8 Ingenious Ways to Get More Kitchen Storage Space

Making clever use of the kitchen space you’ve got can have the effect similar to adding a room in your home. If you have decided to do some kitchen remodeling in Rancho Bernardo CA or San Diego, make sure you give an equal amount of attention to kitchen functionality as well as design. Making your kitchen more practical may very well reduce the amount of time needed to cook or clean up.

A beautiful, smart kitchen that requires less effort to keep up? Yes, you could have it all. Here’s how.


Let’s start with the easiest, least demanding storage improvement. Put up a pipe that runs above the sink or the stove. The longer, the better. Then hang hooks on the pipe and store your mugs, cutting boards and cookware on them, keeping them at hand, but out of the way. If you like cooking and experimenting, this pipe can really be a lifesaver when you try to juggle 3 new easy-breezy recipes you found on Pinterest. You can also place the pipe on the side of the cabinet and hook pans to it.

More storage when doing kitchen remodeling Rancho Bernardo CA

Sky-high cabinets

The key to smart storage is knowing how to keep at hand everything you need daily and where to keep all those things you use twice a year. You need everything, just not regularly. Above-window and below-ceiling cabinets are great in this respect. They are practically intended for that waffle iron and fondue melting pot that you hardly ever use. A sliding ladder can make these cabinets much more accessible.

Pull-out cutting board

You can have an array of cutting boards piled up and sliding out of place or – you can have a pull-out cutting board under your countertop with a hole to flick the peels right to the can.

Pull-out utensil drawer

There are various caveats to this idea. You can go for a narrow hip-high vertical drawer with cookware hanging, i.e. utensils or pans. You can also have a pull-out shelf for spices and things like sugar, flour and such. A pull-out drawer is a fantastic way to make complete use of space available. And they can really save time, if you consider how much it takes you to get to the pan or spice you need (especially when you’re in the middle of cooking).

Walk-in pantry

Ah, this is a dream come true. Store all the necessities together with odds and ends in a roomy walk-in pantry. When you’re finished cooking, just elegantly close the door. Who cares about the mess inside? You’ll enjoy the dinner and deal with the clutter some other time. Now, it’s time for some palate indulgence.

Cabinet pantry organizers

Don’t be devastated if your kitchen can’t accommodate a walk-in pantry. A cabinet pantry can be as handy and as neat with some shelves and racks mounted on the door and some rotating organizers installed in the cabinet.

Corner drawers

Corner drawers are a magician’s solution to the storage puzzle. They are usually deeper than regular drawers too. Why have a pair of two-shelved cabinets with doors in the corner, if you can pack four deep drawers instead?

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