3 Incredible Bathtub Designs for Your Next Bathroom Remodel

Did you know that the very first bathtub was discovered on the Isle of Crete in Europe? That bathtub dates way back to 1700 B.C. What’s even more remarkable is that the design and the plumbing used for this ancient bathtub are very similar to bathtubs used in most modern homes. Even though the basic principles are the same, bathtubs have inarguably evolved since then, both in design and function.

People have been using bathtubs for different purposes since then. Not too long ago bathtubs were only used to give infants and little children a bath, while adults preferred quick showers. However, contemporary bathrooms are changing that. The bathtub is a centerpiece of the bathroom in most modern designs.

Since bathrooms are now frequently used as personal getaways inside your own home, bathtubs are being designed with that in mind. Therefore, the most important features of a modern bathtub are size and comfort.

Today’s bathtub market is teeming with fantastic designs built to meet homeowners’ preferences, bathroom sizes and bathroom remodeling budgets. Below are some of the most luxurious and comfortable bathtub designs for your future bathroom remodeling project.

Soaking Bathtub

What sets a soaking bathtub apart from a traditional one is its large capacity. It was designed to allow a person to sink deep and enjoy a long, soaking bath. Since the focus of these bathtubs is the depth, not length they are more compact than other luxurious bathtub designs. The design also ensures that no water can spill over and make a mess you would have to clean.

Even though it’s compact, it still takes up a lot more space than a regular bathtub and might not fit into any bathroom. Furthermore, if you prefer showers to baths it might not be the most practical choice for you.

Woman Sitting By a Bathtub - Bathroom Remodel Escondido

Corner bathtub

The corner bathtub can help free up a lot of central space as it seamlessly fits into the corner of your bathroom. With all the visual appeal of a Jacuzzi, a corner bathtub is significantly more compact and can even be incorporated into an average-sized bathroom design.

The corner bathtub owes its rise to popularity to its wide price range and supreme comfort. With it, any bath will feel like a refreshing home spa experience. It is also visually appealing and comes in a variety of designs which makes it perfect for any bathroom style.

The only downside of a corner bathtub is that it’s difficult to maintain. You will have to reach for the corner parts to clean it and will have to frequently clean the surrounding junctions and walls as well. That’s why you should consider surrounding the walls around the bathtub with titles, as they are a lot easier to clean.

Corner Bathtub - Bathroom Remodel in Escondido

Plate bathtub

You’ve probably never seen a bathtub quite like a plate bathtub. What might look like a giant fruit bowl is actually a very comfortable tub that will give your bathroom an elegant edge. It features a flat bottom, a wide bed and elevated corners. Due to its design, you can enjoy both a long bath and a quick shower, whichever you prefer.

The downside of a plate bathtub is that it is a central piece that occupies a lot of space, which might be a bad choice for a small bathroom.

Plate Tub - Bathroom Remodel Escondido

Bathroom Remodel in Escondido

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