Do You Need a Second Story Addition?

You already have your dream home in San Marcos and aren’t thinking about moving. You have your pretty little nest there and you like the neighborhood. But what if you started to feel cramped and suddenly you’re in desperate need for more space? Or you simply wish to add some square feet and accommodate that extra space to your growing needs? Maybe you dream of having a master bedroom, but with this addition comes the question where you should have it built.

If you can’t make up your mind whether the second story addition is the right choice, here are several factors you should consider to help you decide which path to take.

Do you like your location?

The location of your house is more than an address. You can buy the right house but on the wrong location. People who live next door, neighborhood associations and activities may also have an impact on the overall satisfaction with the place you live in.

Depending on your lifestyle, you might want to have restaurants, the theater or a park nearby. Healthcare, cultural, recreational or shopping facilities and schools are some of the important factors to consider when deciding if the location meets your needs. And for a San Marcos homeowner, breathtaking views of the ocean or Lake San Marcos are a big plus. With the second story addition, you can get even better views. Keep in mind that a house on a good location is a smart investment. The second story addition increases its value even more.

Is your budget realistic?

A second story addition may cost less than a ground floor addition, but it’s still a considerable expense. The cost per square meter may vary between $1,850 and $3,300. It depends on a number of factors such as the quality and price of construction materials and the scope of work. Think smart. High-quality materials and installation and a well-designed space are worth more in the long run than going for the lowest cost solutions.

Consider the costs that go along with the addition: the electrical and plumbing installations, the heating, the roofing and a new staircase. Expect the unexpected such as surprise repairs. Though good builders leave the construction site clean and ready to occupy, you’ll need to do a landscaping restoration to put your yard back in shape once the construction work is done.

These are some of the reasons why you should set a budget before you start with the additions. You should also hire a trusted and experienced San Diego home renovation contractor. Structural engineers, building inspectors and architects can help you find out what you’re up against, get you the most practical and appealing solutions and ultimately save you thousands of dollars.

What’s your motive?

There are great reasons to build a home addition, what’s yours?  If you’re up for a master bedroom addition, building a second story is a good way to increase the square footage of the house without increasing the footprint. And you’ll have plenty of room for a private oasis, with a master bathroom and a walk-in closet. Maybe your family has grown and with all the stuff piling over, you need a family room, kids’ bedroom or an extra bathroom.

Other options

Think about the architectural style of your house. Some homes are just not meant for second story additions. The design should blend in not just with the current style of the house but also with the houses in the neighborhood. Leave the esthetics to a reputable architect. Have a structural engineer assess the foundation and the load-bearing walls to see if they can hold a second story. If not, all is not lost. You may build out or down. Consult home remodeling experts to find alternatives.