5 Simple Ways to Add Personality to Your Home

There’s no place like home, they say. And it’s true. Your house should be your safe haven and a place that lifts your spirits. You can hire a home remodeling Temecula expert to make it look like it’s out of a magazine. But wouldn’t you rather make your house one-of-a-kind? Unless you give it your unique personal touch, you may feel like you accidentally stepped into a cold hotel room.

Here are 5 simple ways to get creative, add a pop of personalization and charm to your house, and make it unique and welcoming. Right there, in your perfect little Temecula nest, you should feel at home.

living room in a Provence style - home remodeling Temecula

Add a splash of your favorite colors

Don’t disregard the positive effects of the colors on your mood. Decorating your home with the colors you like will bring you joy and make you cheerful while spending time in the house. Combine your favorite colors. Options are endless. A fresh coat of paint can transform the place. Spice one of the walls up with a colorful or a boldly patterned wallpaper.

Also, play with the furniture. Place a royal blue armchair in the living room. Don’t be afraid to mix and match fabrics and patterns. Spread some color around and express your style with decorative pillows for a sophisticated, fresh or a dramatic look.

Display your sentimental pieces

Share your travels to revive happy memories and create a world puzzle of your travel destinations. Customize a cabinet with some postcards and photos. You could also display your accomplishments to show your achievements and goals.

Feeling proud of yourself will boost your confidence when you’re feeling down. Arrange your treasured memorabilia on the shelves and walls but keep in mind that space shouldn’t feel cluttered.

Show off your art collection

Do you like fine art? It doesn’t have to be a Picasso. The most important thing is that you like it and that it captures your imagination. Pick out art pieces such as an art deco, a landscape or an abstract painting that catches your eye and conjures up positive emotions.

There’s nothing more personal and loving than having your child’s artwork on the wall. Frame it, then find a special place to admire this masterpiece and feel proud about your exquisite little artist.

Make room for hobbies

Make your rooms work for you and your family. Depending on your lifestyle, needs and preferences, you may have a play area for your children, a library or an indoor gym. Perhaps even a home office. You might start a home remodeling project to create your own dream bathroom and get the spa feeling at your very own Temecula home in your long wanted new bathtub.

vase closeup in decorated living room - home remodeling Temecula

Own your space

It’s all in the details. Add some accessories and let your personality shine through. Framed photos of family and friend in the hallways. A vintage makeup vanity in your bedroom. A stone fireplace as the focal point in the living room. Your favorite flowers in a decoupage jar or an antique vase you received as a gift. A decorative driveway. Your own backyard garden. Those little things are the ones that tell the story of who you are.


Contact home remodeling Temecula experts

If you think about taking the wheel and giving your house a bright splash of your energy and charm, to have a better idea whether certain pieces fit your style and basic needs, consult an expert designer or an experienced contractor to help you with your home remodeling in Temecula. Contact Classic Home Improvements at 858-224-7373 to schedule a free consultation.

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Relocation or Home Remodel? Temecula Homeowners Ask

Traditionally, California has been a place where homeowners would buy a house, live in it for a few years and then resell it for a good price so that they could buy another house. This concept of moving up was widespread until the recent economic crisis, which led to the prices of housing plummeting. In turn, this meant that moving suddenly became a bad move.

Does that mean the game has completely changed?

Not really.

The thing is, homeowners can no longer count on their home increasing in value on its own. The tide has turned, and a somewhat different trend has emerged – home remodeling.

Sure, home remodeling is not news in Temecula. What’s relatively new, though, is that homeowners now mostly remodel with the aim of boosting their home’s resale value, in addition to making their life more comfortable.

Still, not all homeowners are convinced. Let’s consider this in little more detail.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

There are many reasons why you would like to move house. Perhaps you got a great job, but the commute from your current place of residence is too long. Or your family has grown and you need more space to accommodate all members comfortably. Or you simply dislike your neighborhood.

Let’s consider all of these arguments separately for a moment. In most cases, first comes the great job, and then the house, not the other way around. Similarly, people generally buy houses with a firm idea of how large they plan their family to be, so the family members-to-be are usually accounted for. And lastly, why would you buy a house in a bad neighborhood in the first place?

Family in the Kitchen - Home Remodel Temecula

Relocating would involve a great deal of change. If your children go to school, they might have to transfer to a new one and make new friends. Even though it’s fun and exciting in theory, practical experience has taught us otherwise.

Moreover, moving also means adjusting to the new neighborhood and new neighbors. This may take some time, depending on all the factors involved.

Stay Stay Stay

Besides the sentimental reasons, some homeowners simply cannot afford to buy a new house and move. More specifically, they cannot get a good price for their house to be able to purchase a new one. That is when they decide on a home remodeling project.

When It Comes to Money…

Has it ever occurred to you that home remodeling is generally cheaper than buying a new home?

How is that possible?

Well, imagine you want to move to a bigger house. Bigger houses come with higher bills; they have a higher carbon footprint and involve a raise in your property taxes. In California, the increases to your property tax are limited as long as you live in the house for which the tax rate is set. It means the taxes for your new property will probably be higher, especially if you wish to buy a larger house.

How Can Home Remodel in Temecula Help?

There are a few home remodeling projects that will boost the market value of your home almost by definition. Think in terms of space – if you feel you don’t have enough space, chances are other homeowners feel the same. That is why adding more space tops the list of the most lucrative home improvements.

Also, additional bathrooms and remodeled kitchens are an outstanding return on investment. You can even qualify for residential rebates available in San Diego County if you decide to renovate your home to improve its energy and water-efficiency. Nowadays, green building and remodeling practices go hand in hand with a trendy design.

Fall in Love with Your Home Again with Temecula Home Remodel

Classic Home Improvement is a full-service design-build contractor with a stellar reputation for innovative home remodeling in Temecula and all over San Diego County. Let us show you how we can make your home more attractive with creative designs and boost its resale value with fully-functional, cost-efficient remodels and additions. Contact us for a free quote today!




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