Home Remodeling Ideas for People with Disabilities

When we talk about home remodeling projects, esthetics undoubtedly plays a significant role. However, improving the functionality of the place is paramount when it comes to home remodeling for the disabled in San Diego, as well as senior-friendly home remodeling. For individuals such as veterans with disabilities, targeted remodeling may be just the thing they need to be more independent. What’s more, feeling and being more self-sufficient will empower disabled individuals with the much-needed sense of self-worth and self-respect.

Let’s take a look at the short overview of the disability-friendly home remodeling, as well as some practical ideas.

Cost of remodeling for disabled individuals

Needless to say, the type of home renovation project will depend on the type of disability. The overall cost of the project will largely depend on it, as well. The average reported cost is $5,301, with most homeowners spending between $1,488 and $9,114. In truth, some homeowners have been reported spending as little as $200 on minor improvements, whereas there are those who spent as much as $20,000.

Various funding options are available on a federal level. You can consult the National Council for Independent Living for options available near you. Also, there are many federal resources for people with disabilities, along with resources for veterans and seniors. Check out the Disability Resources offered by the U.S. Department of Labor, with more information available on their official website.

As for permits for remodeling for people who rent their homes, the Fair Housing Act of 1968 states that tenants have the right to make reasonable modifications to their apartments, mostly concerning accessibility modifications.

Man in Wheelchair Ironing - Home Remodeling for Disabled San Diego

Type of modifications to the interior and exterior

Again, the type of modifications will depend on the type of disability. Still, there are some universal modifications such as adding grab bars and handrails throughout the house of apartment, installing slip-resistant flooring, putting a wheelchair ramp in place, etc. Let’s take a look at some specific suggestions.

Disability-friendly flooring

The first step towards having a disability-friendly floor is to make sure it’s non-slip. It doesn’t stop there, though. The flooring should also be as non-porous as possible, highly durable and with a fairly smooth texture so there are no bumps or dents that can obstruct easy roll-on. Also, the surface should be easy to clean and easy to maintain overall. This especially applies if there are service animals around the house.

The usual choices include vinyl, laminate and cork flooring. In addition to being easy to maintain, cork flooring is also very eco-friendly, soft and excellent for people with allergies.

Hardwood flooring may not be the go-to solution here, although it benefits visually-impaired individuals – it’s not nearly as soft as cork flooring, so it’s much noisier. In turn, all noises can be heard better, which is beneficial for disabled individuals who rely on their hearing extensively.

Install sinks with open space underneath

Floating sinks and vanities with ample space underneath are great for wheelchairs because the person can move around the bathroom more easily.

Modern Bathroom with Freestanding Sink

Toilets with higher seats

Installing a toilet with a higher seat is a great idea because higher seats mean less distance between the wheelchair and the seat. Also, for visually-impaired people, it means less distance when transferring from the standing to the sitting position.

Adapts the shower/tub

Walk-in showers are the absolute favorite with people with disabilities, especially if they have a direct, unobstructed walk-in or roll-in entry. A grab bar is a must, as well as lever-handled water valves and hand-handled showerheads. Installing a vacuum-sealed door is also a smart move.

Install space-saving kitchen cabinetry

There are several things you can do to adapt the kitchen, as well. Being smart about kitchen cabinets is definitely one of them. Motion-sensitive lower cabinets, pull-out drawers and cutting boards are just some of the many options for installing smart cabinets. In addition to catering to the disabled, this type of cabinetry saves a lot of space around the kitchen and reduces clutter.

Install motion-sensitive or voice-activating lighting

Nowadays, it is possible to control almost every aspect of our homes by using smart technologies, that is, our mobile phones or tablets. Cutting-edge technology such as voice-activating and motion-sensing lighting is definitely something to invest in.

Install ramps and lifts

Regardless of the type of disability, moving around the house should be as easy and unobstructed as possible, especially if it’s a two-story house. You can install ramps and lifts to eliminate the need for stairs. Portable ramps are an excellent solution for smaller spaces. As for lifts, there are many types available, including the inclined platform, vertical platform, and stair lifts. Consult your contractor about the best ones for your needs.

Widen the doorways

Ideally, indoor doorways, as well as those connecting the indoors and the outdoors, will be 36 inches wide, to secure the smooth maneuver of the wheelchair. If not possible, 32 inches should be the minimum.

Sliding doors with shatter-resistant glass are also a good option as long as they are easy to open and close.

Adapt the doors

To make sure all doors are opened and closed easily, you should have all handles and locks placed at a lower level. With the advancement of smart technologies, solutions such as automatic door openers are also available.

Adapt the outdoor space, as well

In addition to adapting the doorways, there are other ways to boost the outdoor living potential for disabled homeowners. Small improvements such as leveling the ground and creating wheelchair-friendly paths are where you should start.

Consult a trustworthy and versatile team of San Diego home remodeling experts at Classic Home Improvements. We will help you find the perfect balance between functionality and esthetics by catering to your specific needs, preferences, and budget.

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Best Home Renovation Projects before Selling Your House in Carmel Valley

Carmel Valley is a highly attractive place to live, ranked 2nd best San Diego neighborhood according to StreetAdvisor.com. It’s no wonder that Carmel Valley homeowners think about renovating their house before selling it. Remodeled homes sell at considerably higher prices, enabling the owners to get an excellent return on investment.

Still, what are the best home renovation projects to do if you want to sell your house for a hefty price and recoup the investment?

Check out some of the home remodeling projects that will help you sell your house faster and for more money, and start planning your budget!

Mind the style of your house

First of all, whatever project you might consider, don’t forget that it has to go well with the overall style your house was built in. Even though it’s true that you can mix styles, you should always consult a home remodeling expert to avoid wasting money on something that simply won’t fit.

Deck with Sunset View - Home Renovation Carmel Valley CA

Improve energy efficiency

You cannot go wrong with installing energy-efficient and water saving appliances. With numerous rebates and grants for Energy Star products, you definitely wouldn’t have to break the bank. Low-flow faucets and toilets, water-purifiers, LED lighting fixtures do wonders. They come in contemporary sleek designs and suggest monthly energy and water savings for the buyer once they purchase the house.

Refinish hardwood floors

If your home has hardwood flooring, good for you! Hardwood floors are a sign of luxury and affluence and that’s exactly what buyers shopping for houses in Carmel Valley would want. Make sure you have the floors refinished and carpeting removed (if there is any) to capitalize on this advantage.

Neutral carpeting

If replacing the flooring seems like too much of a hassle for you, you would do well to at least replace the existing carpeting with neutral-tone carpets. They will look more elegant and are great for resale.

For entertainment areas like the living room and the dining room, it’s best to remove the carpeting altogether and consider refinishing or replacing the flooring.

Replace all cracked or chipped tiles

Pay close attention to the tiles you have around your home, probably in the bathroom and the kitchen. All cracked or chipped tiles simply have to go. The idea of having to replace them after buying the house will deter most buyers.

While it’s true that some buyers may choose to replace the existing tiles to make the space more personal, the combination of modern and neutral is your best bet.

Paint the kitchen yellow

Unnecessarily straightforward as it may sound, kitchens painted yellow sell better than, say, kitchens painted white. Plain white kitchens often seem unfinished, whereas yellow is neutral enough to give prospective buyers an idea of what they can do with the space.

Install subway tiles in the kitchen

Subway tiles have never really gone out of style. Regardless of the current trends (and they are very much in vogue right now), subway tiles have always given off a sense of contemporary and casual style.

Go for farmhouse sinks in the kitchen

Available in plenty of designs, farmhouse sinks are the thing! Just like subway tiles, they can boost the resale price up to 13 percent and help sell your house 60 days faster, according to the San Diego Union Tribune.

Add space-saving elements

Extra storage space might make all the difference to buyers, especially families with children. For example, you could have your kitchen cabinets replaced with deep motion-sensitive drawers. Also, you can install pull-out cutting boards and utensil drawers and consider a walk-in pantry. These improvements may be small, but they go a long way.

Outdoor living areas are it!

To really make your home stand out, you should think about adapting your patio for some outdoor entertainment. Outdoor living has never been as popular as it is now, especially in Carmel Valley, so it’s likely that prospective buyers will be on the lookout for it.

Outdoor kitchens definitely score high on the home-resale-value-boosting scale. If you can arrange for a food prep, storage and refrigeration area in the outdoor kitchen space, your home is bound to wow each and every buyer.

As for surfaces for the outdoor patio, stained concrete and stacked stone cladding are just the thing. A modern-looking outdoor area with simple and sleek furniture is highly alluring, while aquamarine is a smashing hit for accent elements like cushions.

For exciting home renovation solutions that will give you an outstanding return on investment, contact the award-winning home remodelers at Classic Home Improvements!


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5 Simple Ways to Add Personality to Your Home

There’s no place like home, they say. And it’s true. Your house should be your safe haven and a place that lifts your spirits. You can hire a home remodeling Temecula expert to make it look like it’s out of a magazine. But wouldn’t you rather make your house one-of-a-kind? Unless you give it your unique personal touch, you may feel like you accidentally stepped into a cold hotel room.

Here are 5 simple ways to get creative, add a pop of personalization and charm to your house, and make it unique and welcoming. Right there, in your perfect little Temecula nest, you should feel at home.

living room in a Provence style - home remodeling Temecula

Add a splash of your favorite colors

Don’t disregard the positive effects of the colors on your mood. Decorating your home with the colors you like will bring you joy and make you cheerful while spending time in the house. Combine your favorite colors. Options are endless. A fresh coat of paint can transform the place. Spice one of the walls up with a colorful or a boldly patterned wallpaper.

Also, play with the furniture. Place a royal blue armchair in the living room. Don’t be afraid to mix and match fabrics and patterns. Spread some color around and express your style with decorative pillows for a sophisticated, fresh or a dramatic look.

Display your sentimental pieces

Share your travels to revive happy memories and create a world puzzle of your travel destinations. Customize a cabinet with some postcards and photos. You could also display your accomplishments to show your achievements and goals.

Feeling proud of yourself will boost your confidence when you’re feeling down. Arrange your treasured memorabilia on the shelves and walls but keep in mind that space shouldn’t feel cluttered.

Show off your art collection

Do you like fine art? It doesn’t have to be a Picasso. The most important thing is that you like it and that it captures your imagination. Pick out art pieces such as an art deco, a landscape or an abstract painting that catches your eye and conjures up positive emotions.

There’s nothing more personal and loving than having your child’s artwork on the wall. Frame it, then find a special place to admire this masterpiece and feel proud about your exquisite little artist.

Make room for hobbies

Make your rooms work for you and your family. Depending on your lifestyle, needs and preferences, you may have a play area for your children, a library or an indoor gym. Perhaps even a home office. You might start a home remodeling project to create your own dream bathroom and get the spa feeling at your very own Temecula home in your long wanted new bathtub.

vase closeup in decorated living room - home remodeling Temecula

Own your space

It’s all in the details. Add some accessories and let your personality shine through. Framed photos of family and friend in the hallways. A vintage makeup vanity in your bedroom. A stone fireplace as the focal point in the living room. Your favorite flowers in a decoupage jar or an antique vase you received as a gift. A decorative driveway. Your own backyard garden. Those little things are the ones that tell the story of who you are.


Contact home remodeling Temecula experts

If you think about taking the wheel and giving your house a bright splash of your energy and charm, to have a better idea whether certain pieces fit your style and basic needs, consult an expert designer or an experienced contractor to help you with your home remodeling in Temecula. Contact Classic Home Improvements at 858-224-7373 to schedule a free consultation.

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7 Home Remodel Suggestions for Accommodating a Senior

How many times have you heard your parents stating they want to stay in their home as long as possible? A nursing home, an assisted living facility or maybe a smaller apartment may accommodate their needs but cannot replace the coziness of their home.

On the other hand, you may be preparing to have an elderly parent or a senior relative at your Rancho Bernardo home, and you’re planning to make a few adjustments to enhance their experience while visiting or living with you. In that case, keep in mind that it takes time for a person to adjust to a new home. You can ease the emotional stress and the adjustment process by being attentive to their concerns, routines and habits.

You’re aware that moving can be difficult and stressful, especially for older adults. For them, moving is not just moving, it’s leaving behind the memories they created with friends and family.

This is why instead of moving your elderly loved ones to an entirely new environment with better care, you may choose to make a few adjustments to their house or even do a home remodel to accommodate their needs.

Our home remodeling Rancho Bernardo experts have prepared several home remodel projects to consider to make a home more accessible, secure and comfortable for your elderly family members.

a woman with her grandmother in a wheelchair - home remodel rancho bernardo

1. Modify step entries

Given that elderly people may have a hard time lifting their legs up and over the traditional threshold, contact a trusted home remodel Rancho Bernardo expert to help you find the appropriate solution. One of the options would be adding a no or low-step entrance. Think about replacing the porch steps with a gradual incline from the driveway. This way, you’ll minimize the risk of falling and make entering the house easier.

2. Replace stairs with ramps

Many seniors have difficulty walking or standing. Therefore, climbing stairs may not only be tiresome but also a potentially hazardous adventure. Even if your loved one has no immediate need for a wheelchair, consider installing a ramp to provide support for a less agile family member. In case of a multi-story home, you might think about installing an elevator or a chair lift for an easier access.

3. Install handrails

Many seniors don’t feel steady when walking through the house and have trouble getting down and back up from a seated position. Installing a handrail on both sides of the steps and in strategic places throughout the house can help the elderly maintain balance and footing and prevent possible falls.

a senior climbing upstairs with a walking stick - home remodel rancho bernardo

4. Adjust the bathroom

By raising the height of the toilet and installing grab bars and rails inside the shower, bathtub and next to the toilet, you’ll make a bathroom more elderly-friendly. To prevent falls, use a non-slip mat in the shower and a non-slip rug on the floor, and install a curbless or a walk-in shower with a foldable shower seat.

5. Widen doorways and sidewalks

The minimum doorway width for a wheelchair to get through is 32 inches. Make the doorways 36 inches wide to make sure your elderly family members can comfortably enter the room whether walking, using a cane, a walker or a wheelchair. The same goes with the sidewalks. They should be slip resistant and not cracked, uneven or overly steep.

6. Adjust kitchen countertops

Considering the average height of the kitchen cabinets and countertops is about 34 inches, you should consider a kitchen remodel. Installing cabinets at a more accessible 30 inches makes preparing food easier for someone who is using a wheelchair. You might also want to come up with ways to make clever use of the kitchen space.

7. Install sensor lighting

Additional and improved lighting will enable your elder ones with the compromised eyesight to see more clearly and move around the house more easily. Illuminate the entrance door, walkways and pathways with adequate lighting. Have a motion-sensor light switch installed, which will automatically turn the lights on when it detects motion. You may also find it useful at the top and the bottom of the stairs.

Have you given enough thought to making your kitchen more functional with additional lighting? It would also be a good idea to make sure that every light switch is placed within hand reach from a wheelchair.

Looking for a home remodel in Rancho Bernardo?

To help you elderly loved one live their golden years with ease and comfort, contact Classic Home Improvements, a reputable home remodel contractor serving Rancho Bernardo and other San Diego counties. Our highly skilled and experienced experts will help you with the home remodel plan and design and guide you through every step of turning a house into a safe and welcoming place for your elderly family member.


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Tile up a Notch for Your Next Bathroom Remodel!

Tiles are a pretty noticeable element in every bathroom. Floor tiles get lots of use every day yet we somehow rarely think about them. If you find yourself looking around your bathroom thinking about what you want to change, chances are you don’t always think about the tiles. And you should!

Let’s take a look at some twists to your bathroom tiles you can pull off when doing a bathroom remodel in Carmel Valley.

Before you begin

Make sure you got the measurements right. If you are about to make a complete tile makeover in your bathroom, you want to nail the measurements. The devil is in the details and you will be furious if you invest time and energy into decorating the bathroom with fantastic tiles, only to see that they don’t quite fit.

Tile up, tile down

Who says that the floor is the only place for tiles? There are plenty of other places you can tile up. Luckily, there is also plenty of choice when it comes to different tiles you can use. Go crazy with different colors, textures or even shapes. You can install intricate tiles around the mirror or on the door to spice up the bathroom decor. Get creative!

Luxury Bathroom with Black and White Tiles - Bathroom Remodel Carmel Valley

Shower tiles

There is no limit to creativity. Why does the inside of your shower have to be generic? It absolutely doesn’t. Choose one shower wall and decorate it with colorful tiles. This simple addition will give the whole bathroom a new look, especially if you have the all-see-through shower doors.

Size matters

Experiment with different tile sizes to get a more designer-like bathroom. Uniformity may be unimposing but it gets boring with time. After all, you are bound to pay your bathroom multiple daily visits, so why not make them worth your while? The combination of big and small tiles will modernize your bathroom and give you plenty of opportunity to personalize the space.

Classic White and Blue Bathroom Remodel Carmel Valley

Vertical height

If your bathroom ceiling is not that high, you can do a little trick and make it look higher. How? Line the tiles up vertically. Simple, yet effective.

Illusion of space

Same-colored tiles may sound dull but they are a great solution if you want your bathroom to appear larger in space. Create a visual illusion by laying out tiles of the same color, preferably lighter shade. The bathroom will appear larger and also more elegant. After all, elegance is timeless.

Luxurious marble

Marble is definitely synonymous with luxury and elegance. By the same token, marble tiles are bound to give your bathroom a sense of style and wealth. You don’t have to choose marble tiles of the same size. To spice things up a little bit, choose different sizes for the flooring and even for the space around the mirror or window.

Simplicity rules

If you feel that less is more, as it often is, you don’t have to go all in on different colors, shapes and sizes. You can keep it simple by deciding on a specific look of your bathroom and choose the tiles to complement it, not add contrast. That way, you can line the tiles all the way up to the ceiling and still get the Zen-like vibe.

Looking for some fresh ideas for your Carmel Valley bathroom remodel?

Classic Home Improvements is your go-to place for expert designer advice and impeccable bathroom remodel services. We design, we build, and leave with nothing less than your complete satisfaction. Our award-winning team of Carmel Valley bathroom remodelers has been praised nationwide. Give us a call today – let’s design and build you a beautiful bathroom!

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Doing a Bathroom Remodel? Don’t Forget about the Toilet!

A modern bathroom is nothing with a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing toilet. If you are planning a bathroom remodeling project in your Carmel Valley home, you would do well not to forget about the toilet. A new or upgraded toilet can improve the functionality of your bathroom but it can also make it look more modern and attractive.

And after all, a remodeled bathroom is a great return on investment.

A toilet may not be the Iron Throne, but is a throne nevertheless. Don’t make one of the typical bathroom remodel mistakes and forget about the toilet. If there is a minimum chance that a new toilet can reduce your water bills, don’t miss out. Also, investing in a state-of-the-art toilet pays off splendidly since it reduces the risk of frequent breakdowns, leaks, and the need for repairs and additional bathroom renovation.

Here’s what you should consider when scouting out improved toilets for your bathroom.

Think about what you already have

It’s possible that you don’t even need to replace your current toilet but upgrade it instead. Also, there may be already upgraded versions of the type of toilet you have, and these are definitely worth considering.


New functionalities such the low flow give toilets a sleek, modern look and minimize water waste. Besides, low flow toilets are now a federal standard for toilet manufacturing. It’s quite possible that an upgraded version is the only option you have. All in all, if you can have a super toilet that needs only one flush to wash all the waste away, why not invest in it?

Don’t go overboard with fancy features

Remember – a toilet is a toilet. It has a pretty straightforward purpose and it cannot really serve any other purpose (and it certainly cannot serve as a garbage disposal bin!). If the additional features make it work more efficiently, go for it. But, if they just make the toilet look cooler, you should probably steer clear.

If any extra (and unnecessary) part breaks down or starts causing problems in any way, you may have to pay some hard cash for the repair or replacement. That is, if the replacement parts actually exist.

Modern Bathroom with Toilet - Bathroom Remodeling Carmel Valley CA

Look for bargains but don’t be cheap

A faulty toilet can cause a real mess in your bathroom. Leaking water all over the bathroom floor and posing a danger to your health, a cheap, low-quality toilet is a bad decision. Don’t skimp on quality when it comes to such an important bathroom appliance. You don’t have to go for the priciest product but keep away from too-good-to-be-true bargains.

Choose the toilet that fits

A well-chosen toilet will fit the designated space in your bathroom perfectly – that should go unsaid. What many fail to understand is that they should pick a toilet that fits them, as well. Taller people should go for higher toilets. If you are bulkier, don’t choose a small toilet. Remember – you are unlikely to replace the newly installed toilet any time soon, unless it gets damaged or otherwise less functional. You might as well pick the most comfortable one.

Toddler in the Bathroom - Bathroom Remodeling Carmel Valley CA

So, while you are planning to replace the bathroom tiles, install a steam shower or space-saving floating vanities, don’t forget the toilet. The tips listed above will help you make an informed choice and get a great bathroom!

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Hottest Kitchen Island Trends in Escondido

Kitchen islands are a smashing hit in kitchen remodeling and they’re not leaving anytime soon. Contemporary kitchen islands are not only more attractive but also more functional. Check out some of the trending kitchen islands that have Escondido homeowners all worked up!

Centerpiece island

In order to have a centerpiece kitchen island, you usually have to have an open-plan kitchen. Luckily, most modern kitchens are open-plan, so all you need to do is choose the one that will complement the countertops and cabinets or serve as a contrast to them. A centerpiece island is typically the largest item in your kitchen, so it’s a great idea to choose more functionality along with enhanced appeal.

White Modern Kitchen - Kitchen Islands Escondido

Closed-cabinet island

In open-space kitchens, it’s not uncommon to see a kitchen island that looks more like a wardrobe than a kitchen element. With closed-door cabinets facing the living room, the island blends in with the living room décor.

Move-me-easily island

A favorite of small kitchen owners, this type of kitchen island is usually petite and extremely functional. You can move it anywhere you need it to be at a given moment and it doesn’t take up much space. You can use it to store small kitchen appliances, flatware or any other items you would otherwise store in a kitchen cabinet.

”Four-sided” island

This type of kitchen island has four functional sides. For example, you can make a seating arrangement on the one side, while using another as storage space or a workstation. It allows for unprecedented functionality – all sides of the kitchen island are put to good use, which minimizes the need for more storage space elsewhere.

Sunny Kitchen with Dining & Sitting Area - Kitchen Islands Escondido

Counter-seating island

Kitchen islands are growing in popularity to such an extent that they might render kitchen tables obsolete. Even if it doesn’t go that far, more and more kitchen islands include a seating area. One side of the island is virtually a dining area, whereas the other one is facing the cooktop and serving as additional storage or containing a sink.

Two-face island

For fashion-forward Escondido homeowners, this kitchen island is a great solution. It basically has two faces, one blending with the living room décor in style, material and color, and the other with the kitchen. Not only does this kitchen island have two faces but can also have two different sets of functionalities. The side facing the living room can actually be a china cupboard while the one facing the kitchen can serve as storage.

Two-level bar-counter island

This kitchen island looks like a regular bar counter at first glance. Its upper level actually serves as a bar counter, whereas the lower level provides extra working or storage space.

Consult an Expert Kitchen Remodel Designer

At Classic Home Improvements, we boast a team of innovative designers who can give you practical tips and invaluable design advice on the choice of kitchen island for your Escondido home. Whether you are not sure about the type of material, color or style, our designers have it covered.

Give us a call at (858) 224-7373 or contact us online!



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Top Eco-Friendly Countertop Materials for Your Kitchen Remodel Project

If you have been planning a kitchen remodel in Rancho Bernardo, now might be a good time to consider going green. Not only will you be contributing to the environment, choosing to go eco-friendly opens up fantastic design options. The same wide variety of eco-friendly materials can help give your kitchen the bold new style you have been searching for.

In this article, our expert designers list some of the countertop materials to consider for your kitchen remodeling project.

Modern Kitchen Interior - Kitchen Remodeling Rancho Bernardo

Salvaged Wood

If you love having wooden elements, but shiver at the thought of all the trees that were chopped down just to equip your kitchen, salvaged wood is a fantastic alternative for your new countertops. Using reclaimed wood will give your countertops a fantastic tarnishing.

Furthermore, reclaimed wood is often made of wood not available on the market. Reclaimed wood will give character and a rustic feel to your new kitchen.


Not only are bamboo countertops becoming a huge trend, they are also very eco-friendly. Did you know that bamboo is actually a type of grass and one of the fastest growing ones at that? This makes it a fantastic renewable resource and the perfect choice for your kitchen remodeling.

Apart from that, bamboo has all the aesthetic values of wood but is significantly more durable as it is water resistant. It can be also used for flooring, which combined with the countertops can create a seamless, natural look.

Stainless Steel

If you are looking for a modern, industrial look for your kitchen, why not go with stainless steel instead? Stainless steel is made out of at least 60% recycled metal, which makes it a great green choice.

If you are looking for a resistant material that will last for many years, stainless steel is perfect for your kitchen countertops. On top of that, once it serves its purpose, it can be recycled again and used for a brand new kitchen remodel.

Stainless Steel Countertop - Kitchen Remodeling Rancho Bernardo

Recycled Paper or Glass

Recycled glass is another great, eco-friendly option for your kitchen countertop. The material resembles granite or marble and can come in any color or pattern. The material is also durable and highly resistant as the glass is mixed with cement.

Similarly, recycled paper makes a fine countertop material resembling soapstone. Even though you might never have thought recycled paper could be used as a countertop material, mixed with petroleum and coloring pigments it becomes a great, environmentally-friendly solution.

Look for the Right Certifications

If you are looking to buy eco-friendly materials, make sure they have the proper certifications that guarantee they are green. For countertops, some of the certificates you should look out for are GreenGuard, Cradle to Cradle and The Forest Stewardship Council. The first one certifies materials with low chemical emissions, while Cradle to Cradle denotes products designed with a long life cycle in mind. Finally, FSC ensures responsibly harvested wood.

For more ideas on how to go green for your next kitchen remodel, reach out to Classic Home Improvements. We can advise you on the most suitable solutions available on the market. To speak with our expert designers or request a free estimate, contact us at (858) 224-7373.

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The Latest in Home Renovation Temecula!

Last year brought some great remodeling ideas, both for the interior and the exterior. Some of those ideas included bringing some of the outdoor elements inside, natural flooring and futuristic tech updates. But 2017 already seems to be taking a step in a different direction. Judging by the design trends at the start of 2017, this year will be all about natural and sustainable materials, eco-friendly solutions and adventurous designs.

Covert Kitchen

One of the biggest kitchen remodeling trends in 2016 was blending the kitchen and the living room into a seamless union. However, 2017 is bringing the kitchen its independence back. This year it’s all about designing the kitchen to go with your home’s aesthetic values and losing the traditional kitchen features. Instead, the accent is on hiding the kitchen in plain sight through the use of hidden appliances, organic wooden shelves and diverse finishes.

A Natural Bathroom

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, designers are looking into implementing more organic materials and replacing sterile titles and inelegant bathtubs. These elements are replaced with a combination of stone and wooden elements that give off an impression of a fancy spa. These organic elements will enhance your bathroom experience and make each and every bath enjoyable to the core.

Cork Is Back

Eco-friendly materials are not only good for the environment, they can also be stylish. One material in particular is making a huge comeback in 2017. Cork has long been used for wine bottles or to pin notes in your office, but designers chose to favor this renewable material highly resistant to microbes in 2017. Cork will help battle dust and toxins in your home and its uses are limitless, from covering entire walls to bedside tables.

Home Theater Revolution

While home offices were the leading trend in 2016, designers are looking into adapting our homes to accommodate our free time rather than spend more time working and away from our family. And what better way to entertain the entire family than watching a movie. As ticket prices rise higher while on-demand services offer better titles than ever, investing in a giant TV, a great set of speakers and topping that with a stylish design seem like a better idea than it ever has. The best part is that you don’t necessarily have to consider a room addition, you can easily adapt your basement, garage or the attic.

Home Theater - Home Renovation Temecula

A Garden on Top

Homeowners living in urban areas often feel the need to escape the cold & crowded landscape and retreat to nature. Unfortunately not everyone has a lush park nearby. This is why rooftop gardens have steadily increased in popularity over 2016 and are becoming more and more common going forward. The best part is that you don’t need a complicated remodeling project to convert your flat roof into a lavish garden. For sloped roofs some additional effort might be required, but is well worth it.

If you want to consult an expert designer or hire a contractor to be in charge of your home renovation in Temecula and give your house a dashing new look, contact Classic Home Improvements at 858-224-7373 to schedule a free consultation.

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How to Know You Need a Room Addition

According to a study by the National Association of Home Builders, the demand for room additions in Southern California has gone up by 12% since 2013. It’s a clear sign that more and more homeowners are realizing just how beneficial room additions are.

It’s all about space; that is, the lack of space. If your home feels confined, a room addition campaign might be your best option.

Watch out for these tell-tale signs that speak volumes about the lack of space in your home. If you recognize yourself in any of these, it may be high time you gave a room additions contractor a call.

Staircase Windows - Room Addition Carmel Valley

Your children share a bedroom

Many people think that the only way to get an extra bedroom is to split the existing one into two. In that case, the two bedrooms are usually too small, not to mention that one may even have a ridiculously small window. With a bump-out addition, each child can have a large and sunny bedroom.

What’s more, each of your children can decorate their rooms the way they want, have a personalized study space, and most importantly – have the much needed privacy.

Your closets are packed tight

Although it’s usually the ladies who are rarely satisfied with the size of their closet, the gents can also feel frustrated if their cramped closet is full of creased shirts and suits. A room addition built purposefully to serve as a large closet is an absolute winner. You can even install a full-length mirror and finally forget about not being able to see the whole outfit before going out.

A lavish closet gives off a sense of luxury and dolce vita, and enables you to finally have all your clothes, shoes and accessories arranged neatly. Having this addition is incredibly time-saving; all your clothes will be folded tidily, so you wouldn’t have to press them one more time before wearing them.

Moreover, you can even have different outfits put together on a hanger, so you can just pick the outfit out, get dressed and admire yourself in your large mirror!

There is no room for a home office

In modern homes, it’s almost unimaginable not to have a home office. Regardless of whether you are a telecommuter or not, everyone needs a space where they can work in peace. We all have to bring work home sometimes, so wouldn’t it be great not having to work in the living room or kitchen with all the noise?

You can’t park in your garage

If you are like most homeowners, you can’t easily part with family’s memorabilia like old children’s toys, and other items with great sentimental value. So you basically stack them in your garage. After a while, you realize there is no space for you to actually park your car. Obviously, something needs to be done.

The lack of storage space is a widespread residential problem, but you shouldn’t try to solve it by stacking stuff in the garage. Have a room addition built, where you can safely store all your valuable possessions and memorabilia. Restore the garage to its original purpose.

Your kitchen is cramped

The signature sign of a contemporary home is a large open-space kitchen. If you use your kitchen only for cooking, you are missing out. Kitchens are now becoming more sociable, with multi-functional center-positioned kitchen islands, and lots of exciting kitchen designs. A new kitchen or an addition to your existing one is exactly what you need.

Besides, a luxurious kitchen is a major advantage if you decide to sell your house.

Your guests have nowhere to sleep

A guest room may be a traditional notion, but is practical nevertheless. Imagine this – if you needed to sleep over at your friend’s or relative’s house, would you like to sleep on the living room sofa? Didn’t think so.

If your home is a lovely two-story house, add an extra touch of hospitality by adding extra room for your guests.

Spacious Lounge - Room Addition Carmel Valley

You can’t host many people at the same time

You are hosting a great backyard party and everyone’s having a great time. All of a sudden, it starts raining and everyone has to go inside. It’s then that you realize the party is completely ruined because there’s not enough room for all your guests to even sit, let alone move around comfortably. So what should you do?

In addition to having an open-space kitchen, you can also add more space to your living room so as to transform it into a comfortable lounge. Your home can become the go-to place for fun and relaxation, and your friends will love spending time there.

Classic & Creative Room Addition Carmel Valley

Don’t let the lack of space prevent you from enjoying life to the full. Consult innovative room addition designers and builders at Classic Home Improvements. We can advise you on the best place for your room addition, estimate the overall cost and account for even the tiniest detail of the project. A creative remodeling team for your next project is just a phone call away!


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