Italian Home Design With A Modern Twist

There is a trend in the world of Italian home design. The professionals agree, the current style that has taken the country by storm is Italian rustic brought to life with a modern twist. Rustic Italian architecture is old world charm that utilizes wood, metal, brick, and stone. Designers and homeowners are acquiring these properties and restoring them. Though some people will go for the country farm look, using lots of gingham and ruffles, that look is not as successful as they would hope. It takes away from the charm of the original home.

More successful designers like, Ilaria Miani of Rome, Italy have struck a balance using rustic pieces, merged with modern pieces. Just as ultra-country is not the look desired, neither is ultra-sleek. This is why specialty pieces that are a little closer to middle ground are in such high demand.

While some furnishings, like the ones Miani use, are created by the designer, there are treasures to be found if you know where to look. The modern pieces at Maestro Bath are right on the mark. Interior decorators and homeowners excitedly look to Maestro Bath for focus pieces that pull the look together. The selection of Maestro Bath is amazing, making them an industry leader in home design pieces. Merging modern pieces with pieces that look as if they are centuries old is not an easy task. Balance is the key.

Restoration of old homes while maintaining their original charm, takes time. Do not buy something unless you are sure it is the right piece. Consider seeking out local vendors.

Furniture is a blend of modern comfort and pieces of antique look. Stay away from streamline designs and go for plush, soft, and comfortable. Go slow and add pieces few at a time. In this situation, less is more. Rustic Italian architecture makes use of a lot of wood, metal, and stone. Consider using light colors for fabrics to bring light and life to the look. While people who rush to the country look, find a lot of red and white checked patterns, consider a cream or white solid for furniture or other lighter materials to brighten the room and give the home a more comfortable feel.

Some of the rustic pieces that will work well for your project are:

  • Repurposed wood
  • Metal pieces, including hinges, and door knobs
  • Old lighting pieces
  • Edison bulbs
  • Wood beams for ceilings

Choices for modern pieces include:

  • Clean lines of simple and comfortable furniture
  • Solids and light colors, utilizing creams, whites, and grays
  • Clear lighting
  • Accent pieces that are functional

The beautiful old homes of Italy have stood for hundreds of years and will always be a thing of beauty. The trend of people restoring and enjoying their lives in these marks of history is here to stay. While styles come and go, these homes have the beauty of yesterday and the comfort of today. That will never go out of style.

Whether you are restoring a home to live in, or investing in a home to resell for profit, the Italian rustic home is a perfect choice.

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Rustic Modern Bathroom Ideas

Rustic modern bathroom designs (and transitional bathroom designs) are quite popular bathroom remodel styles selected by homeowners in San Diego.  So today we are going to feature a bathroom we built for a client in San Diego a little earlier this year (October 2016).  This homeowner, in our opinion, had a beautiful original bathroom.  However, she wanted to make use of some wasted space.  She had a soaker tub, but really wanted a jetted tub.  Additionally, she simply wanted to make the space a different design style to match the rest of her home.

In the “before” image above you can see a “make-up” counter which the homeowner felt was wasted space.  Additionallly, next to the soaker tub (which was awkwardly placed) there was an additional vanity.  To create more useable space, our client had us remove the “make-up counter”.  Removing that area combined with eliminating the soaker tub allowed us to install a jetted tub against the wall which opened up the bathroom space tremendously.

Fortunately we still had enough space to keep the second vanity in her bathroom.  To brighten up her space we removed the dark window covering and installed simple blinds.  The lighting above the mirrors was replaced with “lighted mirrors” and we added a beautiful chandelier.  The rustic stacked stone backsplash behind the vanities added to the rustic modern theme of the bathroom.  The pebblestone tile under the sleek jetted tub completed the look!

Our client took advantage of the remodel to add a modern niche with a glass insert into her newly tiled shower.  She also had us install a pebbled tile floor to compliment the pebbled tile flooring which was installed under her new jetted tub.  The shower was a perfect compliment to the rest of the bathroom remodel.

The difference in the before and after of this alcove are subtle but make a huge impact in the newly designed bathroom space.  Our client added a drawer in her new cabinet as well as a countertop which matched the rest of the vanities.  For a final touch, we installed floating vanities so she could add some simple accents to the space.

Rustic Modern Bathroom Ideas

Clients sometimes want to know what is appropriate for a specific design.  The truth is, you can create any space that you want.  Do not feel obligated to stay to a certain “design” because an eclectic design for your bathroom is also acceptable.  You are designing your bathroom for your personal comfort first and foremost.

If you are wondering how to pull together a rustic modern bathroom, we suggest using natural materials and colors that are found in nature for the rustic part of the design.  That is why this bathroom incorporates stone in behind the vanities.  The pebble tile reflects pebbles you would find in nature.  For this particular bathroom the smooth modern jetted tub, chandelier,  and the faucets reflect a modern design.

If you would like to speak with a designer to see what can be accomplished within your bathroom space, we are happy to provide you with a free in-home consultation to create your modern rustic bathroom (or any other design you may desire!).  We are available to come to your home Monday through Friday from 9am – 6pm and Saturdays from 9am – 2pm.  Just give us a call at 858-224-7373!

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Now Complete – Transitional Bathroom Remodel – San Diego

If you are looking for inspiration for a Transitional bathroom remodel in San Diego, here is a great sample of some work we completed in the Fall of 2016.  Transitional bathrooms combine the best of two worlds design-wise.  As shown in this transitional bathroom, there are features of contemporary (otherwise known as “modern”) design as well as some more traditional design aspects.

This home, built in 1989, originally featured a soaker tub with a separated shower.  The homeowners wanted to keep both these features but lose the tile, which was very popular in the 80’s.  To keep in line with the modern feel of the bathroom, we installed a frameless shower door for the shower.  Our clients kept safety and comfort in mind when they selected a thermostatic hand held shower by Hansgrohe and installed a grab bar next to the shower seat.

Our clients were also looking to make some cabinetry changes in their home.  They no longer felt it was necessary to have a “make-up” space and wanted to add more storage space in the bathroom.  This is a common request in San Diego bathroom remodels, actually.  To create more space for them, we customized the bathroom by adding stacked cabinets on the countertop.  This change allowed us to add dual mirrors, which is also a popular modern bathroom feature.  This bathroom features Starmark Cabinetry’s Cosmopolitan doors in a white (“Dove”) finish.

You are not going to find tile countertops in a modern or transitional bathroom so we took those out as well.  The countertops were replaced with a sleek-looking quartz.  We complimented the countertops with the installation of a Mirabelle undermount lavatory.  The installation of the shutters completed this classic look.

As you can see in the above “before and after” of the recently completed master bathroom, we had a narrow space to work with. The clean lines and comfortable style used in this space makes this bathroom much more inviting and open-feeling.

Transitional Bathroom Remodel Trends

Many bathroom remodels are created in a transitional design.  Preparing a bath space that is both traditional and contemporary is easier than you may think.  Mid-century modern cabinetry is a great way to start your design.  Avoid overly bold colors.  Do not use over-stimulating ornamentation.   When designing your space think calm, classic, and simple.

Transitional spaces, such as the bathroom space above, commonly use tan, beige, white, or light grey colors.  These colors create a calming atmosphere but we encourage clients to add a pop of color when accessorizing the space.

Call Classic Home Improvements today to discuss your upcoming bathroom remodel and current trends.  Consultations are free and in the comfort of your own home!

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Fireplace Remodeling Options

The focal point of many home living room and family rooms is the fireplace.  Most homes in San Marcos CA were built in late 70’s and early 80’s.  Home style trends have changed significantly since then so it is no wonder the hot new trend in San Marcos CA is a fireplace remodel.  Here are some options for you if you are considering a fireplace renovation. to your outdated fireplace:

Faux Stacked Stone Fireplace

Modern Fireplace - Install Stacked Stone San Diego
Refaced Fireplace

If you like the look of stacked stone but want to save some cost, pre-fabbed stacked stone is a good option.  It takes less labor to install and is less expensive then stone found in nature, which is why it saves on cost.  The biggest differences in appearance when using real stacked stone versus pre-fabbed stacked stone are subtle.

Faux stacked stone mimics the look and feel of natural stone.  A few things you may notice if you install manufactured stone is the corner edges are a little too perfect for what you would find in nature.  Additionally, the grout lines tend to be pretty large in faux stone.

Real Stacked Stone



A fireplace remodel that includes real stacked stone is stunning if you are someone who prefers pieces of nature in your home.  With real stacked stone you can control the grout lines, how tight the stone is installed, and how the stone pops out from the wall.  If you enjoy vintage looks, another popular look is adding reclaimed lumber to create a vintage fireplace.

Real stacked stone will have various colors so if you prefer to have perfect fluidity in your space, this may not be the best fit for you.  Also, real stacked stone is extremely heavy and must be installed piece by piece which means the cost of installation is much higher than a faux fireplace remodel.

Pop Out your Fireplace


San Marcos homeowners have found that they can add some dimension to their living room if they “pop out” the fireplace.  This means framing out the wall prior to remodeling the fireplace.

Tile Surround Fireplace


One stylish way to remodel your fireplace is to add a tile surround.  A tile surround can add a pop of color to your fireplace.  There are thousands of different tile mosaic options for you to choose from when updating your fireplace.

Tile Surround Fireplace with Mantel


Your fireplace can include a tile surround with a wood mantel or a cast mantel with a surround.  Mantels with surrounds can finish your fireplace with a modern or classic look, depending on your home’s style.

A fireplace renovation will create a whole new feel in your home.  If you are ready to discuss a fireplace remodel with a reputable contractor, call Classic Home Improvements for a free in-home consultation!



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Home Remodeling Colors and Their Emotional Impact

Interior designers take many things into consideration when designing your space.  Each aspect of your home is considered from the exterior architecture down to your lifestyle.  One thing the interior designer will speak with you about is your color preferences.

When you speak with your kitchen and bathroom designer they will want to know what your favorite colors are as well as the colors you want to avoid.  You may have some colors in your space that can not be changed, as well.  Before you have that discussion, we would like to introduce you to remodeling colors and their emotional impact.


Bright yellow kitchen

Yellow is a natural stimulate of your appetite and it elicits a feeling of happiness which is why it is always included in restaurant’s logos.  The color yellow comes in many tones, if you are short-tempered be sure to avoid bright yellows, as that can increase your irritability in large quantities.




Green is a color which does not require the eye to make any adjustments so it is seen as a natural color.  If you are trying to create a space of balance or refreshment, green is a good color to use.  Green is also used for spaces that are being used for reassurance or environmental awareness.


Blue and White Bathroom - Bathroom Designer San Diego

Blue is considered a serenity color because it reminds us of the sky and water which is why it continues to be a popular color in bathrooms.  Blue is also a color associated with intelligence and logic so it makes a good shade for offices.  As a color often considered calming, many people will also use blues in their kitchen, living, and bedroom areas.


Serenity Grey Bathroom - Bath Designer San Diego

Grey has become very popular in homes because they are psychologically neutral but the absence of color can become depressing if used in the wrong tone or without proper accent colors.  Heavy use of grey can cause lack of energy so be aware of the shade and how much you use grey in your home.


Romantic Master Bathroom - San Diego Bathroom Designer

Violet is often used for the consumer who is introvert and the color encourages deep contemplation.  It is often times associated with wealth and stature.    Use this spiritual color carefully though because excessive use of purple, especially in the wrong tone,  can be seen as cheap if used in too much abundance.

Reds and Pinks

Japanese Style Bedroom with Soshi Doors

Red grabs our attention immediately.  It is a positive color which reflects strength, survival, and excitement if used in the right shades.  Using the wrong shades in your home can create feelings of aggravation.  Red is also used in restaurants, particularly fast food chains because the color red triggers the emotion of “fight or flight” which makes patrons eat faster. Interestingly, the color pink which is a version of red is a natural stress reducer.

Oranges and Browns

San Diego Attic Conversion Fairbanks Ranch

Orange has sensuality and warmth as well as comfort and security.  In some shades of orange it brings out the emotion of fun and playful.  Browns are safe colors and nurturing, likely because it is a nature color.  Some find browns to be boring and dull but that can be changed by mixing with metallic shades or adding texture.  Brown tones are returning in popularity in kitchen and bathroom settings, although white is still by far the most popular at this time.

Home Remodeling and Designers

Your designer understands that not everyone reacts the same towards colors.  There are not only emotional considerations that your designer will consider but also perceptual considerations when selecting colors for your home.  For example warm colors and shades can make a room seem smaller or warmer.  Light colors can increase the perceived space in the total area.

Working Classic Home Improvements as your contractor ensures you will have the benefit of working with a design team that can help you not only design the space but build it as well.  If you need to speak with a kitchen designer or bathroom designer in San Diego or Temecula, give us a call at 858-224-7373!

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Are wet bars making a comeback?

home design We think it is shocking, really.  The Wet Bar is making a comeback to homes all over the United States!  Sometimes seen the basement of 70’s homes with a Tiki lamp nearby, wet bars have been re-revolutionized and are getting more and more modern.

Single Wall Wet Bars

Countertop on one wall with windows
Wet bars are now being seen in living rooms and are being built with much more sophistication. Single-wall wet bars are a great way to put walls with views to work. You won’t have upper cabinets to deal with.  All your bottles and glasses can be stored can be kept below.  This allows you to have more counter space and maybe even add a sink.

Floor to Ceiling Wet Bars

White cabinets with wet bar

Floor-to-ceiling wet bars can give your room wonderful look. It looks as if that wet bar was always meant to be there. This concept will look great in various finishes and wood cabinets. You can have upper cabinets with glass doors to show off your beautiful crystal glasses.  Add a decorative backsplash add wefor color or sparkle.  Below you can have under cabinets and a wine fridge!  Keep all your wine bottles stored at the appropriate temperature and ready to serve at a moment’s notice.

Wet Bar (Floor to ceiling) with Floating Shelves

Rustic wet bar - Home Remodeling San Diego
If you want a more modern look, opt for floating shelves instead of cabinetry. Floating shelves is a great way to display decorative pieces in your bar area. You can do a lot with this modern space by mixing in metallic and textures.


Pass Through Wet Bars

Wet bar between living area and family areawet bar between living room and entertainment area

Pass through wet bars are bars that have a cut out through the wall allowing you to see into the other room. This is a great way to make drinks and still be engaged with your guests while they wait in the other room.

Wet Bar with Wine Cubbies

Are you a wine connoisseur and maybe these types of wet bars aren’t appealing to you or your wine collection?  Fear not, wet bars have not forgotten about you.  Cabinetry has gotten better over the years by thinking of ways to make the everyday homeowners life easier.  Then they came up with wine storage.  Instead of having upper cabinets, get wine cubbies.  This is a great way to display and show off your wine collection.

L Shaped Wet Bar

If you have a lot of dead space in your home and you want to fill it with something interesting, try an L-Shaped wet bar.  This layout lets you have more room to prep, perfect for holiday parties or small get togethers.  Add glass cabinets or wine racks for your uppers, include a sink or wine fridge below. The most deck out wet bar has the most potential when there is room to play with.

Remodeling San Diego

When you are ready to discuss your home remodeling project, take the time to learn the difference between a designer, an architect, a contractor, and a design-build firm so you can determine who to start working with on your next major home renovation.  Classic Home Improvements can help you no matter what your needs are!  Call us at 858-224-7373

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