Evaluate Your Home for a Master Bedroom Addition

If you are dreaming of having your safe harbor, a place where you can relax in peace, enjoy the solitude, take a nap or bathe with no kids around hogging your bathroom, master bedroom addition is just what you’re looking for.

Having a home in Carlsbad, near the coast or with the ocean view is a dream come true. With a home remodel or second story additions, you’ll be able to stay in the neighborhood. First, you’ll need to get the basics and do some smart planning. Here are several things you need to know before you roll up your sleeves.

The basics

Second story additions require a zoning approval and building inspections. Contact the Planning Department to find out all about the zoning and planning regulations. This is a considerable investment and can be a complex architectural and construction project. Be prepared for your yard and home to become a construction site with workers from carpenters to roofers.

The space

You can reconfigure the existing underused or unfinished space and save up to 60% of your budget. This way, you won’t have to build a foundation, exterior walls and a roof. For example, by remodeling the guest room and merging it with your extra bathroom, you’ll save money and time by tapping into the current sewer and water lines. You may even adapt your garage into a master suite. Being a Carlsbad resident, you’ll find that the attic with an eye-catching view is a much better remodeling choice.

The other option is to add your master bedroom on top of the ground floor. The upstairs bedroom gives you more privacy and it’s better to build up than out and save that backyard space intact. Have a structural engineer do a professional assessment of the house foundation to see if it can support a multilevel structure.

Additional expenses

With a master bedroom addition, your cooling system, electrical panel, water heater, and your burglar alarm will need an upgrade. But that’s not all. With the second story additions you get more space, so expect your utility bills and property tax to increase as well. The energy bills will probably increase at about the same percentage you added to the house.


If you are making significant changes and additions, you’ll get a good portion of your money back, but even when home prices in Carlsbad go up, don’t expect to regain the whole investment. Payback also depends on how your house compares with other homes in the neighborhood. But turning a profit shouldn’t be the reason for adding a master bedroom. The real payback is something you can’t put a price on, and that’s your satisfaction.

The right contractor

As said, the construction process can be complicated and includes a lot of preparation, organization and communication with multiple parties. You need a skillful Carlsbad contractor who’s able to complete the project on time and within the estimated budget.

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