Italian Home Design With A Modern Twist

There is a trend in the world of Italian home design. The professionals agree, the current style that has taken the country by storm is Italian rustic brought to life with a modern twist. Rustic Italian architecture is old world charm that utilizes wood, metal, brick, and stone. Designers and homeowners are acquiring these properties and restoring them. Though some people will go for the country farm look, using lots of gingham and ruffles, that look is not as successful as they would hope. It takes away from the charm of the original home.

More successful designers like, Ilaria Miani of Rome, Italy have struck a balance using rustic pieces, merged with modern pieces. Just as ultra-country is not the look desired, neither is ultra-sleek. This is why specialty pieces that are a little closer to middle ground are in such high demand.

While some furnishings, like the ones Miani use, are created by the designer, there are treasures to be found if you know where to look. The modern pieces at Maestro Bath are right on the mark. Interior decorators and homeowners excitedly look to Maestro Bath for focus pieces that pull the look together. The selection of Maestro Bath is amazing, making them an industry leader in home design pieces. Merging modern pieces with pieces that look as if they are centuries old is not an easy task. Balance is the key.

Restoration of old homes while maintaining their original charm, takes time. Do not buy something unless you are sure it is the right piece. Consider seeking out local vendors.

Furniture is a blend of modern comfort and pieces of antique look. Stay away from streamline designs and go for plush, soft, and comfortable. Go slow and add pieces few at a time. In this situation, less is more. Rustic Italian architecture makes use of a lot of wood, metal, and stone. Consider using light colors for fabrics to bring light and life to the look. While people who rush to the country look, find a lot of red and white checked patterns, consider a cream or white solid for furniture or other lighter materials to brighten the room and give the home a more comfortable feel.

Some of the rustic pieces that will work well for your project are:

  • Repurposed wood
  • Metal pieces, including hinges, and door knobs
  • Old lighting pieces
  • Edison bulbs
  • Wood beams for ceilings

Choices for modern pieces include:

  • Clean lines of simple and comfortable furniture
  • Solids and light colors, utilizing creams, whites, and grays
  • Clear lighting
  • Accent pieces that are functional

The beautiful old homes of Italy have stood for hundreds of years and will always be a thing of beauty. The trend of people restoring and enjoying their lives in these marks of history is here to stay. While styles come and go, these homes have the beauty of yesterday and the comfort of today. That will never go out of style.

Whether you are restoring a home to live in, or investing in a home to resell for profit, the Italian rustic home is a perfect choice.

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