Kitchen Remodel For the New Year

We are hearing more and more frequently that homeowners are having a hard time getting return phone calls from San Marcos kitchen remodel specialists.  It’s really the same all over San Diego and Temecula!  The reason is because this is the busy season for remodeling contractors.  Most projects are coming out of permits and are getting ready to build in September and October.  If you are planning a kitchen remodel for the New Year then you need to start getting your estimates TODAY.  Not tomorrow.  Do not wait!  Below, we have included some timeline information  that you need to be very aware of when planning your San Marcos kitchen remodel (this really applies to anywhere in San Diego and Temecula, all areas we service, by the way!).

 Kitchen Remodel Timeline

No PermitsWith Permits
Selecting A Contractor2-3 Weeks2-3 Weeks
Finalization of Design1-2 Weeks1-2 Weeks
Obtaining Permits06 Weeks
Product Selection & Delivery6 Weeks6 Weeks
Construction6-8 Weeks8-10 Weeks
Total Time15-19 Weeks23 – 27 Weeks

The kitchen remodel timeline above is a rough projection.  Your specific kitchen remodel timeline will vary depending on the scope of work being performed and the size of the kitchen remodel itself.

Selecting a contractor – 3 weeks

When you start looking to get estimates for your San Marcos kitchen remodel, you need to budget 3 weeks to meet with contractors.  Typically you will have two meetings (per contractor). The first meeting is to gather information, formulate a kitchen remodel design, and take measurements.  Your second appointment is typically to view the 3D design and review the proposal and estimate.   San Marcos kitchen remodel contractors usually ask for 7-10 days to prepare your estimate.  Will the process start-to-finish take you 3 weeks?  It depends on your availability as much as it depends on your contractor’s availability.  It also depends on whether or not your contractor NAILED it on the design and estimate on the first round.  3 weeks is a safe bet in our opinion if you are motivated to get started and have a flexible schedule.

White Kitchen Cabinets - Kitchen Remodel Encinitas

Designing your kitchen – 2 weeks

Finalizing the design between you and your contractor, schedule and taking final measurements of the existing footprint, and creating architectural drawings to build adds 1-2 weeks.  Most of the time delays are in scheduling coordination between you and the contractor.

Obtaining City Permits – 6 weeks

Do not forget that permits may be required for your kitchen remodel!  If you are moving walls, moving or adding plumbing or electrical then you will require permits.   If you are getting permits you need to tack on at least 6 weeks in your schedule (permits usually take 4-6 weeks if there are no city delays, corrections, or additional reviews needed).

 Warm Kitchen Cabinets - San Marcos Kitchen Remodel

Product selection and delivery:  5-6 weeks

Selecting the finish materials for your San Marcos kitchen remodel can take quite a long time. Classic Home Improvements provides 4 hours product selection time with a coordinator to help expedite the process.  This is not a standard service though in San Marcos so ask your contractor if they help you with picking out your countertops, sinks, lighting, flooring, painting, etc.  Once materials are ordered you are looking at 5-6 weeks to get all the materials delivered.  Most reputable contractors will not start on your project until all your finish materials have been delivered.  This helps to reduce construction time in your home if there is a material back-order or defective item.

Construction:  6-8 weeks

Once you start on construction there are some variables that need to be considered.  Each project is very individual in scope, complexity, and size.  We think it is best to budget 8 weeks. Holiday schedules, the access your contractor is given to the job site, and potential delays due to inspections may increase this time frame.

Budgeting for 8 weeks should keep you from disappointment.  Best case scenarios (if you are not using a handyman service) you can expect your kitchen remodel construction time to be to 4-6 weeks if you are just updating.  If you are doing a complete makeover with custom work (adding an island, removing a wall, etc) expect 8-10 weeks.

For the purpose of this article, we are going to suggest budgeting 8 weeks.  Use the higher time frame if you have a complex project.  ALWAYS get your schedule from your contractor because each remodeling contractor has a different schedule and timeline (which change throughout the year depending on how much work they have going on).

Scheduling to get started on your San Marcos kitchen remodel

As you can see by the kitchen remodel timeline above – if you want to have your San Marcos kitchen remodel completed by the New Year then you are a little behind the eight ball.  We took the highest range of each stage of your remodel to get our point across.  Can you hire a contractor in September or October and have your kitchen remodeled by the end of January?  Yes, but you had better move QUICK, be planning a simple remodel, and be very available to your contractor (and know that you have hired a contractor that can expedite the process on his/her end).  You will have to make quick decisions, resist making changes in scope of work, and select finish products which are not on back-order.  Most importantly – you must pick up the phone TODAY to get your free estimate.

Whether you are planning a San Marcos kitchen remodel – or anywhere else in San Diego or Temecula – give us a call to schedule that free consultation.

Ask to speak with Nicole!  858-224-7373, email us at, or fill out the form below for us to contact you!

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Make Your Kitchen Pet-Friendly with a Few Simple Remodeling Tricks

According to the National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the APPA around 68% or 85 million families in the US own a pet. While 60.2 million households prefer dogs, 47.1 million own a cat. If you are one of them you know that having a pet is similar to having a child in many ways. While they bring a lot of joy into our lives, they have their own special needs. That is why if you are planning a kitchen remodel you have to take their needs into consideration as well.

Your pets can benefit from some design ideas made specifically to make their and your life easier. And while it might take them some time to adapt and master the new space, they are bound to be grateful and show it. Here are some ideas that can make your kitchen remodeling project work to both your and your pet’s advantage.

Cat on Kitchen Countertop - Kitchen Remodeling in Rancho Bernardo

Plan for Catastrophes

Open shelves are a huge kitchen remodeling trend these days. But if you have a cat you know that our feline friends won’t rest until they’ve explored every available and barely available corner of your home. Therefore open shelves are a disaster just waiting to happen. If you are not at home, this disaster might even be dangerous for your kitty.

Glass door cabinets are a good alternative to open shelves. They offer the visual appeal but can keep your cat away from your precious glassware or other items. If you still want to have open shelves just make sure your cat cannot reach them by placing them high.

Design a Space for Your Dog

On the other hand, if you have a dog you know how they love to keep you company at all times. They enjoy spending time with you as you tackle your daily chores. More than anything, dogs enjoy spending time with their owners as they cook, hoping for a treat as an award for their company. But maneuvering in the kitchen, especially a narrow one, with your dog wrapped around your legs can be dangerous.

To avoid this, when planning a new kitchen layout think about creating enough space to safely move around. Even better, why not design an area in the kitchen just for your dog? You could add an open cabinet with a bed where your dog can keep an eye on you while you cook and not get in the way.

Have a Designated Spot for Dishes

A great addition for any home with a pet is a fixed spot for their food and water bowls. A fixed spot for their dishes means no more accidental spills and messes to clean. Consider smart storage ideas like having a pullout drawer you can easily open when they get hungry and tuck it away when they play or rest.

However, some pets and cats, in particular, are used to an occasional snack throughout the day. In this case consider placing the food and water bowls on a low, open-cabinet shelf.

Flooring Choices

One thing that pet owners need to pay attention to the most when remodeling is flooring. If you have a pet you know that a stain-resistant floor can save you a lot of trouble. The same goes for scratch resistant floors, an absolutely necessary trait if you want your floor to last.

Best flooring options for a pet-friendly home remodel are by far hardwood, tiles and linoleum. Hardwood is a slightly more expensive option but by far the most durable and easiest to clean.

Interested in a Pet-Friendly Kitchen Remodel in Rancho Bernardo?

Classic Home Improvements is a licensed home remodeling contractor based in Escondido, serving Rancho Bernardo and the wide San Diego area. If you are looking for more pet-friendly remodeling ideas, get in touch with our friendly agents to schedule a free consultation.

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Look Out For These 7 Hot Kitchen Remodeling Trends in 2017

As a heart of every home the kitchen needs to be up to date with the latest trends, aesthetic and functional. If you are looking to have your kitchen remodel in Temecula as meticulous as possible and improve both its look and functionality, we have a few trends you should consider.

Say Goodbye to Handles

Plain cabinet doors with no visible handles are a great way to make your streamlined kitchen cabinetry stand out. Through this design the materials and the craftsmanship take the spotlight, not the finishes. This trend is bound to hold its ground well beyond 2017 as homeowners are drawn to its sleek appeal.

Streamlined Handleless Cabinetry - Kitchen Remodel in Temecula

Quartz Countertops

The number of homeowners looking to upgrade to quartz countertops has been on the rise throughout 2016 and the trend has been on the rise since the start of 2017. The main reason for this is that quartz is considered a quality, lasting material.

Before 2016 quartz was seen by many as an inaccessible and unaffordable, but it has proven to be an enduring material well worth its price. Upgrading to quartz from laminate will make your kitchen luxurious, make it more durable and significantly increase its value.

Industrial Kitchen

Another huge trend that we are seeing more and more of is the industrial kitchen look. Details like exposed pipes and bricks, scruffy metallic finishes and minimalistic kitchen elements are what makes these kitchens so boldly unique.

The industrial design combines the appeal of natural elements such as stone, concrete and wood with contemporary ideas which makes it ideal for any home, which is likely the key to its increased popularity.

Clear Worktops

Messy worktops are outdated. Instead, clutter free cooking spaces are being integrated into most modern kitchens. This design trend will make cooking all the more easier and can even make your kitchen look bigger. The form and functionality of this design are achieved through the use innovative cabinets that are made to house everything from towels to spices and oils.

Smart Storage

Apart from saving you a lot of valuable space, smart storage designs have the benefit of looking absolutely breathtaking. Designers are coming up with smart storage solutions meant to hide small appliances out of sight, allowing the cabinetry to stand out.


Colors like black, white or grey never lost their appeal, but our experts are suggesting they will become predominant in most contemporary kitchens. Anything from worktops, cabinets and appliances can benefit the innate appeal of these elegant colors.

Copper Finishes

The most popular color trends in 2016 and well into 2017 involve grey combined with natural tones. If you want to accent your gray cabinetry there’s no better way to bring out its appeal than by adding a copper finish. Copper handles, appliances and accessories are therefore expected to be huge this year as homeowners are eager to find an equally appealing alternative to stainless steel.

Kitchen Remodel in Temecula

Classic Home Improvements is a licensed contractor located in Escondido, serving Temecula, Rancho Bernardo, Del Mar and the rest of San Diego County. If you are looking to hire a reliable, trustworthy partner to handle your kitchen remodel in one of these locations feel free to reach out to our friendly agents at (858) 224-7373 or through our online contact form.

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Luxury Flooring Options for Your Kitchen Remodel in Carmel Valley

When thinking about cooking up a kitchen remodel, homeowners often forget the thing that can literally transform their kitchen – flooring. While it’s true that replacing the cabinets has an enormous impact on the kitchen’s makeover, homeowners wishing to do a kitchen remodel in Carmel Valley should also think about different flooring options.

But First…

Before we begin discussing the pros and cons of different flooring materials, let’s consider the essentials. Stripping your kitchen floor or replacing the flooring completely is a serious undertaking, so let’s consider how you can make the best of it.

First of all, if your kitchen is a room most used by all the family members (as mostly is), you would need a durable flooring material. What’s more, the ideal material would also be easy to clean and preferably comfortable for long standing while you cook.

Additionally, think about the overall style of your kitchen. Do you want the flooring to complement the style or do you want to revamp the whole kitchen? Either way, you have to think about how the flooring would go with the cabinets and countertops. Mind you, not all materials have to be the same type or color for your kitchen to have a well-balanced style.

Modern Kitchen Remodel Carmel Valley

That in mind, let’s check some of the popular luxury kitchen flooring options, from hardwood and natural stone to tiles.


Hardwood is the absolute winner in the group! This regal material is durable and offers an unrivaled visual appeal. It gives off the sense of warmth and ever-lasting sophistication. It’s excellent if you have an open-floor plan, since it works well in kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms.

Perhaps most importantly, hardwood is unlikely to go out of style, so you can be sure your kitchen will have a long-lasting appeal. What’s more, you will ensure an excellent resale value for your home should you decide to move since your kitchen floor will remain in tip-top state for decades to come.

Choose from a variety of options such as exotic hardwood, reclaimed hardwood or hand-scraped hardwood flooring, and you are sure to make your kitchen stand out!

Natural Stone

A coveted flooring material, natural stone comes in a variety of styles. Therefore, it can blend with almost any kitchen design and style, adding to its timeless charm. It’s surprisingly easy to clean, although it’s admittedly colder than most other materials. Nevertheless, it looks impressive, especially if you go for larger pieces and fewer grout lines.

An important thing to remember about natural stone flooring is that it requires a strong subfloor, so make sure you account for that if you go for this imposing material.


Bamboo is an extremely attractive flooring option. It’s warm and reminiscent of hardwood, although it offers a slightly more modern look. It’s also highly durable, but perhaps most importantly – it’s insect and moisture-resistant, so it’s great for people with allergies. Additionally, bamboo is made of renewable materials, so it’s an exceptionally eco-friendly option.

White Kitchen with hardwood Floor - Kitchen Remodel Carmel Valley

Ceramic Tiles

You can choose from a variety of hand-made designer ceramic tiles to give your kitchen a feel of class and style. For a truly unique feel, you can have custom-made ceramic tiles installed. Play with mosaic patterns to make your kitchen stand out with its bold sophistication.

Vinyl Tiles

Many homeowners feel that vinyl is simply a lower-end alternative to porcelain tiles, but that’s not the case with Luxury Vinyl Tiles. They can look as impressive as the porcelain ones, but they are more slip-resistant and a great deal quieter.

High-End Kitchen Remodel Carmel Valley

If you wish to give your kitchen a makeover, Classic Home Improvements can help you see the bigger picture and not leave anything out. We are an award-winning home remodel company in Carmel Valley, with as many as 100 years of combined professional experience. Our staff has the experience, know-how and passion required to make a remarkable difference in your home. Call us today at (858) 224-7373 and treat your kitchen to a royal makeover!


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Kitchen Remodeling Options

If you are in San Marcos CA and you are looking to update your kitchen, you may or may not have a really good idea of what you want to accomplish.  There are several different types of kitchen remodeling options.  Your budget will really determine what you can accomplish in the space.  Generally speaking, here are your kitchen remodeling options…..

Kitchen Update

A simple kitchen remodel update means you are going to modernize your space without changing the floorplan.  This can include re-facing your kitchen cabinets or replacing them entirely.  Updating your kitchen may or may not include new flooring, countertops, appliances, and lighting.  Some homeowners freshen up their kitchen by simply re-painting the space.  If you are hoping to spend less than $15,000 a kitchen update is probably the best option.  In San Diego you are likely to spend over $25,000 if you intend on replacing your cabinetry.

Kitchen Remodel with Floorplan Changes

A kitchen remodel with floorplan changes is generally more costly.  Cabinetry is the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel.  Although, if you intend on relocating your sink, refrigerator with water line, and/or gas stovetop or oven your prices will definitely increase because of the labor costs involved.  Adding an island is a great way to increase countertop space but it will also increase the cost of your kitchen remodel.

High End Kitchen Remodel with Island

Kitchen Expansion

There are a few times of kitchen expansion options.  One includes knocking out an exterior wall to push out the space into a yard area.  This means your remodeling contractor will have to match the extended roof and exterior surround of the home to match the existing space.  Another way to expand your kitchen is to expand the cabinetry into an existing living space.

Create an Open Concept Kitchen

A popular San Marcos CA option is to take down a wall to change a galley kitchen to an open concept floorplan.  The first thing your contractor needs to determine is whether or not the wall is load-bearing.  There are two options for you if it is load bearing.  When you meet with a remodeling contractor, you will be given a few options for what you can do with the space if you do not want to deal with the expense of removing a load-bearing wall.

If you know you have an outdated kitchen space and want to modernize but do not have a clue where to start, your best option is to reach out to a local home remodeling contractor.  When you are ready to discuss some ideas about designing your kitchen remodel, need help figuring out the kitchen remodel process works, or would like to get some budgetary numbers so you can start planning your kitchen remodel – give us a call at 858-224-7373!


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Go Green for Your Next Kitchen Remodel in Escondido

Planning your next kitchen remodel in Escondido can actually be lots of fun if you decide to go green. How so? It’s really simple – with each choice you make, you’ll know you’re doing the right thing: saving money in the long run, protecting the environment and securing a healthier, sustainable space for you and your family. We can also show you that an eco-friendly kitchen remodel can be every bit as trendy as a ‘’typical’’ remodel. Take a look at how you can achieve all this with just a few green ideas.

Eco Friendly Flooring Crew

Linoleum Flooring - Kitchen Remodel Escondido

Kitchen floor is the most conspicuous part of your kitchen and can be the hardest to maintain. That’s where the eco-friendly kitchen flooring solutions kick in – cork and linoleum are the rock stars of the group. All environmentally conscious folks want them and they are in high demand. No surprise there, really. These guys rule kitchen remodel in Escondido.

Linoleum doesn’t let out toxic materials after it’s installed and is made from entirely renewable materials. Cork is a fast-growing material, which makes it not only sustainable, but also very pliant. And pliant means one thing – it’s soft and perfect for walking barefoot. And let’s not forget an equally important thing – cork is resistant to water and dust and perfect if you suffer from allergies.

Green Lights All the Way

Eco-friendly kitchen lighting has recently picked up speed, with more and more homeowners wanting to make a statement with their kitchen lighting scheme. When you think about it, how many times did you feel frustrated because there wasn’t enough light in the areas where you needed them most? For example, the cooking area. You would turn on all the lights in the kitchen without even solving this problem and (by the way) wasting unnecessary amounts of energy (and dollars). Those days are finally over.

Energy Star-certified LED lights come in a variety of energy-efficient bulbs, ranging from highly practical task light bulbs for the cooking area, remotely-controlled accent lights to dimmable lights that create a romantic atmosphere. Although initially pricey, LEDs pay off incredibly fast because of their practicality, energy-efficiency and trendy design.

Water-Efficient and Water Filtration Fixtures

Smart Kitchen Appliances - Kitchen Remodel Escondido

Preserving water in California has always been a point of interest, now more than ever. There are water-efficient fixtures, such as faucets, that can save up to 50% of water used in the kitchen. There are other fixtures and appliances, such as tankless water heaters and low-flow faucets that can also go a long way in reducing water usage. For improved water quality, homeowners now install water purifiers. All of these appliances look infinitely more modern than the traditional ones, proving that an eco-friendly kitchen remodel is somewhat of a design makeover.

Salvaged Wood from the Hood

Alongside the muscular butcher block, salvaged wood is really making a name for itself, not only in terms of eco-friendliness, but also in terms of design. Homeowners are tired of cookie-cutter design solutions and are looking for something fresh. And what’s more time-saving than looking around your local area? Visit some of the local shops that clean and repurpose used wood, and you will find incredible pieces that can make all the difference to your kitchen.

By purchasing locally-sourced salvaged wood, you go green all the way. Saved money on transport – check. No trees cut down – check. Empowered your local community – check. And it doesn’t end there. You can use salvaged wood for flooring, cabinets, countertops, kitchen islands – you name it.

Energy-Saving Appliances

If you thought that going green means getting rid of all the electronics, you are gravely mistaken. Harnessing technology for environmental purposes is at the core of the green movement. So much so, in fact, that you can find a wide range of Energy Star-labelled appliances, including the bulkier ones like refrigerators and dishwashers, not to mention ice makers. You don’t have to give up the everyday kitchen appliances – just replace the old ones (that devoured both energy and your hard-earned dollars) with their energy-saving modern counterparts.

Green and Stainless

And just as you started thinking ‘’OK, so now you want me to paint the walls green and get some green table cloths and plate mats’’, here comes a surprise – you can have your kitchen black, but it can still be green. Not making much sense? Well, if you prefer your kitchen dark and edgy, go for black stainless steel. Although it doesn’t look it, but it’s 60% recycled. And that can only mean one thing – stainless steel IS eco-friendly.

Refaced Cabinets

Modern kitchen Interior - Kitchen Remodel Escondido

Just because your kitchen cabinets look a bit shabby, it doesn’t mean you have to replace them. Go for cabinet refacing instead. Talk to your local kitchen remodel Escondido contractor about the materials they use for cabinet refacing. Do they contain harmful VOCs? Suggest using salvaged wood – as we said, it’s great for the environment and your cabinets will look just the way you want them. Buying new cabinets often means transport costs and that (as you’ve gathered so far) is a big eco-friendly no-no. Also, what would you do with the old cabinets? Just throw them away? If your existing cabinets are broken and dysfunctional, you can buy new ones and donate the old ones to your local salvaged wood shops.

Go Green with CHI – Your Premier Kitchen Remodel Escondido Contractor

Classic Home Improvements is a reliable Escondido contractor dedicated to the local community. We support innovations and incorporate them into our projects. We believe that a sustainable lifestyle isn’t an expensive one. That is why our kitchen remodel services are reasonably priced and aimed at giving our customers clean and beautiful kitchens. Call us today – let’s go green together!

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Guide to Kitchen Sink Options

When you start planning your kitchen remodel, we tell customers that you will be making a lot of decisions.  We aren’t kidding!  Think about your kitchen sink.   It surprises people that not only do you have to decide what material type you want, you also need to decide what size sink you want.  Then you also have to decide the bowl type that fits your needs best.  Here are some stylish sink types for kitchens of all types of kitchens. Let’s break down these options to help you find your next sink!

Re-purposed kitchen sinks

Repurposed Kitchen Sink - Kitchen Remodel San Marcos CA

If you are spending more money on other parts of the kitchen and don’t want to spend a lot on the sink, re-use an old sink. Shop at thrift stores or salvage shops and find a good functioning sink and have it refurbished. It’s a cost effect way of adding some character to your kitchen and save you some money.

Custom kitchen sinks

Custom Kitchen Sink - Kitchen Remodeling San Marcos CA

Do you have an odd space that maybe a standard sink wont fit?  Try getting a custom sink.  This option allows for you to be creative in your choice. You can pick the material it’s made out of, color, size and so much more.

Professional kitchen sinks

Professional Sink - Kitchen Remodel San Marcos CA

Are you creating your dream kitchen with the theme of master chef,?  Then you need a professional sink.  A professional-grade sink to stand up to all of your cooking. These professional sinks have heavy-gauge stainless steel, washing space and deep basins.  Perfect for washing large pots and pans.

Fully integrated kichen sinks

Integrated Kitchen Sink - San Marcos Kitchen Remodel

Fully integrated sinks are sinks that have no molding, caulking or sink edge.  These are easy to clean and it has invisible sinks.  You will need the exact size and sink depth.  This option is getting more and more popular

Apron kitchen sinks

Apron Kitchen Sink - Kitchen Remodeling San Marcos CA

Apron sinks don’t just belong in traditional kitchens; they can go with contemporary kitchens. Make sure your cabinet selection will fit this type of sink.

Hand painted kitchen sinks

Hand Painted Kitchen Sink - Custom Kitchen Remodel San Marcos CA

If you have a specific theme or style in your kitchen remodel and you want that theme to go down to the sink, it can be done. Hand painted sinks can add a personal flair to your kitchen and absolutely customize-able depending on the manufacturer.

Stone kitchen sinks

Stone Kitchen Sink - Kitchen Remodeling San Marcos

A stone sink is very durable and Is usually made of the same stone as the countertop.  If you want something that is seamless and durable for your sink option, this is a great choice.  Price varies on countertop material and size.

Single bowl kitchen sinks Vs: Double bowl kitchen sinks

The debate rages on with which is the better choice. It really comes down to the homeowner and what they are comfortable with. One large single bowl is perfect for washing large pots and pans.  Having dual bowls is helpful to separate clean versus dirty dishes. The decision depends on your activities and how you use your kitchen sink.  If you decide on a dual bowl sink then your kitchen sink options start up again because you will need to determine the best bowl depths for your cooking lifestyle.

With so many options out there for sinks, it’s hard to nail one chose down.  Remember to think about how you use your sink, what will make your kitchen experience better and your overall design.

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Do I need a permit to remodel my kitchen?

As a San Diego remodeling contractor, we obviously do a lot of kitchen renovations.  When we meet with homeowners regarding their upcoming kitchen remodel, many consumers will ask whether or not they need a permit from the city.  Sometimes they will ask us what the process is for obtaining a permit. Other times homeowners will ask how long the permit process will take.  Here is some general information about permits for remodeling your kitchen.

Lets start with what permits are and why they are important because everyone loves to hate permits.  Basically, permits are a way for the city to regulate construction.  Not just a way for the city to collect fees, permits are used to govern safety and ensure energy conservation.  I can promise you your contractor loves permits just as  much as you do.  Let’s face it, no one wants to be babysat which is what the permits do, and no one likes delays, which is what permits cause.

The real question everyone wants answered is whether or not they need a permit for their kitchen remodel.  The quick answer is: only if you are moving or adding plumbing, electrical, mechanical, or walls within the home.  So if you are refinishing your cabinets – you will not need a permit.  If you are removing cabinetry and replacing cabinetry in the same location – you will not need a permit.  If you aren’t sure – when you interview kitchen remodel contractors, ask them because they had better know the answer!

There are a few different types of permits.  One type of permit is trade-specific (electrical, plumbing, or mechanical). So if you have decided to run some electrical to add some new outlets or install new lights, you would need to submit approval for an electrical permit.  If you wanted to add plumbing to your island so you could have a vegetable sink – you would need a plumbing permit.  The other type of permit is a building permit.  So if you were going to remove a wall, you would need a building permit.  If you were moving a wall and doing electrical and plumbing work, you would need a building permit plus a permit for each trade which will require a full set of plans rather than a line drawing strictly for the trade you will be affecting

So how you do get a permit?  There is a process which is why everyone dreads having to obtain permits.  You will need to have a qualified person, usually a draftsman, measure out your property and create a set of “as-built” drawings which will show how the home is currently built. From that set of plans you will create a set of plans for how you will remodel the house.  When you submit the plan to be reviewed, there are times when the city will have special zones review the plans before you are approved for the permit.  For example, if you live near the airport you may need to have the plans reviewed by the FAA.  If the plans need to be reviewed by a special zone, the city will arrange for that.  Your contractor should be very aware of the permit process and have solutions for how to go about getting your permit so you can build your kitchen remodel.

When you are planning your kitchen renovation, be sure to take some time understanding kitchen remodel timelines and how that relates to hiring a contractor and/or getting permits.  Once you have your permit, which takes typically 4-6 weeks, you will need to have the home inspected as you build the project.  Since you are likely working with a remodeling contractor, your contractor will call for inspections.  Inspections also delay the project because you have to a) schedule the appointment and stop work until the inspection is approved and b) if there is anything the inspector does not like then he will fail the inspection and your contractor will need to fix it and call for a second inspection on a different day.

No one truly enjoys the permit process.  We suspect even the inspectors dread them.  They process does ensure your remodel will be completed safely and to code.  If you need more information about San Diego permits for your kitchen remodel, visit the City of San Diego development services website.

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Ideas for a kitchen island

Kitchen islands are a fun way to bring an entertaining element to a kitchen. Whether you are using your island for cooking purposes or eating, there are several ways to design an island.

Functional Kitchen Island - Add Kitchen Island San Diego

Functional kitchen island.

The kitchen is the entertainment room now-a-days and having a kitchen island is where your company will flock to.  So you will need to decide what you will be using your kitchen island for. Is it for prep work, cooking, cleaning, eating, or entertaining?  If you need additional appliances or sinks, the island is the place to add these items.   It is possible to have your island be a functioning one and also allow seating.

I Shaped Kitchen - Major Kitchen Remodel San Diego CA

Appliances for your kitchen island

So what kind of appliances can you put in your island? Your possibilities are endless depending on your budget. Some islands have a sink and dishwasher, some have a cooktop with vent or hood overhead. Some islands have smaller veggie sinks for prep.  Some people like a nice wine fridge in their islands as well. It depends on where you think you will be working the most and what appliances you need in that space.

Kitchen Island with Shelves - Major Home Renovation San Diego

Kitchen Island for storage

Islands are a great way to increase storage in your kitchen. You can use the empty space below to store large pots or pans or even create a dish drawer where you can store dishes. If you look cookbooks and have many of them, you can make a built in book shelve to hold them.

Island with Exposed Shelves - Small Kitchen Remodel San Diego CA

Display and storage

Kitchens with islands are more than likely and open kitchen concept and with that being said, some islands are getting a different treatment. Islands are starting to be designed with open shelves that wrap around the island to display items. Instead of open shelves closed shelves are also a great option to store cookbooks and other items.

U Shaped Kitchen Island - Large Kitchen Remodel San Diego

Kitchen island with table seating

Another interesting way to create an island is creating an island on one side and sitting on the other. These come in various shapes and sizes, some are long and curved others are square. If you like the idea of bringing a table to the mix of your island, make sure you have the room to do so.

Large I Shaped Kitchen - Major Home Renovation San Diego

L-Shaped kitchen islands

L Shaped islands are large and can be great for storage its perfect for prepping and for entertaining. This is guaranteed to give you more work space with less crowding and with bar style seating. This shape is large and perfect for large functions.

U Shaped Kitchen with Seating - Kitchen Designer San Diego CA

U-shaped kitchen islands

U-shaped Islands are amazingly large and can be the chefs dream. If you want work space, storage and seating, this is the perfect way of doing it. It’s big enough to have some room to prepare and also have an appliance in there or two! The storage options are endless, as well.

Whatever design you choose, we are sure it will work well with what you are trying to accomplish.

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Show Off Your Cabinets With These Hardware Options


When you decided you wanted to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, we seriously doubt the hardware options were first on your list to purchase!  Some homeowners like to skip hardware altogether but for those of you who want to add kitchen hardware to your cabinets, here are a few style options to consider.


Tubular Bar Pulls

This is the current trend in kitchen pulls because of its modern look. Shaker doors in kitchens of various colors have these pulls. You can get these in various lengths, the longer tubes can look very dramatic This can give your kitchen a modern look.


Flat Bar Pulls

This is also a current trend we are seeing in kitchen remodels. It’s hard to pinpoint what we see more flat bar pulls or tubular pulls. These flat pulls look fantastic in polished nickel and in a way adds a modern glamorized look to the kitchen.  These pulls work well with various colored cabinets and can give your kitchen a contemporary edge.


Traditional Nickel

Shaker cabinets are simple cabinets and it doesn’t matter what color they are traditional nickel is a great modern choice. The great thing about traditional nickel is that is a versatile door style so you it looks great with any finish or pull.  If you pick a vintage style pull it can look great in traditional nickel. This can give your kitchen a retro feel.


Accented Wire Pulls

This type of pull can be seen in kitchens with a country cottage feel. Wire pulls come in various styles and looks and can be very specific in detail. They can look very elegant and they do add a traditional flair to your remodel.


Arced and Footed Bar

If the look you are going for is classic, then you may want to pick these pulls up. They go by various names but the look decorative and can be mixed and matched with various door styles and finishes. The do add more of a traditional and decorate element to your kitchen.

Glass Pulls

Vintage Glass or Ceramic Knobs

Vintage glass style pulls and knobs are trend goes back to the depression area. This is a classic choice that is more notoriously seen on bathroom vanities. This knob choice is vintage and if you want your kitchen to have that feel add them to your cabinets. Ceramic knobs can look very beautiful in a kitchen but make sure you coordinate the rest of your choices. This can give your kitchen a historical or Victorian look.


Vintage pulls with exposed screws

This probably a trend you remember this back in the 70s or 80s, the brass pull with exposed screws. These pulls come in various colors such as oil-rubbed bronze. This look can look great if you are going for a rustic feel in your kitchen. This can give your kitchen a utilitarian or industrial hair.

We know that these are a lot of options but remember to stick to the theme and style of your kitchen. Don’t add a vintage handle to a modern style kitchen!

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