What to Consider When Planning Your Master Bedroom Addition

Have you purchased a starter or an older home or your current bedroom just doesn’t meet your expectations anymore? Do you want not just a place to sleep, but a getaway place where you can lie back, relax and find your peace? Master bedroom additions give you an opportunity to create a safe haven that meets your needs and wishes and give this room your own personal touch.

If you are an Escondido resident and want to make master bedroom and second story additions, here are several things you should consider.


The first step is likely to be the most complicated and demanding one. Do you want your new bedroom to be on the first floor, connected with the backyard? If so, think about how it is going to relate to the landscape and the rest of the house, as well as how it will impact your privacy. If you prefer a direct access to the outdoors, an exterior door opening onto a private garden or a patio would be a good idea.

If your choice is a second-floor master bedroom, there are two options. Sometimes you can have it built into the roof of the house, but other times you’ll need the second story addition. If this is the case, zoning approval and building inspections are required. Also, it will involve changes and upgrades in the existing systems. Consult your Escondido contractors and architect to see if what you have in mind can be accomplished and how. They’ll find the most practical and suitable solution for the additions to blend into the architecture of your house.

The view

Though studies show that darker rooms are better for a good night’s sleep, you may want it to be a room with a view. Large, floor-to-ceiling windows provide plenty of natural light and create a spacious and cheerful look. And those with cleverly hidden or disguised rolling blinds can be a good solution for you to sleep soundly. And in the morning, those joyful sunbeams will put a smile on your face.


Do you want a king size or a canopy bed? Keep in mind the dimensions and bed placement, as well as the lamps, chairs, dressers and other furniture you are planning to have when planning the master bedroom additions. You should have enough open space to create a more comfortable, appealing and relaxed atmosphere.

Sitting area

The bed should take center stage, but that doesn’t mean it should take over the entire podium. It is common in Escondido to have a sitting area within the master bedroom, as a place where you can relax after a long day and read a book, write, spend time on your iPad or drink your morning coffee. Your lounge space can consist of a small table and an armchair or may even be a small living room, especially if you go for the second story additions. Depending on your lifestyle, preferences and space available, you can have a bookshelf, a desk, a sectional or another piece of furniture.


With the proper lighting, you can turn your master bedroom into a retreat. Make it stylish and functional. Spice it up with an opulent chandelier or some floor and wall lamps in the sitting area. If you like reading in bed before going to sleep, a nightstand lamp with a built-in slot for books and magazines will provide enough light to read by, as well as fine-tune the atmosphere with a soft touch of brightness. Dimmers contribute to the sense of ambiance. Often just enough light creates all the magic. Perfect for you to relax before the lights go out.