Top Reasons to Have a Room Addition in Your House

Are you running out of space in your home? Has your family grown bigger? Do you need a new bedroom, bathroom or a storage place? Whatever the reason, you might feel like you need a new home to fulfill your needs. But maybe your children are already enrolled in one of the schools in San Marcos or your house is close to work. Or moving gives you a headache. Maybe you love your home and your San Marcos neighbors. There are many reasons why moving is not an option.

If you have the budget and space for it, consider what you can accomplish with your current property. If your growing needs don’t require the whole house renovation, introduce new features to your house with room additions.

Here are the most important reasons why you can benefit from room additions.

Less expensive and stressful than moving

Room additions are a cost-effective, more convenient solution to get the much-needed extra space. And they save you the troubles of trying to find the perfect house elsewhere. Moving can be a long and tiring, while the room addition process may last up to six weeks or a few months tops.

Much needed space

Maybe you are expecting a new family member or you already have a newborn in your family. New bedroom is among the easiest additions to your home, especially if it’s a two-story house. Don’t forgo the idea of a family place due to the space limitations.

If you want an extra room for the kitchen table or a kitchen island with a breakfast bar, make your kitchen more functional and appealing. You may want a larger bathroom to enjoy a hot bath and relax after a hard day. And if you started working from home, you’ll need to establish a working space. By adding a room, you’ll be able to work efficiently and in peace in your own home office. Or you just want a place for entertainment or hobbies. Build a sunroom to enjoy those sunny days in San Marcos.

Increased home value

Deciding on a room addition is a smart way to add value to your house. Stay within the square feet range of the houses in San Marcos. Money spent on overbuilding might be difficult to recoup, so it’s best to stay within 200 square feet of the average size of the houses in the neighborhood.

If you’re deciding on the whole house renovation or you’re adding a room, you’re not planning to pack your bags anytime soon. Your potential return on the house will increase over time until the housing market is fully recouped.

Personalized space

You get to choose all the design and architecture elements of the room as you envisioned. You may want to use it as an office, library or a family room, so you’ll adjust its size and style to your specific needs. When moving to a new house, the size and the number of rooms will already be determined, and you might not want to do the whole house renovation so that it fits your needs. With a trusted San Marcos home remodeling agency, you’ll accomplish what you envisioned, right there in your current home.