Homeowners living in San Marcos, CA who would like to work with a local remodeling contractor are pleased when they are introduced to Classic Home Improvements.  We are unique in the industry because we offer solutions that many other bathroom remodel contractors do not.  There are many different types of contractors, but as a design and remodeling contractor, you will be pleased to know we can offer services that far exceed our competitors.

Free Consultations

Many of the local remodeling contractors in San Marcos will offer free estimate for their remodeling services.  Classic Home Improvements offers this service as well.  One core difference between their free estimate and our free estimate is we provide design consultations as well as free estimates.  Not sure of the difference?  Below are some images of what we can provide our homeowners when they meet with us for a free consultation.

Assistance with Product Selection

There are additional benefits to hiring Classic Home Improvements as your bathroom remodeling contractor.  Most of our competitors will give you a price to remodel your bathroom and have you go shopping for your finish products on your own.  Some homeowners like this, but the homeowners who select our team to remodel their bathroom enjoy the fact they have a product selection coordinator to assist them in purchasing their material.  Having a product selection coordinator allows our homeowner the peace of mind that they have purchased the correct quantities, have selected coordinated materials, and that they will not be solely responsible for tracking deliveries.  When you select your materials from our preferred vendors (using our builder discounted pricing) – you are never alone if there is a defective product or warranty issue in upcoming years.

Highest Level of Communication in the Industry!

San Marcos homeowners who have hired Classic Home Improvements as their bathroom remodeling contractor are impressed with our communication style as well.  From the moment you schedule an appointment with our team, you are aware of what to expect.  We are dedicated to keeping our customers abreast of what is happening now and what is going to happen next so there is never any question of where we are at in the process of their project. Daily communication with your project manager is a minimum expectation when you are working with our team.

Quality Workmanship

As a quality bathroom remodeling contractor in San Marcos, you can expect beautiful workmanship from our crews.  If you take a moment view the images above you can see the precision and detail that goes into our work.  When you hire Classic Home Improvements as your bathroom contractor, you can expect our installers to be qualified journeymen in their trade.  We do use subcontractors as well and the subcontractors we use have all been with us for several years and are licensed and insured (and also covered under our license and insurance).  Regardless of who your installers are, you will have ONE contact with our company through-out the construction phase of your project ensuring all communication is going to the correct person at the correct moment during your bathroom remodel.

Accurate Completion Dates

Home remodeling contractors are in abundance in San Marcos CA.  You can interview several types of contractors.  If you are looking to have your bathroom remodeled in a timely manner, with accurate completion dates , we highly recommend working with a corporation rather than working with an individual owner.  As a corporation, we have the team required to dedicated themselves to completing your project on time.  You will not have your installer having to rush off to go bid on another bathroom remodel project, if you hire a corporation.  Additionally, your installers are dedicated to your project, not multiple projects, which means you do not have to wait for them to finish one job so they can move on to your project.  Having a dedicated team means you can count on your project to be completed on time and on budget.

Classic Home Improvements offers several home remodeling options for San Marcos CA homeowners outside of bathroom remodeling.  Our team is capable of building Room Additions, kitchen remodels, and exterior home remodeling projects.


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