How to Master the Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans reflect the modern way of living. If you are considering tearing down the walls and making your Solana Beach home more spacious and inviting, you should first cover the basics. Picking colors and pieces of furniture is the fun part, but without proper space planning, making your open space an efficient cohesive place might be a real challenge.

Here are a few guidelines that will help you decide what works best for your lifestyle before you start the whole house renovation.

Define your needs

Just like in the case of room additions, think about what your needs and requirements are. Being a multifunctional space, the open floor plan calls for a serious planning. Make a list of the smaller, functional zones and appoint estimated square footage for each one. The room shouldn’t feel cramped, so keep in mind the size of the furniture and the number of people who will be using the space.

Organize the space

Keep the whole layout simple. Most house renovations, redecorating projects and room additions don’t start with a clean slate, so the locations of the existing doors and windows, as well as the plumbing, sewage and gas lines and electrical outlets will be a significant consideration.

Kitchen counters, a dining table, a breakfast bar, a fireplace and other elements will also limit the space for maneuvering. It makes sense to plan the dining area near the kitchen and place the table near the window to enjoy the amazing Solana Beach view. On the other hand, you’ll be looking to avoid the glare of the sun on your TV screen. Group pieces of furniture and the space around them. Don’t forget the space needed to connect all the zones. How do you want these zones organized? Arranging them in a single line is relatively simple and flexible. The sizes and shapes of the areas may vary, as long as they’re relate to a line. Don’t interrupt the room flow. Think about the stairs, the doorways and how the people will move from one place to another.

Create dividers

Would you like some of the spaces enclosed? You may use a half wall between the kitchen and the living area or use a bookshelf against the sitting area to visually divide the space without affecting the circulation. Floor-to-ceiling curtains drawn across two sections can contribute to the sense of privacy, elegance and coziness. Be careful not to block the window and obstruct the natural light or the movement around the room. Floor coverings play a major part in fortifying the subdivided nature of an open floor plan. You’d want to combine different materials, but it best to maintain the same tone throughout the area. You may choose to use subtle shifts of color from one space to another to avoid the plain look. That slight change will keep the whole room connected and accentuate the sense of different entities.

Consult an expert

Combining two or three rooms and maintaining a feeling of unlimited and cohesive space can be a tricky one. Put your wishes on paper and sketch out some basic ideas.  Leave the rest to the experts. Consult a reputable a San Diego home remodel contractor to help you with the design and to come up with a solution that works best for your Solana Beach home.