6 Ideas for a Better Baker’s Kitchen

Have you ever tried baking in a kitchen that’s not baking-friendly? If this hobby of yours is turning into a passion that requires special attention and maybe even a kitchen remodel, don’t hesitate to make your kitchen tailored for baking. If you need a kitchen remodel in Escondido or another area you live in, with the help of the leading home remodel experts, you can truly incorporate the love of baking into your kitchen space.

Many people wonder what they can do to create a baking-friendly kitchen. Do you need extra storage space or a multifunctional kitchen island? Keep in mind that you don’t have to make a mini bakery. In every kitchen there is potential for great storage space and functionality.

Here are some clever ideas our designers have put together.

Clever cabinets

You probably have plenty of bulky equipment like cake pans, baking tins, rolling pins and mixers. They’ll be more accessible if you keep them within reach but this will make your kitchen counters look cluttered. Roll-out drawers, appliance garages, canisters and clever cabinets are great ways to keep your baking gear out of sight but close by.

Open shelves

Open shelves may increase your storage options and help space look bright and open. This way, you can easily arrange your dry storage containers. Just don’t forget that open shelving shouldn’t be overcrowded.

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Rolling cart

It’s important to have your supplies within easy reach while you cook or bake. Rolling carts are perfect to keep your equipment organized and mobile. You can move the cart next to the counter or close to the oven and your kitchen table.

Kitchen islands

There’s never enough countertop space when cooking. Between the kitchen gadgets, ingredients and mixing bowls, you’ll run out of space very quickly. With additional drawers, cabinets and shelves, a kitchen island adds storage space and increases your kitchen workspace. It’s also perfect for kids! They’ll feel part of the action and can even join you in your baking endeavors.

baking-friendly kitchen -  kitchen remodel Escondido

Built-in step stool

For easy access, consider installing portable or rolling hidden step stool into the base of kitchen cabinets. It’s a handy addition to your kitchen, especially if you have pans or trays stored in tall upper cabinets. This way, you can access and use every inch of your storage space!

Cookbook stands

You just bought a new cookbook and got it stained while you were preparing food? To avoid this from happening, make sure you get a cookbook stand with a protective front. If you have plenty of cookbooks, you may also consider installing a bookshelf near the working area for easier access. It is both practical and good looking.

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Consult our trustworthy team of San Diego home remodeling experts at Classic Home Improvements. Whether you are looking for a kitchen remodel in Escondido or other San Diego community you live, we will help you find the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

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