Getting Started on your Kitchen Remodel

Home Remodeling San DiegoHomeowners in Encinitas, CA have told us that  getting started was the hardest part of their kitchen remodeling project!  Some might say going through a remodel planning process is almost as time consuming and as exciting and frustrating as planning a large wedding.  There are large decisions to be made, a lot of planning to get started on, and approvals which need to take place.  Here are some of the things you need to do to get started on planning your kitchen remodel.

Decide to Remodel

The exciting part of your kitchen remodel planning is deciding to actually do the project.  At that point you start looking to websites such as and Pinterest for different kitchen remodeling ideas.  You get to dream about what type of style you would like to accomplish in your newly renovated kitchen.

Kitchen Remodel Encinitas

Create your kitchen remodel wish list

Planning what type of design you want opens up possibilities such as removing walls if you have a galley kitchen to transform your kitchen to an open concept, which is incredibly popular right now.  You also get to decide if you want to add an island, create more light in your kitchen by adding skylights, or create an opening with a french door to your yard.  With a complete kitchen remodel you have the possibility to completely re-create your space.

Request free consultations with San Diego remodeling contractors

Once you have your wish list and you have spent hours upon hours looking at photos, watching HGTV, and reading remodeling articles – it is time to invest some time talking with a home remodeling contractor to find out what is possible with all those dreams you have come up with.  With a licensed general contractor you will be able to determine what is possible from a construction point of view as well as find out what your kitchen renovation investment will be.

Kitchen Remodeling Encinitas

After contracts are signed, your contractor will finalize details with you on the design.  Decisions will need to be made on what your finish products will be such as cabinets, lighting, sinks, faucets, and flooring – just to name a few!  All these decisions are time consuming and can be frustrating when trying to work together with a partner (this is when you find out just how different your styles are from one another).

Get permits and city approvals

Getting permits and approvals are perhaps the one thing homeowners do not consider when planning their remodel.  You will need to work closely with your contractor to complete your designs so your contractor can submit them to the city for approvals and permits.  Construction can not begin until permits are obtained so this is important!

Once you have received your permits, it is time to start construction!  Enjoy the process and remember the joy is in the journey.


Classic Home Improvements

Classic Home Improvements offers home remodeling services in San Diego and has a design center with showroom in Escondido, CA.  This company has completed several kitchen remodels in Encinitas, CA and can help you with the design of your upcoming remodel.  Call today for a free consultation at 858-224-7373!