Watch Out for these Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes!

After whole-home renovations, bathroom remodels are perhaps the most demanding home improvement projects you can undertake. Whether you have a small bathroom or a master bathroom, some requirements are always the same, and you have to account for them when planning a bathroom remodel.

To make sure the bathroom remodel in your Encinitas home goes smoothly, check out the most common mistakes homeowners make when renovating their bathroom – and steer clear of them.

Treating your bathroom like any other room

Of course you know how to make a difference between a bathroom and a bedroom or any other room. But the problem is, homeowners often neglect certain bathroom properties when remodeling, with plumbing being the first.

For example, some homeowners wish to change the complete layout of the bathroom; move the toilet to the opposite side of the bathroom, or add a double sink. Although these are far from impossible, the final layout has to be determined with the existing plumbing system in mind. A bathroom designer may not be able to give you reliable guidance on this matter, but a full-service contractor will, so you should think about that, as well.

Classic Blue Bathroom with White Tiles - Bathroom Remodeling Encinitas

Demolishing and purchasing before having a clear plan

Imagine you want a steam shower in your bathroom. And why wouldn’t you? It adds more comfort, among a number of other benefits. While you are at it, you realize that you also want to change the flooring in your bathroom, so you go out and buy a nice set of mosaic tiles. None of this would be problematic if only you had consulted a contractor prior to the purchase. What if the tiles you chose are not water-resistant? What if the steam shower cannot fit your bathroom?

The same happens with demolitions. Some homeowners are simply tired of their shabby old bathroom and want a complete makeover. So they demolish the whole bathroom before even deciding what they will do next. They naively believe that they can figure everything out as they go along, but unfortunately – that’s never the case.

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Not setting the right budget

Remodeling Magazine recently stated that the average cost of a bathroom remodel is $16,634. However, depending on the scope of the remodel, the cost can be much higher. In case of bathroom remodels, the rule of thumb is always to set a higher budget rather than lower. If you skimp on quality materials or service, the final result is bound to be disappointing, one way or another. Bathroom remodels are very cost-efficient and guarantee an outstanding return on investment since they automatically boost your home’s value.

Neglecting the real needs in favor of trendy solutions

Other than technical details, there are a number of other equally important considerations. For example, who will use the bathroom? Do you have a senior member of the family who would benefit from senior-friendly bathroom solutions much more than a trendy addition? Not to mention that some things can be extremely dangerous for them, such as slippery flooring.

Cutting-edge solutions are excellent, provided you know how to use them. If your children are going to use the remodeled bathroom, think about whether they will be able to use all the gadgets properly. Besides, if a pricy countertop or flooring material will make you compromise on the quality service, then it’s simply not worth it. Keep things in perspective.

Forgetting the ventilation

Proper ventilation is an essential element of a properly functioning contemporary bathroom. It doesn’t only ensure fresh and odorless air in your bathroom but also prevents the development of mold. Excessive moisture and mold can wreak havoc to your bathroom flooring and walls, and seriously jeopardize the health of your family. Don’t make this mistake – install a fan, and maintain it regularly.

Not hiring a licensed full-service contractor

When it comes to remodeling as complex as this, your best bet is to hire the services of a full-service remodeling contractor. Full-service contractor companies not only have in-house designers and architects but also manage a team of plumbing and construction technicians. If your bathroom needs additional plumbing work done, they bring in reliable professionals that they already have a working relationship with.

What’s more, a full-service contractor accounts for additional expenses like these up front so as to make sure everything is covered. And most importantly – don’t hire an unlicensed contractor.

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