How Much Do Remodels Cost

Asking how much remodels cost is almost like asking how to make an apple pie.  Think about it, there are thousands of recipes – just like there are thousands of different types of remodels.  Processes are different depending on what type of pie you bake – just like there are different process for different types of remodels (additions versus updates).  Additionally, there are thousands of people offering recipes for apple pie – similarly, there are thousands of contractors offering remodeling services.  So unfortunately, asking how much remodels cost has a lot of variables for you to reach an actual answer.

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San Diego Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodel costs will fluctuate depending on what type of materials you select, whether you keep the same floor plan, the size of your kitchen, and what type of contractor you select.  It is safe to say San Diego kitchen remodel estimates generally start around $25,000 and increase depending on your scope of work.  Plan on taking out a wall?  You won’t be paying the lower end of the spectrum.

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San Diego Bathroom Remodel

There are three different types of bathrooms.  Master bathrooms, Hall bathrooms, and Powder bathrooms.  The typical San Diego master bathroom remodel starts off around $15,000 to remodel while a hall bathroom starts around $10,000.  Powder bathrooms are near $8,000 to start.  Again, depending on the size of the bathroom, scope of work, and the type of contractor you select your pricing can vary widely.  Prices increase as you add cabinetry, change a tub to a shower, add or remove walls, and other scope changes that are outside of an “update only” scenario.

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San Diego Home Addition

It always amazes me when people ask for a cost per square footage estimate for their addition.  My typical response is anywhere from $125 per sq ft to $350 per sq ft.  Why the wide range?  Think about the different type of addition projects out there!  You can do a first floor addition, second floor addition, garage addition.  You can have a kitchenette or a bathroom within an addition or it could be just living space.  An addition with a bathroom on the first floor will be significantly less than the same addition on a second floor.  Add on the different finishes you can install and the options are practically endless.  So here is what we suggest, speak with a design builder and get an accurate estimate based on the design you are looking for.  It is the only way you will get even close to an accurate estimate on cost for your addition project.

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San Diego Exterior Remodels

I just sighed.  Really.  Are you aware of how many types of exterior remodels are available?  Roofing – well do you want to repair or replace, and what type of roof is it?  Windows – do you want to add new windows or replace windows?  Exterior paint – do you want a lifetime paint or a traditional paint?  Concrete – do you want stamped or decorative?  Deck – what type of material are you looking for?  I guess what I am trying to say is there are so many different types of San Diego exterior remodel projects available to homeowners that it is critical to narrow down exactly what you want to do before trying to guesstimate what the prices will be.

Most legitimate remodeling companies have a minimum purchases so if you have a maximum amount of money you want to spend, we highly recommend asking the contractor what their minimum purchase is prior to scheduling an appointment for a free estimate.  Some contractors (like us) offer financing so if that is something that does not scare you off, ask them if they offer financing as well!