Floating Vanities Will Not Leave You Hanging!

Floating vanities or wall-mounted vanities have been around for quite some time. You could spot them in luxurious hotels, fancy restaurants and other high-end or industrial places. However, in the last couple of years floating vanities became a huge bathroom remodeling trend and favored by residential designers as well.

But if the vanities have been around for quite some time, how come that only in the last couple of years they became such a hot asset to any bathroom remodel in Rancho Bernardo and the surrounding area?

In this article, we are going to explain just that and present you with a couple of interesting bathroom designs involving floating vanities.

Floating Vanity Side View Bathroom - Remodel Rancho Bernardo

The Talk of the Town

Just like with any trend, floating vanities snowballed into the bathroom remodeling scene as more and more homeowners were drawn to their appeal. What makes bathroom vanities so unique is their futuristic, yet elegant look. They combine the best of traditional, contemporary and futuristic design schools and can be easily blended into any type and style of bathroom.

Design Variation

The fact that these vanities are wall-mounted makes them highly customizable. You can choose how high or apart from other elements you want them to set them, where you can place them etc. Because they don’t need a flat surface below them you can play around with the design.

For example, you could place a small floating cabinet above a standard-sized floating vanity. You could also play with lighting and add LED lamps under the vanities for an elegant, futuristic feel. The designer’s imagination is the only limit.

Light and Durable

Generally speaking, floating vanities are much easier to move as they are lighter than traditional vanities. While installation could prove to be a challenge, it’s nothing an experienced contractor can’t handle easily. But as far as moving them goes, they are extremely light and easy to move around. This can be invaluable if you are remodeling your bathroom.

However, don’t let this fool you. They may be light, but they are extremely durable and can last much longer than your typical bathroom vanities. They are built to resist humidity and are bound to remain trendy for a while.

Space Friendly

Another great advantage floating vanities have over traditional ones is that they take up significantly less space. This could come in handy if you want to make your bathroom look bigger or simply free up some space and organize your bathroom better.

Floating Vanity Frontal View - Bathroom Remodel Rancho Bernardo

Design Ideas

Depending on the size of your bathroom, these vanities can be used to free up space or purposely take up more of it. Wall to wall vanities are great for spacious bathrooms. Another great design idea for a spacious bathroom is a pair of separate floating vanities, especially paired up with horizontal shower tiles and glass sinks.

On the other hand, small bathrooms can benefit from floating vanities as they can help free up visual space. These vanities can fit practically anywhere, for example between a wall and another element, like the shower.

Since they can be tucked away in these tight places, they can feel almost like an integral part of the room, especially if you choose to go in tone with the rest of the bathroom.

Consider Floating Vanities for Your Bathroom Remodel in Rancho Bernardo

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