Save Money on Your Home Remodel

Everyone wants to save a little money now and then, right?  Home remodeling in San Diego is expensive, there are some ways to save, though!

  • Understand peak seasons for remodeling.  No one is really looking to spend money in December for their home remodeling projects.  This means contractors are usually sitting around trying to fill their buckets for the Spring.  If you want a good deal on your remodel, hire during the holidays!  Don’t forget, you don’t have to spend all the money up front.  Contractors, by California law, can only charge you 10% of the contract value up to $1,000 for the deposit.  This means you get to select your contractor in November or December at a discounted rate (because contractors are usually trying to fill up their schedules for the Spring) – and then not really pay anything else until it is time to buy materials and start building.


  • Purchase your materials during sales.  Holidays like Labor Day, 4th of July, and Black Friday always bring on great savings!  What you don’t want to do though is purchase the appliances or materials before you have selected your contractor.  Remodeling is like a puzzle, everything has to fit together perfectly to make the space beautiful.  Also, sometimes purchasing a super-discounted item might sound great, but if the quality of material is poor you could end up paying double in labor fees.


  • Act as your own general contractor.  If you have the time and experience in construction,  you could act as your own contractor.  This will absolutely save you some money.  It will absolutely not save you time.  So – weigh your pros and cons, carefully!


  • Finance the project.  No, this does not save you money….but it does delay when you have to pay.  HELOC loans are very popular for home remodeling projects but if you have an exterior renovation you could also consider using financing such as The Hero Program.


  • Negotiate.  You can negotiate with most contractors.  Have you found the contractor you LOVE but he is too expensive?  Ask if there is any room for negotiation.  Sometimes there is, sometimes there is not.  It does not hurt to ask!


  • Hire the right type of contractor.  This means you need to know what type of contractor you are looking for.  If you just need to do some quick repairs around the house, you may not need a contractor, but could actually hire a handyman!  There are plenty of qualified handymen out there that can help with your project if you are looking to spend $500 or less on your project.


  • Trade.  Offer to make trades with your contractor for a discount.  For example:  Offer to provide testimonials or provide feedback on social media in return for a discounted rate on your remodel.  Social media is huge and your contractor is always looking for ways to get more positive exposure.

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