Common Remodeling Fears & How to Overcome Them

Let’s face it, contractors have a bad name and homeowner remodeling fears are in abdundance.  Almost everyone you talk to has a story that they can share about a horrible contractor experience.  There are reality shows that make fortunes showcasing bad contractors.  You hear stories on the news about shady unlicensed contractors scamming homeowners.  If you are considering remodeling, you need to be an informed consumer.  There are good contractors out there!!!

Here are some of the most common remodeling fears and how you can overcome them.

  • You won’t get what you want.  Disappointment in the finished product is a huge fear of homeowners.  You are getting ready to spend a small fortune to remodel and you aren’t sure if you are going to love it after you have spent the money and time to build the new space.   The best way to overcome this is to work with a contractor who provides you with a very detailed scope of work, so you can be sure you and your contractor are 100% on the same page.  If you are building a major home remodel such as a kitchen or bathroom remodel your contractor should have a detailed design for you to review and sign off on.  With 3D images of exactly what will be installed – and where – there leaves no room for errors.  If you are painting the exterior of your home or replacing windows, make sure the color selections, materials, and specifications are documented.  Anything being installed in your home should have specifications that you can review and sign off on.  You might be surprised to learn that more homeowners are disappointed with the process – not the final product – when most remodels are done.  That is because they have not properly prepared themselves on what to expect during their remodel.  So how do you get past that?  Educate yourself on what to expect during the process of remodeling.


  • Poor workmanship.  This is another level of disappointment homeowners fear when considering a home remodel.  Contractors protect you and them with draw schedules.  Your final payment should not be made until you and your contractor have agreed that all work has been completed to your satisfaction.  At the end of every project your contractor should do a “Final walk” with you for “pick up work” that you may be concerned about.  There are “industry standards” which he must oblige to with every trade in your home remodeling project.  Construction is a long process that must take place in a specific order, so it is important that you understand when it is time to worry about poor workmanship.   Be aware that at your project is not complete until that final walk takes place.  This means you might be looking at an unfinished product and think there is poor workmanship, which is just unfinished work.  Don’t be afraid to communicate any fears you have with your contractor.  In the instance of major remodels such as whole house remodels, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, or home additions you can schedule weekly walk throughs with your contractor, so you can be informed and educated throughout the construction build.


  • Fraud.  This is perhaps one of the biggest fears homeowners have when preparing to hire a contractor for their remodel.  There are ways to avoid working with fraudulent contractors.  Verifying their contractor license and insurance is one of the best ways to avoid hiring a fraudulent contractor.  Of course, you always want to check out your contractor’s reviews online as well (read through them – don’t just look at the stars!).  If youspend some time researching your contractor before you hire him then you will learn a lot about what his clients like – and do not like – about him so you can prepare yourself properly.  Be wary of a contractor you cannot find online and make sure you have access to the license holder in some fashion.  The contractor (license holder) should be very involved in your project, either on site, or remotely.  If you were to call your contractor at any time he should know what is going on with your project.  This goes as early as the estimating phase.  If you are working with a salesperson, ask to speak with – and be introduced to – the license holder.


  • You won’t be charged a fair price.  Remodeling is expensive, and most times is at least 3 times as expensive as you initially believe it will be.  So being overcharged is a legitimate concern homeowners have.  Some homeowners will try to combat that by asking their contractor to provide prices broken down by labor and material.  This is not a wise way to try to decipher whether  you are being charged a fair price.  The only way you can truly determine if your prices are fair is by comparing 3 contractors with the same abilities (learn more about what types of contractors there are, because there are several different types and it does affect their pricing!), same scope of work, and same design.


  • The job will take much longer than the contractor promises.  The best way to overcome this fear is to manage your expectations by realizing your contractor can not control 100% of your project and understand there may be unexpected delays (weather, labor constraints, inspector delays, material delays, etc).  Your contractor should manage your expectations of your remodel timeline and should be within 1-2 weeks of accuracy.  The real fear here is loss of control so take some time to learn what you can do to avoid construction delays.  While your contractor is building your remodel, you won’t have full control over the schedule and that can be frustrating.  In theory you have hired a contractor you trust is a professional and it will be important for you to be open and honest about your expectations, so he can help you through understanding the remodel process and timeline.


  • You could do the job cheaper and just as good by yourself.  As the reality shows increase homeowners are becoming more and more convinced that they could remodel their home just as quickly and/or cheaper if they did the work themselves – or hired subcontractors themselves.  Could this be the case?  Possibly – but it depends on the type of project and your level of construction knowledge.  We have drafted an article that will hopefully help you decide if it is in your best interest to be an owner-builder.  Most homeowners that try to tackle a major remodel (kitchen, bathroom, addition) find out that they have bitten off more than they can chew and ultimately end up hiring a contractor in the end – costing them significant time and money they could have saved if they had hired a contractor to begin with.


Most homeowner fears revolving remodeling involve money, loss of control, disruption to their home life, and possible disappointment.   A homeowner who is diligent about educating himself or herself on the process will have less surprises and be less likely to encounter the fears they have.  Don’t make common homeowner mistakes……Spend the time to find a contractor you feel confident and comfortable with and educate yourself on the process and you will have a pleasant experience!


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Save Money on Your Home Remodel

Everyone wants to save a little money now and then, right?  Home remodeling in San Diego is expensive, there are some ways to save, though!

  • Understand peak seasons for remodeling.  No one is really looking to spend money in December for their home remodeling projects.  This means contractors are usually sitting around trying to fill their buckets for the Spring.  If you want a good deal on your remodel, hire during the holidays!  Don’t forget, you don’t have to spend all the money up front.  Contractors, by California law, can only charge you 10% of the contract value up to $1,000 for the deposit.  This means you get to select your contractor in November or December at a discounted rate (because contractors are usually trying to fill up their schedules for the Spring) – and then not really pay anything else until it is time to buy materials and start building.


  • Purchase your materials during sales.  Holidays like Labor Day, 4th of July, and Black Friday always bring on great savings!  What you don’t want to do though is purchase the appliances or materials before you have selected your contractor.  Remodeling is like a puzzle, everything has to fit together perfectly to make the space beautiful.  Also, sometimes purchasing a super-discounted item might sound great, but if the quality of material is poor you could end up paying double in labor fees.


  • Act as your own general contractor.  If you have the time and experience in construction,  you could act as your own contractor.  This will absolutely save you some money.  It will absolutely not save you time.  So – weigh your pros and cons, carefully!


  • Finance the project.  No, this does not save you money….but it does delay when you have to pay.  HELOC loans are very popular for home remodeling projects but if you have an exterior renovation you could also consider using financing such as The Hero Program.


  • Negotiate.  You can negotiate with most contractors.  Have you found the contractor you LOVE but he is too expensive?  Ask if there is any room for negotiation.  Sometimes there is, sometimes there is not.  It does not hurt to ask!


  • Hire the right type of contractor.  This means you need to know what type of contractor you are looking for.  If you just need to do some quick repairs around the house, you may not need a contractor, but could actually hire a handyman!  There are plenty of qualified handymen out there that can help with your project if you are looking to spend $500 or less on your project.


  • Trade.  Offer to make trades with your contractor for a discount.  For example:  Offer to provide testimonials or provide feedback on social media in return for a discounted rate on your remodel.  Social media is huge and your contractor is always looking for ways to get more positive exposure.

If you would like to schedule an appointment for a free consultation, give us a call at 858-224-7373!  Mention you saw us on our Facebook ad and we might offer you a discount too!

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Kitchen Remodel For the New Year

We are hearing more and more frequently that homeowners are having a hard time getting return phone calls from San Marcos kitchen remodel specialists.  It’s really the same all over San Diego and Temecula!  The reason is because this is the busy season for remodeling contractors.  Most projects are coming out of permits and are getting ready to build in September and October.  If you are planning a kitchen remodel for the New Year then you need to start getting your estimates TODAY.  Not tomorrow.  Do not wait!  Below, we have included some timeline information  that you need to be very aware of when planning your San Marcos kitchen remodel (this really applies to anywhere in San Diego and Temecula, all areas we service, by the way!).

 Kitchen Remodel Timeline

No PermitsWith Permits
Selecting A Contractor2-3 Weeks2-3 Weeks
Finalization of Design1-2 Weeks1-2 Weeks
Obtaining Permits06 Weeks
Product Selection & Delivery6 Weeks6 Weeks
Construction6-8 Weeks8-10 Weeks
Total Time15-19 Weeks23 – 27 Weeks

The kitchen remodel timeline above is a rough projection.  Your specific kitchen remodel timeline will vary depending on the scope of work being performed and the size of the kitchen remodel itself.

Selecting a contractor – 3 weeks

When you start looking to get estimates for your San Marcos kitchen remodel, you need to budget 3 weeks to meet with contractors.  Typically you will have two meetings (per contractor). The first meeting is to gather information, formulate a kitchen remodel design, and take measurements.  Your second appointment is typically to view the 3D design and review the proposal and estimate.   San Marcos kitchen remodel contractors usually ask for 7-10 days to prepare your estimate.  Will the process start-to-finish take you 3 weeks?  It depends on your availability as much as it depends on your contractor’s availability.  It also depends on whether or not your contractor NAILED it on the design and estimate on the first round.  3 weeks is a safe bet in our opinion if you are motivated to get started and have a flexible schedule.

White Kitchen Cabinets - Kitchen Remodel Encinitas

Designing your kitchen – 2 weeks

Finalizing the design between you and your contractor, schedule and taking final measurements of the existing footprint, and creating architectural drawings to build adds 1-2 weeks.  Most of the time delays are in scheduling coordination between you and the contractor.

Obtaining City Permits – 6 weeks

Do not forget that permits may be required for your kitchen remodel!  If you are moving walls, moving or adding plumbing or electrical then you will require permits.   If you are getting permits you need to tack on at least 6 weeks in your schedule (permits usually take 4-6 weeks if there are no city delays, corrections, or additional reviews needed).

 Warm Kitchen Cabinets - San Marcos Kitchen Remodel

Product selection and delivery:  5-6 weeks

Selecting the finish materials for your San Marcos kitchen remodel can take quite a long time. Classic Home Improvements provides 4 hours product selection time with a coordinator to help expedite the process.  This is not a standard service though in San Marcos so ask your contractor if they help you with picking out your countertops, sinks, lighting, flooring, painting, etc.  Once materials are ordered you are looking at 5-6 weeks to get all the materials delivered.  Most reputable contractors will not start on your project until all your finish materials have been delivered.  This helps to reduce construction time in your home if there is a material back-order or defective item.

Construction:  6-8 weeks

Once you start on construction there are some variables that need to be considered.  Each project is very individual in scope, complexity, and size.  We think it is best to budget 8 weeks. Holiday schedules, the access your contractor is given to the job site, and potential delays due to inspections may increase this time frame.

Budgeting for 8 weeks should keep you from disappointment.  Best case scenarios (if you are not using a handyman service) you can expect your kitchen remodel construction time to be to 4-6 weeks if you are just updating.  If you are doing a complete makeover with custom work (adding an island, removing a wall, etc) expect 8-10 weeks.

For the purpose of this article, we are going to suggest budgeting 8 weeks.  Use the higher time frame if you have a complex project.  ALWAYS get your schedule from your contractor because each remodeling contractor has a different schedule and timeline (which change throughout the year depending on how much work they have going on).

Scheduling to get started on your San Marcos kitchen remodel

As you can see by the kitchen remodel timeline above – if you want to have your San Marcos kitchen remodel completed by the New Year then you are a little behind the eight ball.  We took the highest range of each stage of your remodel to get our point across.  Can you hire a contractor in September or October and have your kitchen remodeled by the end of January?  Yes, but you had better move QUICK, be planning a simple remodel, and be very available to your contractor (and know that you have hired a contractor that can expedite the process on his/her end).  You will have to make quick decisions, resist making changes in scope of work, and select finish products which are not on back-order.  Most importantly – you must pick up the phone TODAY to get your free estimate.

Whether you are planning a San Marcos kitchen remodel – or anywhere else in San Diego or Temecula – give us a call to schedule that free consultation.

Ask to speak with Nicole!  858-224-7373, email us at, or fill out the form below for us to contact you!

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Hottest Kitchen Island Trends in Escondido

Kitchen islands are a smashing hit in kitchen remodeling and they’re not leaving anytime soon. Contemporary kitchen islands are not only more attractive but also more functional. Check out some of the trending kitchen islands that have Escondido homeowners all worked up!

Centerpiece island

In order to have a centerpiece kitchen island, you usually have to have an open-plan kitchen. Luckily, most modern kitchens are open-plan, so all you need to do is choose the one that will complement the countertops and cabinets or serve as a contrast to them. A centerpiece island is typically the largest item in your kitchen, so it’s a great idea to choose more functionality along with enhanced appeal.

White Modern Kitchen - Kitchen Islands Escondido

Closed-cabinet island

In open-space kitchens, it’s not uncommon to see a kitchen island that looks more like a wardrobe than a kitchen element. With closed-door cabinets facing the living room, the island blends in with the living room décor.

Move-me-easily island

A favorite of small kitchen owners, this type of kitchen island is usually petite and extremely functional. You can move it anywhere you need it to be at a given moment and it doesn’t take up much space. You can use it to store small kitchen appliances, flatware or any other items you would otherwise store in a kitchen cabinet.

”Four-sided” island

This type of kitchen island has four functional sides. For example, you can make a seating arrangement on the one side, while using another as storage space or a workstation. It allows for unprecedented functionality – all sides of the kitchen island are put to good use, which minimizes the need for more storage space elsewhere.

Sunny Kitchen with Dining & Sitting Area - Kitchen Islands Escondido

Counter-seating island

Kitchen islands are growing in popularity to such an extent that they might render kitchen tables obsolete. Even if it doesn’t go that far, more and more kitchen islands include a seating area. One side of the island is virtually a dining area, whereas the other one is facing the cooktop and serving as additional storage or containing a sink.

Two-face island

For fashion-forward Escondido homeowners, this kitchen island is a great solution. It basically has two faces, one blending with the living room décor in style, material and color, and the other with the kitchen. Not only does this kitchen island have two faces but can also have two different sets of functionalities. The side facing the living room can actually be a china cupboard while the one facing the kitchen can serve as storage.

Two-level bar-counter island

This kitchen island looks like a regular bar counter at first glance. Its upper level actually serves as a bar counter, whereas the lower level provides extra working or storage space.

Consult an Expert Kitchen Remodel Designer

At Classic Home Improvements, we boast a team of innovative designers who can give you practical tips and invaluable design advice on the choice of kitchen island for your Escondido home. Whether you are not sure about the type of material, color or style, our designers have it covered.

Give us a call at (858) 224-7373 or contact us online!



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Top Eco-Friendly Countertop Materials for Your Kitchen Remodel Project

If you have been planning a kitchen remodel in Rancho Bernardo, now might be a good time to consider going green. Not only will you be contributing to the environment, choosing to go eco-friendly opens up fantastic design options. The same wide variety of eco-friendly materials can help give your kitchen the bold new style you have been searching for.

In this article, our expert designers list some of the countertop materials to consider for your kitchen remodeling project.

Modern Kitchen Interior - Kitchen Remodeling Rancho Bernardo

Salvaged Wood

If you love having wooden elements, but shiver at the thought of all the trees that were chopped down just to equip your kitchen, salvaged wood is a fantastic alternative for your new countertops. Using reclaimed wood will give your countertops a fantastic tarnishing.

Furthermore, reclaimed wood is often made of wood not available on the market. Reclaimed wood will give character and a rustic feel to your new kitchen.


Not only are bamboo countertops becoming a huge trend, they are also very eco-friendly. Did you know that bamboo is actually a type of grass and one of the fastest growing ones at that? This makes it a fantastic renewable resource and the perfect choice for your kitchen remodeling.

Apart from that, bamboo has all the aesthetic values of wood but is significantly more durable as it is water resistant. It can be also used for flooring, which combined with the countertops can create a seamless, natural look.

Stainless Steel

If you are looking for a modern, industrial look for your kitchen, why not go with stainless steel instead? Stainless steel is made out of at least 60% recycled metal, which makes it a great green choice.

If you are looking for a resistant material that will last for many years, stainless steel is perfect for your kitchen countertops. On top of that, once it serves its purpose, it can be recycled again and used for a brand new kitchen remodel.

Stainless Steel Countertop - Kitchen Remodeling Rancho Bernardo

Recycled Paper or Glass

Recycled glass is another great, eco-friendly option for your kitchen countertop. The material resembles granite or marble and can come in any color or pattern. The material is also durable and highly resistant as the glass is mixed with cement.

Similarly, recycled paper makes a fine countertop material resembling soapstone. Even though you might never have thought recycled paper could be used as a countertop material, mixed with petroleum and coloring pigments it becomes a great, environmentally-friendly solution.

Look for the Right Certifications

If you are looking to buy eco-friendly materials, make sure they have the proper certifications that guarantee they are green. For countertops, some of the certificates you should look out for are GreenGuard, Cradle to Cradle and The Forest Stewardship Council. The first one certifies materials with low chemical emissions, while Cradle to Cradle denotes products designed with a long life cycle in mind. Finally, FSC ensures responsibly harvested wood.

For more ideas on how to go green for your next kitchen remodel, reach out to Classic Home Improvements. We can advise you on the most suitable solutions available on the market. To speak with our expert designers or request a free estimate, contact us at (858) 224-7373.

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The Latest in Home Renovation Temecula!

Last year brought some great remodeling ideas, both for the interior and the exterior. Some of those ideas included bringing some of the outdoor elements inside, natural flooring and futuristic tech updates. But 2017 already seems to be taking a step in a different direction. Judging by the design trends at the start of 2017, this year will be all about natural and sustainable materials, eco-friendly solutions and adventurous designs.

Covert Kitchen

One of the biggest kitchen remodeling trends in 2016 was blending the kitchen and the living room into a seamless union. However, 2017 is bringing the kitchen its independence back. This year it’s all about designing the kitchen to go with your home’s aesthetic values and losing the traditional kitchen features. Instead, the accent is on hiding the kitchen in plain sight through the use of hidden appliances, organic wooden shelves and diverse finishes.

A Natural Bathroom

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, designers are looking into implementing more organic materials and replacing sterile titles and inelegant bathtubs. These elements are replaced with a combination of stone and wooden elements that give off an impression of a fancy spa. These organic elements will enhance your bathroom experience and make each and every bath enjoyable to the core.

Cork Is Back

Eco-friendly materials are not only good for the environment, they can also be stylish. One material in particular is making a huge comeback in 2017. Cork has long been used for wine bottles or to pin notes in your office, but designers chose to favor this renewable material highly resistant to microbes in 2017. Cork will help battle dust and toxins in your home and its uses are limitless, from covering entire walls to bedside tables.

Home Theater Revolution

While home offices were the leading trend in 2016, designers are looking into adapting our homes to accommodate our free time rather than spend more time working and away from our family. And what better way to entertain the entire family than watching a movie. As ticket prices rise higher while on-demand services offer better titles than ever, investing in a giant TV, a great set of speakers and topping that with a stylish design seem like a better idea than it ever has. The best part is that you don’t necessarily have to consider a room addition, you can easily adapt your basement, garage or the attic.

Home Theater - Home Renovation Temecula

A Garden on Top

Homeowners living in urban areas often feel the need to escape the cold & crowded landscape and retreat to nature. Unfortunately not everyone has a lush park nearby. This is why rooftop gardens have steadily increased in popularity over 2016 and are becoming more and more common going forward. The best part is that you don’t need a complicated remodeling project to convert your flat roof into a lavish garden. For sloped roofs some additional effort might be required, but is well worth it.

If you want to consult an expert designer or hire a contractor to be in charge of your home renovation in Temecula and give your house a dashing new look, contact Classic Home Improvements at 858-224-7373 to schedule a free consultation.

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How to Know You Need a Room Addition

According to a study by the National Association of Home Builders, the demand for room additions in Southern California has gone up by 12% since 2013. It’s a clear sign that more and more homeowners are realizing just how beneficial room additions are.

It’s all about space; that is, the lack of space. If your home feels confined, a room addition campaign might be your best option.

Watch out for these tell-tale signs that speak volumes about the lack of space in your home. If you recognize yourself in any of these, it may be high time you gave a room additions contractor a call.

Staircase Windows - Room Addition Carmel Valley

Your children share a bedroom

Many people think that the only way to get an extra bedroom is to split the existing one into two. In that case, the two bedrooms are usually too small, not to mention that one may even have a ridiculously small window. With a bump-out addition, each child can have a large and sunny bedroom.

What’s more, each of your children can decorate their rooms the way they want, have a personalized study space, and most importantly – have the much needed privacy.

Your closets are packed tight

Although it’s usually the ladies who are rarely satisfied with the size of their closet, the gents can also feel frustrated if their cramped closet is full of creased shirts and suits. A room addition built purposefully to serve as a large closet is an absolute winner. You can even install a full-length mirror and finally forget about not being able to see the whole outfit before going out.

A lavish closet gives off a sense of luxury and dolce vita, and enables you to finally have all your clothes, shoes and accessories arranged neatly. Having this addition is incredibly time-saving; all your clothes will be folded tidily, so you wouldn’t have to press them one more time before wearing them.

Moreover, you can even have different outfits put together on a hanger, so you can just pick the outfit out, get dressed and admire yourself in your large mirror!

There is no room for a home office

In modern homes, it’s almost unimaginable not to have a home office. Regardless of whether you are a telecommuter or not, everyone needs a space where they can work in peace. We all have to bring work home sometimes, so wouldn’t it be great not having to work in the living room or kitchen with all the noise?

You can’t park in your garage

If you are like most homeowners, you can’t easily part with family’s memorabilia like old children’s toys, and other items with great sentimental value. So you basically stack them in your garage. After a while, you realize there is no space for you to actually park your car. Obviously, something needs to be done.

The lack of storage space is a widespread residential problem, but you shouldn’t try to solve it by stacking stuff in the garage. Have a room addition built, where you can safely store all your valuable possessions and memorabilia. Restore the garage to its original purpose.

Your kitchen is cramped

The signature sign of a contemporary home is a large open-space kitchen. If you use your kitchen only for cooking, you are missing out. Kitchens are now becoming more sociable, with multi-functional center-positioned kitchen islands, and lots of exciting kitchen designs. A new kitchen or an addition to your existing one is exactly what you need.

Besides, a luxurious kitchen is a major advantage if you decide to sell your house.

Your guests have nowhere to sleep

A guest room may be a traditional notion, but is practical nevertheless. Imagine this – if you needed to sleep over at your friend’s or relative’s house, would you like to sleep on the living room sofa? Didn’t think so.

If your home is a lovely two-story house, add an extra touch of hospitality by adding extra room for your guests.

Spacious Lounge - Room Addition Carmel Valley

You can’t host many people at the same time

You are hosting a great backyard party and everyone’s having a great time. All of a sudden, it starts raining and everyone has to go inside. It’s then that you realize the party is completely ruined because there’s not enough room for all your guests to even sit, let alone move around comfortably. So what should you do?

In addition to having an open-space kitchen, you can also add more space to your living room so as to transform it into a comfortable lounge. Your home can become the go-to place for fun and relaxation, and your friends will love spending time there.

Classic & Creative Room Addition Carmel Valley

Don’t let the lack of space prevent you from enjoying life to the full. Consult innovative room addition designers and builders at Classic Home Improvements. We can advise you on the best place for your room addition, estimate the overall cost and account for even the tiniest detail of the project. A creative remodeling team for your next project is just a phone call away!


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3 Incredible Bathtub Designs for Your Next Bathroom Remodel

Did you know that the very first bathtub was discovered on the Isle of Crete in Europe? That bathtub dates way back to 1700 B.C. What’s even more remarkable is that the design and the plumbing used for this ancient bathtub are very similar to bathtubs used in most modern homes. Even though the basic principles are the same, bathtubs have inarguably evolved since then, both in design and function.

People have been using bathtubs for different purposes since then. Not too long ago bathtubs were only used to give infants and little children a bath, while adults preferred quick showers. However, contemporary bathrooms are changing that. The bathtub is a centerpiece of the bathroom in most modern designs.

Since bathrooms are now frequently used as personal getaways inside your own home, bathtubs are being designed with that in mind. Therefore, the most important features of a modern bathtub are size and comfort.

Today’s bathtub market is teeming with fantastic designs built to meet homeowners’ preferences, bathroom sizes and bathroom remodeling budgets. Below are some of the most luxurious and comfortable bathtub designs for your future bathroom remodeling project.

Soaking Bathtub

What sets a soaking bathtub apart from a traditional one is its large capacity. It was designed to allow a person to sink deep and enjoy a long, soaking bath. Since the focus of these bathtubs is the depth, not length they are more compact than other luxurious bathtub designs. The design also ensures that no water can spill over and make a mess you would have to clean.

Even though it’s compact, it still takes up a lot more space than a regular bathtub and might not fit into any bathroom. Furthermore, if you prefer showers to baths it might not be the most practical choice for you.

Woman Sitting By a Bathtub - Bathroom Remodel Escondido

Corner bathtub

The corner bathtub can help free up a lot of central space as it seamlessly fits into the corner of your bathroom. With all the visual appeal of a Jacuzzi, a corner bathtub is significantly more compact and can even be incorporated into an average-sized bathroom design.

The corner bathtub owes its rise to popularity to its wide price range and supreme comfort. With it, any bath will feel like a refreshing home spa experience. It is also visually appealing and comes in a variety of designs which makes it perfect for any bathroom style.

The only downside of a corner bathtub is that it’s difficult to maintain. You will have to reach for the corner parts to clean it and will have to frequently clean the surrounding junctions and walls as well. That’s why you should consider surrounding the walls around the bathtub with titles, as they are a lot easier to clean.

Corner Bathtub - Bathroom Remodel in Escondido

Plate bathtub

You’ve probably never seen a bathtub quite like a plate bathtub. What might look like a giant fruit bowl is actually a very comfortable tub that will give your bathroom an elegant edge. It features a flat bottom, a wide bed and elevated corners. Due to its design, you can enjoy both a long bath and a quick shower, whichever you prefer.

The downside of a plate bathtub is that it is a central piece that occupies a lot of space, which might be a bad choice for a small bathroom.

Plate Tub - Bathroom Remodel Escondido

Bathroom Remodel in Escondido

If you are looking for a licensed design-build contractor to handle your bathroom remodel in Escondido, look no further than Classic Home Improvements. Our design experts can help you pick out the perfect bathtub for an ultimate home spa experience. Contact us for a free consultation at (858) 224-7373.

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Make Your Kitchen Pet-Friendly with a Few Simple Remodeling Tricks

According to the National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the APPA around 68% or 85 million families in the US own a pet. While 60.2 million households prefer dogs, 47.1 million own a cat. If you are one of them you know that having a pet is similar to having a child in many ways. While they bring a lot of joy into our lives, they have their own special needs. That is why if you are planning a kitchen remodel you have to take their needs into consideration as well.

Your pets can benefit from some design ideas made specifically to make their and your life easier. And while it might take them some time to adapt and master the new space, they are bound to be grateful and show it. Here are some ideas that can make your kitchen remodeling project work to both your and your pet’s advantage.

Cat on Kitchen Countertop - Kitchen Remodeling in Rancho Bernardo

Plan for Catastrophes

Open shelves are a huge kitchen remodeling trend these days. But if you have a cat you know that our feline friends won’t rest until they’ve explored every available and barely available corner of your home. Therefore open shelves are a disaster just waiting to happen. If you are not at home, this disaster might even be dangerous for your kitty.

Glass door cabinets are a good alternative to open shelves. They offer the visual appeal but can keep your cat away from your precious glassware or other items. If you still want to have open shelves just make sure your cat cannot reach them by placing them high.

Design a Space for Your Dog

On the other hand, if you have a dog you know how they love to keep you company at all times. They enjoy spending time with you as you tackle your daily chores. More than anything, dogs enjoy spending time with their owners as they cook, hoping for a treat as an award for their company. But maneuvering in the kitchen, especially a narrow one, with your dog wrapped around your legs can be dangerous.

To avoid this, when planning a new kitchen layout think about creating enough space to safely move around. Even better, why not design an area in the kitchen just for your dog? You could add an open cabinet with a bed where your dog can keep an eye on you while you cook and not get in the way.

Have a Designated Spot for Dishes

A great addition for any home with a pet is a fixed spot for their food and water bowls. A fixed spot for their dishes means no more accidental spills and messes to clean. Consider smart storage ideas like having a pullout drawer you can easily open when they get hungry and tuck it away when they play or rest.

However, some pets and cats, in particular, are used to an occasional snack throughout the day. In this case consider placing the food and water bowls on a low, open-cabinet shelf.

Flooring Choices

One thing that pet owners need to pay attention to the most when remodeling is flooring. If you have a pet you know that a stain-resistant floor can save you a lot of trouble. The same goes for scratch resistant floors, an absolutely necessary trait if you want your floor to last.

Best flooring options for a pet-friendly home remodel are by far hardwood, tiles and linoleum. Hardwood is a slightly more expensive option but by far the most durable and easiest to clean.

Interested in a Pet-Friendly Kitchen Remodel in Rancho Bernardo?

Classic Home Improvements is a licensed home remodeling contractor based in Escondido, serving Rancho Bernardo and the wide San Diego area. If you are looking for more pet-friendly remodeling ideas, get in touch with our friendly agents to schedule a free consultation.

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Most Popular Types of Room Additions in Carmel Valley, CA

Everyone can tell you that room additions are a great solution to the lack of space around your home. Even though a room additions project has both its upsides and downsides, homeowners in Carmel Valley, CA still see them as one of the most practical problem-solvers.

One thing is certain – such a project needs careful preparation and thorough planning.

Check out some of the most popular types of room additions and discover exactly what type is best for your needs and preferences.

A sunroom

Sunrooms are also called ”three season rooms” and, as the name suggests, tend to get lots of sun. That’s why they are located on the sunny sides, so you can enjoy the sun in the comfort of your home interior. Sunrooms are typically easier to design and build because they either need little or no plumbing work done.

If you want to enjoy a spectacular view without stepping outdoors or grow plants and flowers indoors, a sunroom addition is just what you need.

A bump-out addition

With a bump-out addition, you can start from scratch. You don’t have to adapt an existing room but build a new space that seems to almost bump out of the main walls of your house (hence the name). With the help of a creative and skilled architect, the bump-out addition can look very attractive. Besides, if your house is small, you may not have any other choice except the bump-out addition.

Depending on the proximity to and connection with the main drain and sewage, the bump-out addition can serve a number of purposes. It can be an extra bedroom, bathroom, mudroom or the new laundry room. Since it basically enables a new functionality in your home, a bump-out addition can earn you a higher cost per unit.

Modern House with Pool - Room Additions Carmel Valley CA

A family room addition

If you feel like your family isn’t spending enough time together, maybe the lack of a specially built room is one of the main culprits. With a family room, you can get an entertainment area for the whole family, with the home theater or any other feature you like.

Additionally, family room additions are among the most popular room addition projects in Carmel Valley, CA.

An in-law suite addition

More and more homeowners express the need for this kind of addition. If you are taking care of an elderly family member, you understand they need privacy and comfort, and this is exactly what an in-law suite is for.

What’s more, it’s perfect for visiting in-laws of other members of the family. It can also include a separate entrance. For it to have its own kitchen, you may have to acquire a zoning approval.

A garage addition

Sometimes, one garage simply isn’t enough, whether you need space for more than one or two cars, or you need extra storage space. Either way, by building a new garage, you can boost the value of your home. What’s more, it can serve as a foundation structure for a second-story addition you could build at some point along the way.

First or second-story additions?

There will be some limitations to where you can actually have the room addition. Also, some room additions are more suitable for the first floor than the second. For example, homeowners usually choose to adapt the first floor for some quality family time. That’s why they go for family room additions on the first floor, or choose to do a kitchen expansion.

Second-story additions are typically considered if there is no way to have a ground-level expansion. In most cases, additions to the second story don’t require zoning approvals or excavation, and they don’t contribute to the carbon footprint of your house.

Lastly, before you decide on the type of room addition, figure out what function you need it to serve most. Once you got that covered, you can consult a design-build expert and get more space and functionality in your home!



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