Do I need a permit to remodel my bathroom

Homeowners remodeling San Marcos bathrooms frequently ask our team if they need a permit to remodel their bathroom.  We were just asked that question in the last 24 hours, in fact, which is why we decided to prepare this post today.  Ask yourself these questions to determine if you need to obtain a permit to remodel your bathroom.

Bathroom Remodeling Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. Am I moving any walls?
  2. I adding or moving any electrical work?
  3. Am I adding or moving any plumbing work?

If you are not sure if you need to pull a permit, any licensed contractor will know the answer once you start talking about your bathroom remodel project and scope of work.

Obtaining Permits From a Contractor’s Point of View

Permits are a good thing because they ensure your project is being built safely and to code. Even so, there are a few things you need to know about getting bathroom permits from a contractor’s point of view.

  1. The permitting time can be extensive.  In San Diego it can take up to 6 weeks to obtain a bathroom remodel permit.  It does not typically, but it can.  Sometimes you can get an over-the-counter permit if you are just doing a single trade (electrical) permit.
  2. The bathroom remodel project will take longer to complete because we will have to stop for inspections.  It is not a significant amount of time, but the city dictates their schedules, not us.
  3. Permits drive up the cost of your remodel because there are building requirements we can not avoid.
  4. Even though your contractor does not like permits, we know it is a necessary evil and we DO suggest you always pull permits.
  5. Determine who is going to pay for the permit.  Our remodeling team coordinates getting the permits, but the homeowners are responsible for the cost of the permit.  Each remodeling contractor is different though so make sure you clarify that when you select your contractor.

If you are ready to start digging into a bathroom remodel project in San Marcos, give us a call. We can discuss your dream bathroom, your remodeling budget,  scope of work, and help to educate you on the remodel process.


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Understanding the Complexity of Installing a Steam Shower

Steam showers really bring that luxury spa element to your bathroom remodel.  If you are thinking about adding a steam shower in your San Diego bathroom remodel, we suggest the following manufacturers: Mr. Steam. Steamist and Thermasol.  It is important to keep in mind that a steam shower is not like any other bathroom remodel.  Here are a few key details for you to remember.

Luxury Shower - San Diego Bathroom Remodel Contractors

  • When installing a steam shower, you have make sure that the shower is enclosed and insulated. A water-tight shower door and floor drain is vital. Also when looking for shower wall materials, make sure you pick materials that are non-porous.
  •  When taking in steam, the most important thing to consider is to relax and enjoy the steam. That can’t be done without seating. Consider getting a bench made or if you are limited on space, fold-up seats are an option.

Luxury Spa Steam Shower - Bathroom Remodel San Diego

  • Make sure your flooring has anti-skid strips on the steam room floor to prevent slipping. You would hate to fall on a hard surface after relaxing.
  • When lighting up your steam shower make sure you have vapor sealed lighting fixtures for your steam shower. Keeping moisture out of your lights is very important to preventing a short in your circuits.

Steam Shower - Bathroom Remodeling San Diego

  • Make sure your steam shower has no windows if they do they must be double-pane to hold in the steam.
  • Remember that no heating, venting or air conditioning devices should be installed inside your steam room.

Luxury Bathroom - Shower Remodel San Diego

  • Make sure you have enough space to accommodate your new steam shower. The ideal steam shower has a maximum ceiling height of eight feet. If you have a taller space, you will need to consider getting a higher rated steam generator.
  • Steam showers work by the use of generator. The generators produce the steam you enjoy in your shower, but in order to complete your remodel, you need to know where to store this generator. Generators can be installed in a closet, vanity, heated attic or basement and must be up to 60 feet away from the steam room. Plumbing connections should include a water line to the generator to the steam room and a drain line. Your household electric power is required to operate your generation and look for steam generators that are UL Listed.

Custom Shower - Luxury Remodeling San Diego

Steam showers are very complex and not like your basic San Diego bathroom remodel Make sure you find experienced installers to get your steam shower built. With generators and very specific items needed to create this home oasis, it’s best a professional completes this task.  Once your steam shower is completed by a pro, it will be worth every penny and stressful moment during its construction.  Do you want to include a steam shower in your next bathroom remodel?  Call us at 858-224-7373!

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Defining when a contractor can start on your bathroom remodel

The holidays are approaching us fast and we are getting asked daily how long it will take for us start a bathroom remodel in San Marcos CA.  Bathroom remodeling timelines are not really that tricky, but they do depend on more than when the contractor has an opening in their schedule. Are you wondering what the factors are that determine when a remodeling contractor can start on your bathroom project?

Modern Luxury Bathroom - Bathroom Remodel San Marcos CA

Type of bathroom

The type of bathroom you are going to remodel influences the start date.  If you are going to remodel a powder bathroom there are less moving parts than in remodeling a hall bathroom.  Some contractors may be able to get started much quicker.  A hall bathroom which is not going to require a permit will take less time to start than a master bathroom that is going to be completely gutted with a floor plan changes.

Permitted versus non-permitted

A bathroom remodel in San Marcos CA (or any other San Diego or Temecula project) which is going to be permitted will take longer to get started than a project that is not going to be permitted.  The reason is because of the extra steps that have to take place to get the project prepared for a permit to be submitted.  Then the permit process itself takes anywhere from 4-6 weeks (or longer, sometimes, if changes are required).

How decisive you are

How quickly you can select products will also be a factor in deciding when the contractor can start on your project.  The more available you make yourself to go shopping and the more decisive you are in regards to design – the quicker your contractor can get started on your project.  Oh, and if you are in a hurry – make sure you to select products that are readily available!  Selecting a tub that is back-ordered 8 weeks is not going to help your contractor get started on your project quickly.

How busy the remodeling team is

The winter is surprisingly busy for bathroom remodeling companies in San Marcos CA. Homeowners who want to have their permitted bathroom remodeled in time for the holiday parties they have planned are typically building their bathrooms by September (which means they started the process in July or August).  Your remodeling contractor will not want to disappoint previously contracted homeowners which means your project may be delayed in starting until they have completed other projects.  This works out best for you, as well.  Once construction begins on your project, you do not want to see multiple delays due to having labor spread too-thin on multiple jobs.

Planning a Bathroom Remodel in San Marcos CA?

If your question is not “how much does a bathroom remodel cost?”, but “how quickly can we get started?”…. then we suggest you start with the end in mind.  Come up with a date that you want to have your project completed by and share that with your contractor.  Your remodeling contractor will be able to assist you with determining if your completion date is realistic.  If you ready to discuss your San Marcos CA bathroom remodel, call us for a free consultation today at 858-224-7373!




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Senior Friendly Bathroom Design Ideas

The baby boomers are aging and we receive calls from them frequently asking for ideas on how they can safely stay in their home.  Most clients are concerned about their safety in the bathroom specifically because of the fear of falling in the shower.  If you are considering a senior-friendly bathroom remodeling project in San Diego or Temecula, here are some things to consider.

You may not have to remodel the whole bathroom

This bathroom remodeling project was specifically for a homeowner who had a concern about safety in her home.  The homeowner’s concern was mainly the shower so she did not remodel her cabinetry.  The shower went from having a dangerous curb to being curb-less.  You may want to add a fold down seat in the shower.

Cabinets are one of the most expensive parts of a remodel so that can save you some significant cash if you are comfortable leaving it as-is.  Do not remodel just for the sake of remodeling, especially if you are on a fixed budget.

Consider your flooring

Partial Remodel - Bathroom Remodel Contractor San Marcos CA

If you anticipate being in a wheelchair or using a walker, you may want to consider upgrading your flooring for easier maneuvering.  If you have smooth or glossy porcelain or ceramic tiles you will absolutely want to change out your flooring because they are relatively slippery when wet.  Textured floors are a must-have for a senior friendly bathroom remodel. Easy maintenance is also a concern for seniors who wish to age in place.  When considering your flooring you not only want to prevent falls, you also want to consider how hard the surface is in the event you do have a tumble.

Add wall support

Wall Support - Senior Friendly Bathroom Remodel San Marcos CA

When planning your senior friendly bathroom remodel, your contractor should absolutely include one or more grab bars in the space.  Your contractor will install bracing for the installation of grab bars which will prove to be helpful as you age in your home.

Add Adjustable and hand-held shower headsModern Shower - Home Renovation Rancho Bernardo CA

As someone who has been stuck in a wheelchair for a period, I can share with you that adjustable shower heads and seats in the shower are heavenly.  There is no other way to describe how helpful it is to have a hand held shower when you need one.

Senior Friendly Bathroom Remodel

If you are in need more senior friendly bathroom design ideas, you can find a very comprehensive list on the National Association of Builders website.  Are you ready to talk with a contractor to get specific ideas about your home?  Call San Diego home remodeling contractor Classic Home Improvements today to schedule a free consultation at 858-224-7373

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Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Small bathrooms don’t have to feel cramped and stuffy. With a careful selection of colors, materials and bathroom fixtures, your small bathroom will not only look but also feel a lot more spacious. What’s more, with a small-scale budget bathroom remodel, you can get the result you want without burning a hole in your pocket. Check out our big ideas for small bathrooms.

Wall-Mount Faucets

Homeowners often choose to mount the faucet on the wall even if their bathroom isn’t small. Do you know why? Because wall-mount faucets are not only space savers, but also very much in vogue. They usually go with a narrower sink, and the combination guarantees your bathroom will feel more spacious. It’s especially popular to combine a wall-mount faucet with a vessel sink for a modern look.

Sleek Sinks

Freestanding Sink - Bathroom Remodel Temecula

Choosing a space-efficient sink is paramount for making a small bathroom feel bigger. Pedestal sinks offer a long lasting appeal so you can’t possibly go wrong if you choose them. Apart from the traditionally oblong ones, rectangular pedestal sinks are gaining more and more popularity.

Wall-hung (or freestanding) sinks are another space-saving option. They are basically pedestal sinks only without the pedestal. These sinks look particularly sleek and contemporary. They also provide ample space underneath for moving around without bumping into anything.

Corner sinks are also a popular choice for extremely small bathrooms.

Floating Vanities

Floating Vanity- Bathroom Remodel Temecula

We’ve come to realize that the best way to maximize the potential of a small bathroom is to move the fixtures and vanities up. We saw the trick works great with sinks, so why wouldn’t it work with vanities? Make the vanities float and you’ll get more space (and fewer bruises!), without compromising the storage space.

Smart Showers

We all dream of a luxury spa-like bathroom with soaker tubs we can just plunge into and enjoy a lavish bubble bath. Even if the size of your bathroom makes this impossible, it doesn’t mean you have to go with a run-of-the-mill shower. Modern walk-in showers come with a range of features that guarantee some bathroom fun time, but also save space. Get rid of the shower door and go for a glass panel instead and your bathroom will feel larger, not to mention look more attractive.

What’s more, there are specially designed steam showers that can fit even small bathrooms. With a 3 feet x 3 feet steam shower, it’s entirely possible to enjoy the revitalizing effects of steam in your very own tiny bathroom. You know what they say – good things come in small packages.

Space-Expanding Colors & Patterns

With a small bathroom, you simply can’t leave anything to chance. You may have loved a set of intricate-pattern tiles you saw on Houzz, but they will only make your bathroom feel more cramped. Go for either large-scale or monochromatic patterns and combine them with bright colors that will open up your bathroom and give it a sense of freshness.

Statement Mirrors

It’s often the simplest tricks that have the strongest effect. The same goes for mirrors. Mirrors play a wonderful trick on our eyes, and suddenly any room, however small, feels more spacious. Install a grand mirror in your bathroom and you’ll see how your bathroom will instantly feel double its actual size. It’s all about the feeling, right?

Want to do a bathroom remodel in Temecula?

If you wish to remodel your bathroom in Temecula or build a new one from scratch, Classic Home Improvements is the place to go. A full-service contractor with years of experience and nothing but favorable reviews from satisfied customers, CHI proudly offers its bathroom remodel Temecula service.

Consult our product selection coordinator about the best fixtures and fittings for your bathroom. Our award-winning design team is creative and compassionate and has only one goal in mind – to make your vision come to life. Call us today at (858) 224-7373!


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8 Bathroom Accessories You Have To Have

When starting your bathroom remodel, take the time to think of all the possibilities of the accessories that can go into your remodel.  Now is the time to add the accessories you have always wanted to have.  Not quite sure what options are trending right now?    Here are a few items we consider to be “must have” accessories for your new bathroom.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are not just for kitchens anymore, they are headed to the bathroom.  Pendant lights look great above a vanity and come in numerous colors, shapes, sizes, styles and textures.  Bring your theme to life and add a unique flair to the design by adding these lights.


Now, typically when you think of chandeliers you picture them in a beautiful dining room above a gorgeous table.  Well think again!  Chandeliers are making their way to the bathroom above bathrooms and vanities.  Chandeliers come in various shapes, sizes, and materials.  Small glass chandeliers look amazing above a vanity, it can give the room an old world charm especially if you have a vintage feel to your bathroom remodel.  Chandeliers come in modern and non-traditional shapes and can work with many bathroom designs.

Light up Mirrors

Mirrors can be a unique decorative aspect that go into your bathroom design.  Now mirrors are taking it up a notch by being lit.  Light up mirrors are coming out in various shapes and sizes. Light up mirrors give off enough light without needing clunky sconces nearby and once they are turned off they look like a regular mirror. Light up mirrors are perfect for a nice clean design and the light is perfect for personal prepping and makeup application!

Towel Warmers


Imagine getting out of a nice shower and you grab your towel and it’s nice and warm and snuggly.  Towel warmers are one of those items in a bathroom remodel you may not find necessary but if you are after that “spa feeling” we encourage you to include a towel warmer in your new space.   You will never have to wrap yourself around a cold towel again.

Storage Drawers

Manufacturers of cabinetry are getting creative with the vanity cabinet and storage solutions. They have added drawers which have special compartments for hair dryers, brushes, tooth brushes and makeup.  These unique drawers have already been seen in bathroom remodels and our feeling is that this trend will continue to grow.

 Bluetooth Showerhead

White Modern Bathroom - Bathroom Designer Poway CA

Bluetooth technology is starting to sweep the nation and is starting to get more integrated into our everyday products. There are now Bluetooth shower heads that you can connect to your phone so you can shower with your favorite music.  What a great way to start your day!

Vessel sinks

Unique Bathroom Vessel Sink - Bathroom Designers Poway CA

Vessel sinks give your bathroom a regal feel to it.  Vessel sinks come in all shapes, sizes or colors so if you have a specific theme in mind, there will be a vessel sink to accommodate your ideas.

Heated Floors


Have a tile floor and hate stepping on the cold floor after a nice shower?  That problem can be solved instantly.  Heated floors are a wonderful way to heat up your tile floor so you will never have to step on a cold tile again.  This is a perfect accessory for wintertime and its a luxury when you are stepping out of a relaxing bath or shower.

We know that themes and products can truly make a space unique so we hope some of these ideas land in your spa bathroom remodel.


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Ideas For a Luxury Spa Bathroom Remodel

If your goal is to create a luxury spa master bathroom, there are certain elements you should consider adding in to your remodel.   Here are a few ideas for you to ponder and discuss with your designer:

Soaking Tubs:

There are so many options with soaker tubs!   They can have whirlpools and lights.  They can be be clawfoot cast iron or acrylic.  They can be drop-in. Regardless of what type of soaking tub you decide you want in your elegant bathroom, the point is they are a must have in a luxury spa-like bathroom remodel.

Steam Showers:

Tile Steam Shower - Bathroom Designers San Diego CA

Steam showers are wonderful to have. These large walk in showers can have up to one or more shower heads for your shower needs and a large seating bench to soak up and enjoy the steam. You can also gain several benefits from having a steam shower. Steam bathing improves breathing and opens up nasal passages. Steam showers are also great for the skin and can relieve acne conditions, open up pores, hydrates and lubricates the skin.

Rain or Waterfall Shower Heads:

There is nothing more relaxing than a nice rain shower head or a waterfall stream pouring down on your. The steady stream of water can be relaxing. While water pressure isn’t strong in rain shower heads, they are mostly installed and used for relaxation purposes.


Elegant Sauna - Interior Designers La Jolla CA

If you don’t want your walk in shower to be a steam shower, most people opt to use another space and install a sauna in their bathrooms.  If you have a home gym this is the perfect asset to have in your home.

Vessel sinks:

Vessel sinks look amazing in any shape or size. They give your bathroom a regal feel to it. Vessel sinks come in all shapes, sizes or colors so if you have a specific theme in mind, there will be a vessel sink to accommodate your ideas.


We know that themes and products can truly make a space unique so we hope some of these ideas land in your spa bathroom remodel.

Towel Warmers:

Imagine getting out of a nice shower and you grab your towel and it’s nice and warm and snuggly. Towel warmers are one of those items in a bathroom remodel you may not find necessary but if you are after that spa feeling you may feel like you need. Never wrap yourself around a cold towel again.

Bluetooth Shower Head:  Bluetooth technology is starting to sweep the nation and is starting to get more integrated into our everyday products. There are now Bluetooth shower heads that you can connect to your phone so you can shower with your favorite music.

However you decide to remodel your bathroom, know that there are so many things you can do to create the space you are envisioning!  All you really need to know is how you want to feel in your bathroom and a designer can help you reach your goal.  As you can see, accessories make a huge difference in the final outcome of your project so do not forget to add them in as a final touch!


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Ultimate Guide to Bathroom Vanities and Sinks

There are a variety of different vanities and sinks to choose from when remodeling your bathroom.  Below is a list of your options when it comes time to select the vanity and sinks for your bathroom remodel:

Pedestal Sinks


Pedestal sinks are great for small spaces that do not allow for cabinets as well as for powder baths which are designed to meet the needs of daily visitors.  Pedestal sinks are also sometimes used to create a turn of the century look for homeowners who like a symmetrical look.


Free Standing Vanities

free-standing-vanityIt is easy to maintain an elegant look in your bathroom while incorporating plenty of storage space with a free-standing vanity.  The majority of these units are integrated  which means they will come with your counter-top and faucet.  While this makes product selection a little easier, when it comes time to make a change to the top, sink, or faucet later down the line, the change may not be so easy to make without tearing out the entire unit.

Wall Mounted Vanities

Zen Bathroom Remodel General ContractorHomeowners who have a small space but would like to have cabinet space may opt for a wall mounted sink.  Many homeowners also like that the wall-mounted sink allows for extra floor space.  Similar to free-standing vanities, many wall-mounted sinks generally do not require additional purchases of the sink and faucet because they are integrated units.  Wall mounted sinks are ideal for a stylish small bathroom and can be mounted at just about any height.


Vanity Cabinets without Tops

vanity-without-top-cabinetryVanity cabinets are much like kitchen cabinets and reach the floor on all four sides.  Vanity cabinets will require toe-kicks are a recess so you can get close to the counter-top without losing your balance.  In addition to purchasing the cabinet, you will need to select the counter-top, sink, and faucet all separately.  This allows for a much more customizeable bathroom.  If you put a lot of wear and tear on your counter-tops, sinks, or faucet it is much easier to switch out in the future than with integral units.

Vessel Sinks

Glass vessel sinkVessel sinks are imaginative and stylish and becoming more and more common in San Diego.   Vesel sinks are more often than not bowl-shaped but they are also available in rectangular shapes as well as many other sculpture-like shapes.  Some vessel sinks can be found connected to a free-standing vanity if you search long enough.  There are literally 1000’s of styles of bathroom vessel sink options.  This is a great way to make your bathroom unique when combining with a vanity cabinet without a top.  Vessel sinks are more often than not installed above the counter-top, but they can be partially recessed, as well.  Vessel sinks may be the easiest to install because they do not require any cutouts in your counter-tops (with the exception of a small hole to accommodate the drain).

Under-mounted Sinks

Relaxing master bathroomUnder-mount sinks are lovely in my opinion because there is no lip, which makes clean up of the counter-top much easier and really allows for more counter-top space.  Laminate or tile counter-tops are not well-paired with the under-mount sink.  Marble, quartz, granite, and concrete options are the best when electing to install an under-mount sink.  You can install under-mount sinks under laminate and time but we do not recommend this because both these tops have too many weak points along the seams and grout lines to support the weight of the sink.


Self rimming sinks (Drop-in sinks)

Large-Master-Bath-RemodelDrop-in sinks can be simple or decorative, depending on what your goal is for your bathroom remodel.  Most drop in sinks allow for the faucet to be installed directly into the sink, rather than the counter-top. Drop-in sinks take up more counter-top space but the installation is much easier than with an under-mount sink. Self-rimming sinks can be installed into any counter-top material including laminates, tile, and solid surface.

Integral Counter-top with Sink

Zen Bathroom Remodel San DiegoIntegral countertops are a seamless countertop with sink that can be installed on your cabinet.   Many times the integral countetop has an integral backsplash as well.  Having an integral unit allows your faucet to be the focal point of your cabinet.  Cleaning the countertop and sink is a breeze in this configuration.  Unfortunately if you damage the top you will need to replace the piece in its entirety.




Classic Home Improvements

Classic Home Improvements is a general remodeling contractor servicing San Diego, CA and Temecula, CA with a showroom located in Escondido, CA.  This remodeling company offers full service kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, room additions, and exterior home remodeling options.

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Guide to ordering your bathroom vanity

Selecting your bathroom vanity is an important design decision to make because it is the focal point of your bathroom.  There are many different types of vanity options for you to select from when you remodel your bathroom.  If you are shopping at a big box store such as Home Depot your choices are fairly limited to integral vanities (one piece that includes the cabinet base, sink, and faucet with little to no variety in style).

If you have decided to go for a more customized look for your bathroom, we suggest purchasing your cabinet base, then your sink, countertop, and faucet.  Not only are you more likely to achieve a style more suited to your personal space,  you will be able to create a space that works for your living situation.

Here are some tips regarding the selection of your cabinetry as well as the sequence for when you should purchase each product:

1.  Assess your space to determine the size cabinets you need.

You  may find that you are limited in your options due to the space available in your bathroom so the very first thing you should do is assess where in the space your cabinetry will stand and then measure the available space so you know your maximum dimensions. Depending on  your contractor you may receive product selection guidance but at the very least your contractor should provide you with the dimensions.  If you do not have assistance during this process, be sure to take into consideration the baseboards and/or any wainscoting when measuring, especially in a tight spot.



2. Determine what you want your cabinets to accomplish

Ask yourself these questions:

  1.  Do I need more or less storage?
  2.  What type of storage options do I want:  space for towels, additional shampoo space, an area for my curling iron and hair dryer?
  3. Do I need another sink or do you currently have dual sink that is using up valuable space?
  4. Do I need more or less countertop space?



3.  Select your countertops

San Diego Bathroom Remodel Contractor

Once you have decided what style and color cabinetry you want, you will need to get the dimensions from the manufacturer so you can order your countertops, which will need to be fabricated.

4.  Select your sink


To get your countertop fabricated, you will need to know what your sink selection is.  The countertop manufacturer or supplier will need to know the dimensions of your cabinets so the cutouts will be correct for installation.

4.  Select your faucet

Del Mar Bathroom Renovation 92131

Your fabricator will need to know the dimensions of the faucet you have selected so the appropriate holes can be drilled.

Most contractors will not begin working on your project until all materials have been not only selected, but also delivered so it is imperative you take action quickly on ordering material.


Classic Home Improvements

Classic Home Improvements is a general remodeling contractor servicing San Diego, CA and Temecula, CA with a showroom located in Escondido, CA.  This remodeling company offers full service kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, room additions, and exterior home remodeling options.

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4 Toilets you did not knew existed

When it comes to toilets, the choice may seem simple however toilets are getting more and more sophisticated.  From water conservation to self-cleaning, technology continues to amaze us with what is available when we are ready to remodel our bathroom.  Here are a few toilets you may not have known existed but may not be able to live without once you hear about them!

dual-flushing-toiletDual flushing toilets now allow you to save water without sacrificing performance.  We have seen quite a few of these emerging in San Diego.  Some, like the one shown in this image, have two buttons on the top, while others have a traditional single lever.

DXV_AT200-Integrated-Bidet-Smart-Toilet_9cabad1dWho would be surprised that there is now a Smart Toilet?  Who would not want a toilet that warmed up their seat for them, had a night light and deodorizer?   In addition to all those features, toilets can also include bidets with a warm air dryer to finish things off.  Mind blown!


Not all of us have $10,000 to spend on a toilet, but if you do imagine having this Toto toilet!   This toilet not only has the night light and deodorizer, it is also self-cleaning.  The lid will automatically raise and shut for you and there is no need to manually flush, who needs that hassle anyway?

wall-hung-toiletsBack to reality though, another toilet that is emerging in popularity is the wall hung toilet.  This European look is great for small bathrooms and they provide a modern sleek feel while providing more room in the bathroom.

Our point is you do not have to settle on the same old plain elongated or round toilet bowl.  There are a variety of styles available so your bathroom can have a decorative feel and there are a ton of options for functionality, as well.

Classic Home Improvements

Classic Home Improvements is a general remodeling contractor servicing San Diego, CA and Temecula, CA with a showroom located in Escondido, CA.  This remodeling company offers full service kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, room additions, and exterior home remodeling options.


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