Top 10 Reasons Why Clients Remodel Their Bathrooms

Bathroom remodeling seems to be the hot thing to do in San Marcos CA!  We get calls daily from homeowners asking for design consultations because they are ready to renew their bathroom space.  We start off our consultations asking what the client wants to accomplish so we can determine how to design the new bathroom. Here are the top 10 reasons why clients in San Marcos remodel their bathrooms.

They need more cabinet space

Many customers find that the older San Marcos homes have very little cabinet space.  Some of our clients have us build towers which are stacked on top of the counter top.  Other homeowners re-design their space so they can add additional cabinet boxes into the bathroom.

They need more counter top space

Some master bathrooms built in San Marcos simply do not have much counter top space.  If the bathroom area is large enough, the addition of cabinetry will allow for more countertop space. However, some San Marcos bathrooms are tiny so your designer may get creative to create the illusion of more space.

They have dated tile with nasty looking grout

More than a few homeowners reach out to us because their home is 20 years old and the grout has become discolored. We have been in many bathrooms which have pink or baby blue tile that they want removed.

The bathroom has a weird layout with wasted space

It seems that many homes in San Marcos which were built in the 90’s and early 2000’s had a ton of wasted space.  Many clients have us re-design the space so they can build a larger shower or add more cabinetry.

They no longer use their bathtub and want a larger shower

This is probably the most popular reason why San Marcos clients reach out to us to design a new bathroom.  Folks simply do not take baths as frequently as they once did and the bathtub is considered wasted space so they have us remove the tub to enlarge the shower.

They need a bathtub to bathe children

New families sometimes reach out to us because they are expecting a baby or because they have a young child that needs a safe bathtub in the home.  Some San Marcos homes are built with a large roman tub in the master bathroom and a shower in the hall bathroom which leaves no small tub solution for toddlers.

They are aging and want a safe bathroom space

Baby boomers in San Marcos have been reaching out to us more frequently because they want to stay in their home into their old age and they understand safety in the bathroom is important.  Another popular reason why San Marcos homeowners call us is because their parents are moving in with them and need to have the space prepared for them to be safe and comfortable when bathing.

They had a flood

One of the more unfortunate reasons why homeowners need to remodel their bathroom is because they have had a flood.  Unfortunately we do not offer restoration services, but many times homeowners will take the opportunity to update their space since they have to renovate it anyway.

They are trying to sell their home

Another reason why clients update their bathroom is because they are trying to sell the home. A bathroom remodel increases the value of the home.

Their bathroom is dated and they want something more modern

Sometimes clients just want to have a more modern bathroom space.  Nothing is broken, nothing is wrong, its just old and they want to treat themselves to a nicer bathroom.

Rustic Modern Bathroom - Bathroom Remodeling San Marcos CA

If you relate to any of the above then maybe it is time for you to remodel your bathroom!  When you are ready to discuss a new design for your space, give us a call at 858-224-7373!


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