Here’s How Bathroom Remodeling Helps Increase Home Value

Homeowners may choose to remodel their bathroom for a variety of reasons. Most often, homeowners find their bathroom lacks space, needs more storage or they simply want to give their outdated bathroom a complete makeover. However, remodeling a bathroom in order to increase your home value is among the main reasons our clients contact us.

But how much can a new bathroom add to your home’s value? You’d be surprised!

Why Remodel?

Selling your home can be difficult as it is. But imagine if you were selling a house with an outdated bathroom. Not only does an aged bathroom lack many indispensable, modern bathroom functions, it can be very unsightly depending on how dated they are. Having a new bathroom with all the modern functions and aesthetic appeal can easily attract customers. After all, the kitchen and the bathroom are what many buyers form their opinion on first.

Luxurious Bathroom Remodel - Bahtroom Remodeling in Escondido

Updating Your Old Bathroom

The easiest way to significantly boost the value of your home is by updating your outdated bathroom. Experts can easily adapt your existing space and deliver a bathroom nothing like the old. When planning a bathroom remodel, consider anything that needs fixing first. Any damaged areas or leaky pipes should take the highest priority when planning the project.

If you need to fix the plumbing and the wiring, the remodeling project may be slightly more expensive. As you know, electrical and plumbing issues significantly decrease your home’s value. Therefore, solving them will pay off once you seal the deal.

Next, determine whether your bathroom might benefit from a room addition if you think it might be too narrow. Skilled homeowners can take care of small adjustments, while you should leave big additions to experienced contractors. You can even make some bathrooms look bigger using simple design tricks that don’t involve tearing down any walls.

Adding new tiles, exciting features like floating vanities and better lighting will result in higher ROI than any other elements. Remember, your bathroom has to be visually appealing and functional at the same time. If you want to go one step further, some of the most luxurious bathroom features that are guaranteed to sway buyers are floor heating, double sinks, steam showers or a Jacuzzi.

When choosing the color of the reworked bathroom, the best choice is probably neutral tones, as not all potential buyers are open to experimentation and unorthodox colors. Try to keep the design of the bathroom in sync with the rest of your home, and look into design trends that age well.

Bathroom Additions and Bathroom Remodeling in Escondido

If you think your home needs an additional bathroom to suit larger families, such a project might be slightly more complicated. You will definitely need to bring in an expert contractor to help, but adding a new bathroom will add more value to your home than a remodel ever could.

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