Guide to ordering your bathroom vanity

Selecting your bathroom vanity is an important design decision to make because it is the focal point of your bathroom.  There are many different types of vanity options for you to select from when you remodel your bathroom.  If you are shopping at a big box store such as Home Depot your choices are fairly limited to integral vanities (one piece that includes the cabinet base, sink, and faucet with little to no variety in style).

If you have decided to go for a more customized look for your bathroom, we suggest purchasing your cabinet base, then your sink, countertop, and faucet.  Not only are you more likely to achieve a style more suited to your personal space,  you will be able to create a space that works for your living situation.

Here are some tips regarding the selection of your cabinetry as well as the sequence for when you should purchase each product:

1.  Assess your space to determine the size cabinets you need.

You  may find that you are limited in your options due to the space available in your bathroom so the very first thing you should do is assess where in the space your cabinetry will stand and then measure the available space so you know your maximum dimensions. Depending on  your contractor you may receive product selection guidance but at the very least your contractor should provide you with the dimensions.  If you do not have assistance during this process, be sure to take into consideration the baseboards and/or any wainscoting when measuring, especially in a tight spot.



2. Determine what you want your cabinets to accomplish

Ask yourself these questions:

  1.  Do I need more or less storage?
  2.  What type of storage options do I want:  space for towels, additional shampoo space, an area for my curling iron and hair dryer?
  3. Do I need another sink or do you currently have dual sink that is using up valuable space?
  4. Do I need more or less countertop space?



3.  Select your countertops

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Once you have decided what style and color cabinetry you want, you will need to get the dimensions from the manufacturer so you can order your countertops, which will need to be fabricated.

4.  Select your sink


To get your countertop fabricated, you will need to know what your sink selection is.  The countertop manufacturer or supplier will need to know the dimensions of your cabinets so the cutouts will be correct for installation.

4.  Select your faucet

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Your fabricator will need to know the dimensions of the faucet you have selected so the appropriate holes can be drilled.

Most contractors will not begin working on your project until all materials have been not only selected, but also delivered so it is imperative you take action quickly on ordering material.


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