How to Choose the Right Home Renovation Contractor

Major remodels like whole home renovations, room additions or basement remodels may be a tough nut to crack without a trustworthy and experienced contractor by your side. Any homeowner in Escondido who has been through the remodeling process will tell you it is harder than it looks.

You want to be sure that the job will be done right and that the deadlines will be met without stretching your budget. But unexpected delays, shipment issues and structural problems can make staying on schedule almost impossible. Therefore, you’ll want a competent contractor who is able to roll with the punches and make it work even when it doesn’t go smoothly.

A reliable home addition contractor in Escondido is not hard to find if you know what to look for. Here are some guidelines on what you need to know before you hire one.

The basics

Make a detailed plan of what you want for the contractor to provide. Then search for several prospective companies. The Internet is a vast source of information. As well as word of mouth. Then talk to the ones you’ve shortlisted over the phone or in person.

Discuss the project and negotiate the terms. Nail down your requests and expectations to the contractor, but be realistic about the price and the time required for the job to be completed. Don’t push for the earliest completion date and a rock-bottom price. The best deal doesn’t mean getting the lowest price at the expense of quality. Good communication, mutual understanding and respect are crucial, so leave room for the expert’s opinion.

Reputation and experience

Make sure you only work with a licensed, insured and bonded contractor. This way, you will be protected as an Escondido homeowner and assured of the company’s professionalism. Ask for their references and run a background check on the company to confirm that the contractor has relevant work experience, longstanding reputation and all the credentials. The longer in business, the better. Search for the online reviews and ask around in the community about the company’s standing. A recommendation from a neighbor or a relative is a significant plus. Whole home renovations are major projects for which any serious contractor in Escondido should provide a warranty, so ask about the terms.

Quality and safety

Make sure that the materials, equipment and craftsmanship meet all the requirements and standards and that they are of the highest quality. The site manager’s competence can contribute significantly to enhancing the quality of the project’s performance. Considering the possibility of safety hazards on the construction site, workers and the site should be properly organized and in accordance with the legal and worker safety measures and regulations.

Red flags

A contractor who doesn’t arrive on time for the meeting, who is vague, indecisive or uncertain of the work in question is a big no-no. Less obvious reasons for deciding not to hire someone is if their estimate appears to be too high or low. A low bid usually equals poor work. Also, be mindful of subcontractors. If they are unreliable and irresponsible, you will face delays or even worse scenarios. Overall, a contractor who lacks skill in hiring good, reliable and responsible workers, or doesn’t treat them the right way is not a good choice.

The contract

Once you’ve found a contractor in Escondido who satisfies the criteria and you’ve made the job specifications clear, all that’s left is to sign a contract and start with the home renovation or room additions you planned. Just check the paperwork to make sure all the requirements are listed in the contract.