5 Ways to Revamp Your Master Bedroom

You have your safe haven in your Solana Beach home. But it’s been years since the last remodel or that second story addition and your master bedroom doesn’t bring you joy anymore. Night after night, you get out of bed and have your morning coffee on the same, though fabulous, couch every single day. You got tired of the same wallpaper, you want to switch out that dull coffee table or change the bedding.

With summer on the way, you want to heat up the room’s atmosphere and give your master bedroom a little lift. Here are five quick ways to give your Solana Beach oasis a new look.

Freshen up the bedding

Start with the sleeping space. Make your bed a statement piece with a splash of color and pattern. Before going on a shopping trip, decide on a style and the effect you’d like to achieve. Do you prefer the elegance of the beige and earth tones or you’d like to revamp your bedroom into a zesty and bold space with some animal or patterned prints? Opt for the luxurious sheets that also make you feel comfortable and a new bed pillow that that will give you a good night’s sleep. Decorative pillow covers should complement the style you’ve chosen. And then leap into your beautifully dressed and comfy bed.

Give your walls a new coat of paint

A fresh coat of paint can breathe life into a dull room. Revamp your plain walls by adding accent walls, different patterns, bright colors or even wall decorations. Add wallpaper to one wall with a stand out design. Give character to the room, go for contrasting colors, bring focus to one side of the room but be careful not to go over the top.

Rearrange the furniture

Change the scenery by moving your bed, the sofa or even the vanity. Bed is the largest piece of furniture, so its placement is essential. Make sure it can be easily accessed. The most usual and convenient place for the bed would be against the largest wall. But that doesn’t mean you cannot think outside the box. Place the bed at an angle or even in front of the window. The goal is to make the room more spacious, comfortable and inviting, balance the area and keep all the elements connected.

Light it up

Make a unique look with a cool new lamp, a luxurious chandelier, recessed downlights or the paneled ceiling lighting above the bed or the coffee table. Hang a mirror to reflect light and the beautiful landscape view from the second story. Spice the sleeping area up with an interesting cube bedside lamp. Its sophisticated and minimalistic look is perfect for accent lighting.

The final touch

With the second story addition and the marvelous Solana Beach view, there’s just a little “wow” to add to your windows and make them extravagant. Accessorize the drapes with some elegant and creative drapery tiebacks. Add personality and chic to your master bedroom by an area rug in a bold pattern or a vivid color. Artwork accompanied by track lights or picture lights and a few eye-catching accessories will put a sparkle in the room. Make it come to life with some houseplants. Ditch the vase and use tea cups and tin cans as flower containers.