a Mirabelle undermount lavatory.  The installation of the shutters completed this classic look.

As you can see in the above “before and after” of the recently completed master bathroom, we had a narrow space to work with. The clean lines and comfortable style used in this space makes this bathroom much more inviting and open-feeling.

Transitional Bathroom Remodel Trends

Many bathroom remodels are created in a transitional design.  Preparing a bath space that is both traditional and contemporary is easier than you may think.  Mid-century modern cabinetry is a great way to start your design.  Avoid overly bold colors.  Do not use over-stimulating ornamentation.   When designing your space think calm, classic, and simple.

Transitional spaces, such as the bathroom space above, commonly use tan, beige, white, or light grey colors.  These colors create a calming atmosphere but we encourage clients to add a pop of color when accessorizing the space.

Call Classic Home Improvements today to discuss your upcoming bathroom remodel and current trends.  Consultations are free and in the comfort of your own home!

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Top 10 Reasons Why Clients Remodel Their Bathrooms

Bathroom remodeling seems to be the hot thing to do in San Marcos CA!  We get calls daily from homeowners asking for design consultations because they are ready to renew their bathroom space.  We start off our consultations asking what the client wants to accomplish so we can determine how to design the new bathroom. Here are the top 10 reasons why clients in San Marcos remodel their bathrooms.

They need more cabinet space

Many customers find that the older San Marcos homes have very little cabinet space.  Some of our clients have us build towers which are stacked on top of the counter top.  Other homeowners re-design their space so they can add additional cabinet boxes into the bathroom.

They need more counter top space

Some master bathrooms built in San Marcos simply do not have much counter top space.  If the bathroom area is large enough, the addition of cabinetry will allow for more countertop space. However, some San Marcos bathrooms are tiny so your designer may get creative to create the illusion of more space.

They have dated tile with nasty looking grout

More than a few homeowners reach out to us because their home is 20 years old and the grout has become discolored. We have been in many bathrooms which have pink or baby blue tile that they want removed.

The bathroom has a weird layout with wasted space

It seems that many homes in San Marcos which were built in the 90’s and early 2000’s had a ton of wasted space.  Many clients have us re-design the space so they can build a larger shower or add more cabinetry.

They no longer use their bathtub and want a larger shower

This is probably the most popular reason why San Marcos clients reach out to us to design a new bathroom.  Folks simply do not take baths as frequently as they once did and the bathtub is considered wasted space so they have us remove the tub to enlarge the shower.

They need a bathtub to bathe children

New families sometimes reach out to us because they are expecting a baby or because they have a young child that needs a safe bathtub in the home.  Some San Marcos homes are built with a large roman tub in the master bathroom and a shower in the hall bathroom which leaves no small tub solution for toddlers.

They are aging and want a safe bathroom space

Baby boomers in San Marcos have been reaching out to us more frequently because they want to stay in their home into their old age and they understand safety in the bathroom is important.  Another popular reason why San Marcos homeowners call us is because their parents are moving in with them and need to have the space prepared for them to be safe and comfortable when bathing.

They had a flood

One of the more unfortunate reasons why homeowners need to remodel their bathroom is because they have had a flood.  Unfortunately we do not offer restoration services, but many times homeowners will take the opportunity to update their space since they have to renovate it anyway.

They are trying to sell their home

Another reason why clients update their bathroom is because they are trying to sell the home. A bathroom remodel increases the value of the home.

Their bathroom is dated and they want something more modern

Sometimes clients just want to have a more modern bathroom space.  Nothing is broken, nothing is wrong, its just old and they want to treat themselves to a nicer bathroom.

Rustic Modern Bathroom - Bathroom Remodeling San Marcos CA

If you relate to any of the above then maybe it is time for you to remodel your bathroom!  When you are ready to discuss a new design for your space, give us a call at 858-224-7373!


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Where to Have a Bathroom Addition in Your Home

Bathroom additions are among the most popular home renovations in Escondido and all over California. It’s no wonder really, especially if you know that an additional bathroom can boost the resale value of your house. What’s more, when eventually selling the house, you can expect to get a 50% return on the money you invested in the bathroom addition!

The main question that determines the scope of this particular room addition project, its cost and how much it will take to complete is this:

Where to add the new bathroom?

Clearly, a bathroom cannot be added just about anywhere in your home, but there are many more options than you think. Before you start exploring them, however, consider two vitally important things:

  1. Plumbing – ideally, your new bathroom will be near the main drain, water and waste lines, so that proper waste disposal and water drainage are ensured, and that you have a solid supply of both hot and cold water. In that way, you’ll avoid large-scale plumbing work, drilling through walls or cutting through concrete slabs in order to install new pipes.
  2. Ventilation – in case the space you chose for your bathroom addition doesn’t already have a ventilation system or at least a window, you should install a ducted fan or – if you decide to put the extra bathroom in the attic area – a skylight window. Proper ventilation is a must, not just because of the smell, but also because of the mold that is bound to develop in such a moist environment.

Those in mind, check out some of the places in your house that are perfect for an extra bathroom.

Extra Bathroom as a Bedroom Addition

An Extra Bathroom - Room Addition Escondido CADepending on the size of your bedroom, you can add a bathroom with the bathtub or simply a walk-in shower. Even if you have only 30 sq feet of space to turn into a bathroom, you can still install a toilet and a pedestal, freestanding or corner sink. There are plenty of options for remodeling small bathrooms; what you need to think about is functionality.

Walk-in Closet

A spacious linen closet is an excellent choice for an additional bathroom. And what about storage space? Many homeowners worry about the lack of storage space they might face if they transform the linen closet into an extra bathroom. But there’s no need to worry! With the installation of space-saving floating vanities, you can store all the linens neatly – in your new bathroom!

Low-Ceiling Areas

There are always those places in our homes that simply seem to be good for nothing and it’s usually because the ceiling is too low. They are usually located under eaves, so if you want to make such a space into a bathroom with a shower, make sure there’s enough headroom – six feet six would be more than enough.


Small Bathroom - Room Addition Escondido CAHave you noticed that space at the end of a hallway, just being there, unused? Well, guess what – it is a great place for a small yet practical bathroom. Of course, it can’t host a bathtub, but a shower will do just fine. What’s amazing about these areas is that they usually incorporate a window, so you won’t have to worry about ventilation.

Under the Stairs

If you already have enough closets, then the space under the staircase is free to serve a practical purpose. There may not be enough room for a shower (although, you never know!), but a smart toilet and a sink should sit comfortably.


Although some people dislike the idea of having their clean laundry anywhere near the toilet, the point is this – if you need a bathroom addition to improve the functionality of your home and there is no other way to do it, go for it.


Small Bathroom with a Shower - Room Addition Escondido CAAlthough not the most attractive option, it’s not unheard of. The problem here is that basements usually sit on slabs, so there will be some concrete breaking involved to insure proper drainage and connection to the sewage. The breaking of a concrete slab may weaken the house’s foundation, and slab leaks might also occur. Still, with the right contractor, it’s possible.

Bump-Out Addition

This type of room addition is typical for small homes, where there is simply not enough space within the house. Some homeowners think that a bump-out room addition will cost more because of additional plumbing, but that’s not necessarily the case. In most cases, plumbing work is necessary wherever you decide to put an additional bathroom (unless you decide to split a large bathroom in two smaller ones, but maybe even then). It’s important you hire a skillful contractor to look at the blueprint of your home, identify the drain and sewer lines and provide you with viable options and attractive designs.

Classic Home Improvements can offer expert advice on room addition services. We are a licensed, experienced and innovative room addition contractor in Escondido. Blending creativity with practicality, we can design and build an additional bathroom for your home so that it improves the functionality of the place and contributes to its overall appeal. Contact us today for a free quote!

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Benefits of Having a Steam Shower

Modern day steam showers came around in 1960s and from there it grew in popularity.  We have not seen as many in recent years but we have noticed recently that they are coming back! So why should you jump on this trend train when remodeling your San Diego bathroom?

Respiratory Relief

There many more reason why you should consider a steam shower besides relaxation.   Steam can provide amazing health benefits!  Steam has been used throughout times for healing, religious ceremonies and most importantly for relaxation.  Steam showers are easier to work than various other steam saunas.  Additionally, steam bathing can benefit your respiratory health by opening your nasal passages to improve your breathing.  If you suffer from asthma-type symptoms, it can help provide temporary relief.

Skin Benefits

There are also skin care benefits that comes with steam showers.  Steam cleanses the skin, opens pores relieves acne, hydrates dry skin, lubricates and rejuvenates your skin. Steam will you feeling like new and your skin will be glowing. Besides looking fantastic and having a glow, steam is also great for holistic health.  Steam bathing removes toxins from your body and increase circulation. Steam can help the body rid itself of sodium and relieve pain and discomfort of arthritis. You can boost metabolism, blood circulation, reinvigorate tired muscles, increase flexibility and even burn 150 calories in a 15-minute steam bathing session.

Mental relief and body fatigue

Chromotheraphy can be added to your steam shower to assist in treating migraines.  Steam showers help with body fatigue, as well.   When planning the construction plan on add a bench or fold out seat.  Lounging seats can be made as well so you can lounge in the steam shower. Control pads are a must because they control everything you your shower. It allows you to set the temperature and the length of your steam session. Adjust the lights or turn the music on.  Add some multicolored light to your steam shower.   Don’t forget ventilation is key. Incorporating airflow with bathroom exhaust fans and its can lessen the time to dry out a steam shower after use.

Steam showers uses less than 2 gallons of water for a 1/2 hour steam bath and it increases equity in your home. Steam showers can be added to an existing shower with a few adjustments. A steam shower is a luxury item it’s expensive make sure you hire an experienced installed. A steam shower that is improperly build can self-destruct in less than three months.





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