Senior Friendly Bathroom Design Ideas

The baby boomers are aging and we receive calls from them frequently asking for ideas on how they can safely stay in their home.  Most clients are concerned about their safety in the bathroom specifically because of the fear of falling in the shower.  If you are considering a senior-friendly bathroom remodeling project in San Diego or Temecula, here are some things to consider.

You may not have to remodel the whole bathroom

This bathroom remodeling project was specifically for a homeowner who had a concern about safety in her home.  The homeowner’s concern was mainly the shower so she did not remodel her cabinetry.  The shower went from having a dangerous curb to being curb-less.  You may want to add a fold down seat in the shower.

Cabinets are one of the most expensive parts of a remodel so that can save you some significant cash if you are comfortable leaving it as-is.  Do not remodel just for the sake of remodeling, especially if you are on a fixed budget.

Consider your flooring

Partial Remodel - Bathroom Remodel Contractor San Marcos CA

If you anticipate being in a wheelchair or using a walker, you may want to consider upgrading your flooring for easier maneuvering.  If you have smooth or glossy porcelain or ceramic tiles you will absolutely want to change out your flooring because they are relatively slippery when wet.  Textured floors are a must-have for a senior friendly bathroom remodel. Easy maintenance is also a concern for seniors who wish to age in place.  When considering your flooring you not only want to prevent falls, you also want to consider how hard the surface is in the event you do have a tumble.

Add wall support

Wall Support - Senior Friendly Bathroom Remodel San Marcos CA

When planning your senior friendly bathroom remodel, your contractor should absolutely include one or more grab bars in the space.  Your contractor will install bracing for the installation of grab bars which will prove to be helpful as you age in your home.

Add Adjustable and hand-held shower headsModern Shower - Home Renovation Rancho Bernardo CA

As someone who has been stuck in a wheelchair for a period, I can share with you that adjustable shower heads and seats in the shower are heavenly.  There is no other way to describe how helpful it is to have a hand held shower when you need one.

Senior Friendly Bathroom Remodel

If you are in need more senior friendly bathroom design ideas, you can find a very comprehensive list on the National Association of Builders website.  Are you ready to talk with a contractor to get specific ideas about your home?  Call San Diego home remodeling contractor Classic Home Improvements today to schedule a free consultation at 858-224-7373

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