Walk in Shower bathroom remodeled in Escondido

If you are planning on remodeling Escondido homes in 2016 you should be aware of what the current trends are.  We are not talking about colors or styles, these trends have more to do with layout options in your home.  As a home remodeling contractor we are in and out of hundreds of homes a year, maybe thousands!  For that reason, we are very up to date on what the marketplace is currently doing.  Are you curious what your neighbors are planning in their Escondido home remodel?

Bathroom Remodeling in Escondido

The city of Escondido CA was established in 1988 and has just under 150,000 residents.  With our kitchen and bathroom showroom located in Escondido CA, we have likely been on your street and can tell you literally what your neighbors are doing in their bathroom remodel.  The biggest trend right now? Removing their tubs and installing large walk-in showers.

Homeowners are realizing they are likely to stay in their homes as they become elderly and are taking that into consideration as they re-design their bathroom spaces.  Large walk in showers are much easier to age in place because they can accommodate walkers, and if planned properly, wheelchairs as well.  Hand held shower and rain showers are also incredibly popular right now.  Including seats in your shower are brilliant and have almost become a standard in remodeling Escondido bathrooms.

Kitchen Remodeling in Escondido

There are approximately 27,000 single family homes in Escondido and a large chunk of them either have remodeled or are considering remodeling their kitchens.  Our kitchen and bathroom showroom features StarMark Cabinetry which has become increasingly popular because of their quality and customer service.  Are you curious about the current kitchen remodeling trends in Escondido?

Homes built in the 60’s, 70’s, and some houses in the 80’s were built with what Escondido residents believe to awkward floorplans.  Most of them have little light coming into the home and the majority of them have low lids (ceilings).  Current Escondido remodeling trends include adding canned lights, enlarging windows, and raising ceilings.

Also trending in Escondido – and all of San Diego, really – is adding islands or additional seating areas in the kitchen.  Residents now are looking to have a space where they can cook and mingle with their families at the same time.  Additionally, many homeowners are inviting their aging parents to live with them which means there are more people in the kitchen.  Having a closed-off space in your kitchen is highly stressful if you have multiple people cooking in there at one time.

Much like the rest of San Diego homeowners, Escondido residents are looking to create more open floor plans in their homes.  This means knocking out walls to create an open concept kitchen.  Most of the homes in Escondido were built with closed concept kitchens.

Remodeling in Escondido

Deciding whether or not to remodel is a big decision.  Once you have reached the decision to hire a remodeling contractor, we would love an opportunity to meet with you.  Our first appointment will take place in the comfort of your own home where we will begin preparing a design plan and estimate for your upcoming kitchen remodel.   We are available to meet with you 6 days a week.  Call today at 858-224-7373