Kitchen Remodel For the New Year

We are hearing more and more frequently that homeowners are having a hard time getting return phone calls from San Marcos kitchen remodel specialists.  The reason is because this is the busy season for remodeling contractors.  Most projects are coming out of permits and are getting ready to build in September and October.  If you […]

second floor room addition looks like the original house

San Diego Room Addition Contractor

San Diego Room Addition San Diego and Temecula homeowners often reach out to Classic Home Improvements because they want to expand their living space.  Either they have adult senior family members moving in, have had more children than the home can handle but don’t want to move, or in this client’s case – they now […]

living room painted in a light neutral tone

Interior Painting: Sheen Choices

Deciding to re-paint the interior of your home is one great way to express your personality in your home.  The experience of customizing your home can be both exciting and overwhelming. In the beginning, all you are deciding upon is which color to apply in which room. Then suddenly you realize each color is available […]

You Must Remodel When You Age In Place

Every morning we wake up another day older. Although day by day this may not seem to make a huge difference, year after year we start to feel the changes happening and suddenly realize we have shifted into a person who requires a bit more convenience in order to live comfortably. Because these changes can […]

large bathroom space for aging in place

Home Features For Aging In Place

Choosing to Age in Place is a big decision, but if you remodel your home properly it can improve your quality of life considerably. Staying put requires a fairly significant home remodel in order to accommodate any future needs you may have as you grow older and therefore less capable of easily completing activities of […]