Shedding Light on Kitchen Remodeling

If you love cooking or eating, remodeling your kitchen will definitely increase the pleasure you get from your kitchen. There are many things to consider about kitchen remodeling in Escondido (and anywhere else in San Diego for that matter). All these ask for your attention: cabinets, floor, sink, backsplash, countertop, islands, the appliances, and that’s […]

Luxurious Bathroom Remodel - Bahtroom Remodeling in Escondido

Here’s How Bathroom Remodeling Helps Increase Home Value

Homeowners may choose to remodel their bathroom for a variety of reasons. Most often, homeowners find their bathroom lacks space, needs more storage or they simply want to give their outdated bathroom a complete makeover. However, remodeling a bathroom in order to increase your home value is among the main reasons our clients contact us. […]

Floating Vanity Side View Bathroom - Remodel Rancho Bernardo

Floating Vanities Will Not Leave You Hanging!

Floating vanities or wall-mounted vanities have been around for quite some time. You could spot them in luxurious hotels, fancy restaurants and other high-end or industrial places. However, in the last couple of years floating vanities became a huge bathroom remodeling trend and favored by residential designers as well. But if the vanities have been […]

Luxurious Sunroom - Room Additions Temecula CA

This Is Why Homeowners in Temecula Love Room Additions!

Admittedly, building a room addition can take up more time than a simple remodel, and also cost more. However, more and more Temecula homeowners are opting for this kind of project. Why is that? For most of them, it’s about space. With a growing family, there just never seems to be enough space. So, instead […]

Bathroom Tile Removal - Bathroom Remodeling Encinitas

Watch Out for these Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes!

After whole-home renovations, bathroom remodels are perhaps the most demanding home improvement projects you can undertake. Whether you have a small bathroom or a master bathroom, some requirements are always the same, and you have to account for them when planning a bathroom remodel. To make sure the bathroom remodel in your Encinitas home goes […]