Floor Tile Tips From A Home Remodeling Contractor

As a home remodeling contractor we have ordered hundreds of thousands of linear feet of tile.  If you are planning a remodel then we have some tips to for you to consider before you select and purchase your tile.  Yes, tile selection and tile purchase are two separate topics believe it or not!  Following these simple suggestions can make a huge difference in how your remodeling project turns out.

Location of flooring

Consider the location of where you will be installing the tile floor.  Is it space which is consistently near water, oil, or grease?  If so, you would be wise to avoid smooth or high gloss ceramic or porcelain tiles which will become dangerous in that type of setting.  We recently remodeled the front of a home where the owner had installed smooth ceramic tile in the entry way of the home.  Every time it rained or the sprinklers went off the homeowner nearly broke her neck.

Floor Tile by Product Type

Travertine, Marble, Slate, Ceramic, Porcelain, Faux Wood, Quartzite, Granite, Stone and Pebbles, Onyx, Cement – those are enough different types of tile to make your head swim.  Each product has pros and cons so you will want to research them to determine what product type works best for your home.  What do we mean by that? Each product type has different maintenance and cleaning requirements so before you purchase, make sure you are comfortable with how to properly care for your new tile.  Also, take the time to research durability, stain resistance, water absorption, matte finish options, and through-body color (in the event you chip the tile in the future).

Size of space being remodeled

If you are working with a home remodeling contractor ask their advice about what size tile you should purchase.  Tile flooring comes in different sizes starting at 1″ squares and increasing in size to 24″ squares.  Larger tiles can make a small room look larger and can keep a large area seem less busy.  Alternatively you can opt for plank tile which can add depth and texture to your space.

Tile Setters - Flooring Contractor San Marcos CAPattern options

There are dozens of different flooring pattern options for you to choose from.  Visually, tiles set in a diagonal pattern will give an optical illusion of the space being larger than it actually is.  You may want to consider adding a mosaic if you have a large space.  It is critical you make this decision before you actually purchase your tile so you can order the property quantity of tiles.  As you research your options, we feel the need to share with you that intricate patterns will likely increase the cost of installation.  If you are working a home remodeling contractor, we suggest considering the different patterns available to you.  If you are paying for a beautiful space and you are not the one installing it, why not take advantage of the professionals and get something that no one else has?

Getting measurements

When it comes time to purchase your floor tiles we can not stress enough – take proper measurements of your space.  Take the measurements and then re-take them.  In fact, take them a 3rd time for good measure.  One of the best things about hiring a home remodeling contractor is they are responsible for the measurements.  If you can’t tell, proper measurements are critical!  There are tons of tile calculators online, use them or give the measurements to the sales rep when you purchase the tiles.

Purchasing the tile

Find out from the retailer if they will allow for refunds for unused tile or unopened boxes because you want to order MORE tile than you need.  A safe bet is to order 15-20% more tile than you need.  If you do not use it all – great – return it.  Better yet, save it because if you break a tile and need to replace it the chances of you purchasing that same tile and having it match 100% are nil, none, nada.  Even if you measure three times, there is a chance you may have .miscalculated.

Home Remodeling Contractor Tip

Do NOT buy cheap tile.  If you buy cheap tile you are going to notice it once it is installed.  If you do purchase cheap tile then make sure you have larger grout lines.  Consequences of buying cheap tile include having edges which will not be smooth. Cheap tile is prone to moisture, cracks, and fading problems.  Trust us when we say you can not afford cheap, it is just not worth it.

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