7 Smart Room Additions to Your House

With those wide streets, the ocean view, beautiful beaches and nice weather, living in Encinitas is a joy and who would think of moving elsewhere? But your lovely home started to feel a bit cramped and you want more space to accommodate your changing needs or growing family. Rather than packing your bags, you might consider a whole house renovation to make rooms more inviting, spacious, comfortable and functional.

Whether you’d like to extend an existing room, add a new one, or even add a second story, room additions are a great way to expand your living space. These seven additions can make a world of difference and significantly improve the quality of your life.


Arranging this room is sometimes necessary to better suit the family’s needs. Maybe you want fancier amenities, a breakfast bar, or you lack the space for informal gatherings to enjoy your morning coffee or grab a quick meal. Perhaps you enjoy preparing meals and you’ve always wanted your own gourmet fancy kitchen.

Sometimes the kitchen might be functional and updated, yet no longer appealing. Whether you simply want a change, or to make it more practical or modern, revamping your kitchen opens up many possibilities.

Dining room

Don’t let your dining table sit unforgotten. Remodel or expand your dining room to create a comfortable gathering place for friends and family to socialize around food. Make space for a large table and create a place where your family will actually want to sit and have a meal. This remodel will breathe new life into your house and may inspire you to have more dinner parties.

Living room

For many Encinitas homeowners, the living room is the center of activity. Whether you like watching TV, reading, having a glass of wine or just lying on the couch, the living room is a place where you and your family can enjoy your time together, entertain and socialize.


Have you ever heard anyone say they have too much bathroom space? Adding a bathroom might be one of the best home improvements you can make. An extra bathroom provides the much-needed convenience at hectic times such as having to use a bathroom while your partner is taking a shower before work and your kids are preparing for school.

Maybe you prefer the shower over the tub or you’d like to have a relaxing bath after a long day. Whatever the case, a bathroom with the tub or a shower you’re lacking is a smart decision. It’s also a valuable asset if you choose to sell the house at some point.

Another bedroom

When it comes to room additions and whole house renovations, people instantly think about kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms. A new bedroom is also an obvious solution to your lack of space problem when your family has grown or you’re expecting a newborn. If your kids share a bedroom and they’ve hit the pre-teen years, they’ll need a private space. Moreover, an extra bedroom increases your home value and makes it more appealing to buyers with larger families.


Have a place where you can enjoy the morning and afternoon sunrays and an amazing Encinitas view. It’s also a perfect place for your plants to flourish. You can have the greenhouse type addition, composed mainly of aluminum and glass, which costs significantly less than a regular room addition. On the opposite, a site-built sunroom addition is constructed just like a regular addition and may even be plumbed.


A garage is a great addition to any property. It is meant to park your car in, but leaving your car in the driveway leaves it unoccupied. Therefore, plan it to be multifunctional. Besides being a storage space, it can be a space for hobbies. It can be an entertaining space, a gym, a craft room or even a home office.

Consult an expert

If you decide on a room addition, keep in mind it requires thoughtful planning. If managed inappropriately, it can turn stressful and exhausting in no time. Contact a trusted San Diego home remodeling contractor to work on your room additions and complete your whole house renovation. Our experienced experts will help turn your ideas into reality. We’ll make sure that the addition blends in seamlessly into your Encinitas house. And the project will be completed on time, within the budget and to the highest standards.