Photo Gallery / Outdoor Projects

Simply click on any of the albums below for a more in-depth look into our outdoor projects.

Bonita Screen Room and Deck

The Screen Room and Deck was created for our clients. This screen room and deck was created to an entertainment space that overlooks the surrounding greenery.

Scripps Ranch Exterior Remodel

This two story home was in need of an exterior update. Fresh paint and new stucco and stone made this house look new again with a more modern look.

Rancho Bernardo Drought-Tolerant Hardscaping

This home received an drought-tolerant exterior remodel. This clean exterior look gives the home a nice clean outdoor look that complements the home.  

Ocean Beach Deck Replacement

Clearly this deck was not repairable so Classic Home Improvements installed a new deck for this homeowner in San Diego.

Coronado Patio with Paving Stones

This home in Coronado California got some exterior remodeling done. Paving was done to their backyard to create a patio escape.

Rancho Bernardo Whole House - Exterior Remodel

This home in Rancho Bernardo has received a complete uplift including stamped concrete, a new driveway, artificial turf, new fencing, full exterior re-painting - and that's just the front yard!

Allied Gardens Stacked Stone Wallcovering

This customer wanted to freshen up the look of the exterior of their house.  It had some stucco staining and they wanted to add a little touch to warm the place up, so they hired us to install stacked stone around their garage, windows, and entry way.

El Cajon Exterior Renovation

This El Cajon Exterior Remodel received a complete transformation. The outside of the home was in need of a new paint job and reconstruction of the deck. The transformation is like night and day and the home owner is pleased.

Oceanside Exterior House Painting

This Oceanside Exterior Paint job was done to give the home a new look. The paint before had faded and made the home look worn and tired. Now the house looks stunning and new!

Tierra Santa Exterior House Painting

This Tierrasanta paint job gave this home an updated look with a new coat of paint. This paint job has brought out the home's features and now has serious curb appeal.