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Last year brought some great remodeling ideas, both for the interior and the exterior. Some of those ideas included bringing some of the outdoor elements inside, natural flooring and futuristic tech updates. But 2017 already seems to be taking a step in a different direction. Judging by the design trends at the start of 2017, this year will be all about natural and sustainable materials, eco-friendly solutions and adventurous designs.

Covert Kitchen

One of the biggest kitchen remodeling trends in 2016 was blending the kitchen and the living room into a seamless union. However, 2017 is bringing the kitchen its independence back. This year it’s all about designing the kitchen to go with your home’s aesthetic values and losing the traditional kitchen features. Instead, the accent is on hiding the kitchen in plain sight through the use of hidden appliances, organic wooden shelves and diverse finishes.

A Natural Bathroom

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, designers are looking into implementing more organic materials and replacing sterile titles and inelegant bathtubs. These elements are replaced with a combination of stone and wooden elements that give off an impression of a fancy spa. These organic elements will enhance your bathroom experience and make each and every bath enjoyable to the core.

Cork Is Back

Eco-friendly materials are not only good for the environment, they can also be stylish. One material in particular is making a huge comeback in 2017. Cork has long been used for wine bottles or to pin notes in your office, but designers chose to favor this renewable material highly resistant to microbes in 2017. Cork will help battle dust and toxins in your home and its uses are limitless, from covering entire walls to bedside tables.

Home Theater Revolution

While home offices were the leading trend in 2016, designers are looking into adapting our homes to accommodate our free time rather than spend more time working and away from our family. And what better way to entertain the entire family than watching a movie. As ticket prices rise higher while on-demand services offer better titles than ever, investing in a giant TV, a great set of speakers and topping that with a stylish design seem like a better idea than it ever has. The best part is that you don’t necessarily have to consider a room addition, you can easily adapt your basement, garage or the attic.

Home Theater - Home Renovation Temecula

A Garden on Top

Homeowners living in urban areas often feel the need to escape the cold & crowded landscape and retreat to nature. Unfortunately not everyone has a lush park nearby. This is why rooftop gardens have steadily increased in popularity over 2016 and are becoming more and more common going forward. The best part is that you don’t need a complicated remodeling project to convert your flat roof into a lavish garden. For sloped roofs some additional effort might be required, but is well worth it.

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