Tips for Designing an Open Floor Plan

Many Oceanside homeowners enjoy the modern way of living and the hospitable no-wall concept in their homes. You can get creative with arranging the furniture and designing various areas, all in one ample multifunctional space. We live in a world where multitasking is a must. Open space enables you to talk to your family and guests or catch up on the news while cooking or having dinner. Chat, eat, entertain, relax. All in one place.

Maybe you still have separate rooms and you’re considering the whole house renovation rather than room additions. But before taking a sledgehammer to your traditional floor plan, keep in mind that besides many advantages, open concept floor plans come with a few challenges. These design tips might help you tackle some of the most usual hurdles: how to connect different areas, add style and enable flow in your open Oceanside space.

Use furniture to define different areas

If you have enough room, use two sofas and an armchair or a sectional to create a living space. Place a rug in the center. Spice the back of the sofa up with a console table or experiment with bookshelves as room dividers. A breakfast bar, partial wall or a dropped ceiling stylishly separates the areas while not disrupting the flow of the room. The lighting may help you distinguish the areas. Add a chandelier above the dining table and a ceiling fan in the center of the living space. Eye-catching lamps and the lighting fixtures should be in accordance with the fundamental design.

Create a focal point

Apart from using it to separate different spaces, use the furniture to create a focal point in each area. Those two sofas can draw the eye to a fireplace or TV. Spotlight the cozy sitting area with a ceiling-mounted fixture. Add glitz and glamour with a mirrored bar. Focus on the artwork and accentuate it with a track light or a lighting fixture. Your focal point might be a built-in bookcase, a shelf or a wall. It can also be a window area. Arrange the furniture so that you can enjoy the amazing Oceanside view while cooking or lying on the sofa.

Keep it open

The open plan renovation ideas and a house design should transform the existing place and create an open feel. With too much furniture, the whole room may look cluttered, so keep it to a minimum. Ensure open views from every area and don’t let the furniture block the natural light. Also, don’t go overboard with many different styles, colors and textures. All the elements should fit together, tell the same story and create an overall cohesion in your house.

More room, less privacy

Keep in mind that fewer walls mean more square feet, but less privacy. Would you rather have your house efficiently designed with an open floor plan or go with the room additions and keep your privacy?

Consult a trusted San Diego remodel contractor

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