Most Popular Types of Room Additions in Carmel Valley, CA

Everyone can tell you that room additions are a great solution to the lack of space around your home. Even though a room additions project has both its upsides and downsides, homeowners in Carmel Valley, CA still see them as one of the most practical problem-solvers.

One thing is certain – such a project needs careful preparation and thorough planning.

Check out some of the most popular types of room additions and discover exactly what type is best for your needs and preferences.

A sunroom

Sunrooms are also called ”three season rooms” and, as the name suggests, tend to get lots of sun. That’s why they are located on the sunny sides, so you can enjoy the sun in the comfort of your home interior. Sunrooms are typically easier to design and build because they either need little or no plumbing work done.

If you want to enjoy a spectacular view without stepping outdoors or grow plants and flowers indoors, a sunroom addition is just what you need.

A bump-out addition

With a bump-out addition, you can start from scratch. You don’t have to adapt an existing room but build a new space that seems to almost bump out of the main walls of your house (hence the name). With the help of a creative and skilled architect, the bump-out addition can look very attractive. Besides, if your house is small, you may not have any other choice except the bump-out addition.

Depending on the proximity to and connection with the main drain and sewage, the bump-out addition can serve a number of purposes. It can be an extra bedroom, bathroom, mudroom or the new laundry room. Since it basically enables a new functionality in your home, a bump-out addition can earn you a higher cost per unit.

Modern House with Pool - Room Additions Carmel Valley CA

A family room addition

If you feel like your family isn’t spending enough time together, maybe the lack of a specially built room is one of the main culprits. With a family room, you can get an entertainment area for the whole family, with the home theater or any other feature you like.

Additionally, family room additions are among the most popular room addition projects in Carmel Valley, CA.

An in-law suite addition

More and more homeowners express the need for this kind of addition. If you are taking care of an elderly family member, you understand they need privacy and comfort, and this is exactly what an in-law suite is for.

What’s more, it’s perfect for visiting in-laws of other members of the family. It can also include a separate entrance. For it to have its own kitchen, you may have to acquire a zoning approval.

A garage addition

Sometimes, one garage simply isn’t enough, whether you need space for more than one or two cars, or you need extra storage space. Either way, by building a new garage, you can boost the value of your home. What’s more, it can serve as a foundation structure for a second-story addition you could build at some point along the way.

First or second-story additions?

There will be some limitations to where you can actually have the room addition. Also, some room additions are more suitable for the first floor than the second. For example, homeowners usually choose to adapt the first floor for some quality family time. That’s why they go for family room additions on the first floor, or choose to do a kitchen expansion.

Second-story additions are typically considered if there is no way to have a ground-level expansion. In most cases, additions to the second story don’t require zoning approvals or excavation, and they don’t contribute to the carbon footprint of your house.

Lastly, before you decide on the type of room addition, figure out what function you need it to serve most. Once you got that covered, you can consult a design-build expert and get more space and functionality in your home!



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