Pros and Cons to Building a Room Addition

Room additions in San Diego have been extremely popular over the last 12 months.  We get phone calls literally every day from homeowners asking questions about estimates and process of building a home addition.  So many calls in fact, that we felt it necessary to share with you some pros and cons of adding a room to your home.

The CONS of Building a Room Addition in San Diego

Time Frame:  Make no mistake about it, building an addition on your home is a long process.  From design to permit to actually building the added space, you will be married to the project home addition for months on end.

Room additions are messy:  If you are living in the home while building a room addition, the process of construction will test your nerves.  Room addition building is lengthy, noisy, and extremely messy.

So many decisions:  There are hundreds of decisions you will have to make.  You will need to have time to dedicate to making each decision because they can not be made on your behalf.  One of your first decisions is whether to hire an architect or a design build firm.

Bedroom with Bathroom Home Addition - San Diego Home Additions

The PROs of Building a Room Addition in San Diego

Saves you a ton of money:  Adding a room to your house is significantly less expensive than buying a new house that includes that extra bedroom or extra bathroom that you need to accommodate a growing family.

Familiarity:  You get to stay in the home you already love.  There is no need to find new neighbors, new grocery stores, place of worship, or schools for your children.

Return on Investment:  Maybe you are not looking to move now, but you may want to move in the future.  If you are adding a second floor addition you may find when you age that you want to move into a single floor home.  Regardless of what you build, you will get your money’s worth in the future if you decide to sell because you have added square footage on to the property.

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